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Prologue (So sue me if I spell it wrong. x.x)

Destruction rained. Terror flowed. Lives of the dead were lost in the midst of time, finding a place for their souls to settle and wallow in self sorrow at the devastation, and bodies were scattered with extremities missing or damaged, along with other limbs. Where the tall sky scrapers and shopping centers once stood in Station Square, stood rubble and debris in its place. Among it all, six beings stood, alive and breathing. They watched as the hometown where they lived and thrived was destroyed by one being. One so evil that the notorious Doctor Eggman failed in comparison to this immense power this creature had. His metallic coverings and his blood red eyes were glowing bright, filled with nothing but pure death and destruction. It stood among the debris, watching his minions attack and kill. He smirked quietley to himself, actually enjoying watching people being killed. His jet engines were at full blast, his power never seeming to run out.
"Yes.. soon enough this weak city will be destroyed fully, and soon, the world.." he said evilly, the words echoing through the dusty and dirty air, his words striking fear in the hearts of those who were still living. One of the beings walked forward, a few bruises on her body and her clothes ragged as she limped towards him. He frowned as he saw her.
"You again.. I thought I killed you, I am surprised you are still alive.. well, you will not be for long! Prepare to shake hands with death, controller!"
The fox glared at him, her eyes flickering with a yellow light as she grasped a cyan emerald in her hand. She looked at him for a minute, then at the emerald. It glowed dimly again. It was ready. It wanted it to end. And she would obey it.
Another figure tensed up at the look of her eyes. He yelled out. "Don't do it! He'll kill you for sure!"
She looked back at the figure. She stared at him for a few seconds and turned back. "Even if I do die, it will be for a good cause." She closed her eyes and raised the cyan gem in the air. It started to glow, and the light surrounded her within a matter of seconds. She mumbled a few words and the aura exploded in a fit of power.. the figure looked on in fear, and with tears in his eye he cried out.
"Don't do it.. STOP!"