Reincarnation: Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

It was a bright and sunny morning as the birds sang sweetly their morning songs, and people gradually awoken to a new day. It was around 8:00am, and within the apartments of Station Square, a young female fox stirred in her bed. her hair was messy, and her tail was tangled around her legs. Suddenly, her alarm clock went off, making her jump and fall off her bed.
"Woah! Oof!" she said, landing on the floor with a thud. Mumbling and rubbing her head, she sat up on the ground, one of the straps on her tank top off her shoulder as she stared at the time.
"Neh, I am not a morning person.." she mumbled. She stood up and walked into the bathroom with her clothes. 20 minutes later, she came out with her clothes on, tying the end of her hair with a scrunchie. Now, all she needed to do was to find her library card and her sunglasses, no problem.
"Hmm.. where can I look.." she thought. She suddenly got an idea and slid under her bed. She tossed various things out from under there, until finding her sunglasses. She set them aside and after a couple minutes she gave up searching for her library card.
"I'll just read the book there or something." She put her glasses on top of her head and ran out the door, running past her keys on the table.
"Okay, the library should be uptown somewhere.." Teila said as she walked past the burger shop. She saw a young girl sitting on a bench and decided to ask her. She walked up to her, noticing she was listening to a CD player.
"Um, excuse me.." Teila said quietley. She got a bit annoyed when the girl kept bopping her head to whatever she was listening to.
"Excuse me!" she said a little louder, finally getting her attention. The girl looked up at her, still listening to her headphones.
"Do you know where the library is?"
"What?! Speak louder!" the girl said, looking up at her.
"I said do you know where the library is!"
"Oh! Just walk another block and turn left!"
"THANKS!" Teila yelled out, her fists clenched at her sides.
"You don't have to yell!"
Sighing, Teila walked away, soon finding the library. "Alright, time to get to work."

Tails woke up at about 9:30am, rubbing his eyes. He got up, stretching his arms out. He walked out of his room, looking into his lab to see how the emerald's condition was. His eyes widened as the metal table it was on was melted, the metal steaming around the emerald itself. Tails sighed in frustration.
"What type of Chaos Emerald is this? It melts everything it sits on!" he mumbled to himself. He decided he would try to find Teila to give the emerald to her. He ran into the bathroom with his shoes, coming out 15 minutes later with his fur and tails brushed, and sneakers fastened. He went out the door, breathing in the cool morning air. He jumped high in the air, his tails spinning rapidly, spinning fast enough to stay in the air. He flew down the rocky steps of the hill his workshop was built upon, reaching the train station. He flew into the train, the doors closing tight as it departed to its destination: Station Square.
Tails got off the train the second he got there. He had to find Teila before that emerald melts his whole lab! He flew quickly down the stairs. He ran out the door with his tails flying about behind him, trying to think where would she be at the time.
"Hmm, knowing Teila, she's probably in her apartment just watching TV or sleeping. I hope she's there.." he thought. He shrugged and ran to the apartment building where Teila lived.

"Geez, how can anybody stay in here for hours? It's way too quiet.." Teila said as she peeked through the doors of the Station Square Public Library. She saw people sitting on wooden chairs, either reading a book, writing, or typing on a computer. She blinked in confusion. Where's the music and the food?
"Bah, this sucks, but I better do it anyway." she said as she walked in. She walked up to the front desk, seeeing the desk was taller than herself. Mumbling, she stood on her toes, her eyes peeking out at the librarian.
"Hey library lady, do you have any books on the Chaos Emeralds here?" She said rather loudly. Her ears pressed against her head as several people shushed her.
"Ahem, please be quiet, this is a library, and the books on Chaos Emeralds are in the back."
"Thanks." Teila whispered as she tiptoed to the back, getting strange stares from people.
Teila looked at the back bookcase, finding many books on the Chaos Emeralds.
"Hmm.. Theories of the Chaos Emeralds, How the Chaos Emeralds came to be.. aha! The listings of the Chaos Emeralds!" Once again, she was shushed. Grumbling to herself, she took the book and hovered in the air above a table, people staring at her as they moved away. She folded her legs together and looked in the book, flipping pages. She slammed the book together.
"Dang! Nothing about that cyan emerald." She floated off to the doors to leave when she noticed a door in the back of the library. She looked at it and floated to it. The door was small, big enough for only small people to get in. She tried to open it, the door did not budge.
"Hmm, it's locked." She suddenly got an idea. She looked around to see if anyone was watching. Grinning, she closed her eyes and slowly, her body turned clear, taking the form of the wind as she squeezed into the crevaces of the door. The second she was on the other side, she turned back into her normal self. She opened her eyes to see nothing but darkness. She felt around for a light, finally finding a type of lever. She grasped it in her hands and pulled it with all her might, grunting. Suddenly, the sides of the strange area were alighted with flames, soon the light spreading throughout the whole section. She saw cobwebs on her arms and dusted them away. She took one of the lanterns that were hanging on the sides and walked around the room with it. She came across a single book case, covered in dust. She wiped some of the dust off with her hand as she looked through the bookcase. She came across a book, the title of it puzzling to the mind. She pulled it out, coughing from the dust that arose in the air. She looked at the book.
"Legend of the Cyan? Hmm.. maybe this could help.." She opened the book slowly, its pages yellow and crinkled. Her eyes were fixed on the on the symbols.. but she could not understand it. It looked like some type of hyroglyphics.
"Huh? What type of book is this?" Teila commented as she flipped through the pages. She stopped at one page when she saw a picture that looked like it was engraved inside the book. It was a fox.. a female one at that. She looked like she was holding some sort of staff wrapped in white cloth, and she was sitting on stone steps it seemed.. Behind her was a podium, and a cyan emerald was on top of it. Her eyes widened. The emerald! But.. who is that fox? She seems so familiar.. Teila sighed and closed the book.
"Whatever. I'll keep this book, and maybe find out about how to read it." she muttered. She held the book under her arm, and felt her way for door.
"Gah.. come on, where's that door.." She held the lantern up in the air and saw a window at the top of the room.
"Bingo." She smirked and floated up carefully, covering her face from the spiders and cobwebs. She pressed against the window, looking for a part that would be able to open.
"Grr.. open up already!" She yelled. She was seriously getting tired of this, and the air was too thick. She flew a few feet back, and suddenly slammed into it. However, she accidently hit her head first, and fell to the ground. The window did not even budge. She layed on the ground, sprawled out with the book still under her arm. The air was truly getting to her, the dust clogging her senses. She closed her eyes and soon felt her mind at ease..
"Tei-lei! Tei-lei! Wake up!"
Teila opened her eyes to find herself surrounded by lush gardens, and tall temples made out of carved stone. She looked down at herself, her usual attire was replaced by a tribal attire. She looked at the staff she held, which was wrapped around in white cloth. She looked behind her and saw the podium, where the cyan emerald was placed as it reflected some of the sun's rays.
"This was just like in the book.." she said outloud.
"Book? What are you talking about Tei-lei?"
Teila looked up at the person who adressed her. It was an echidna she knew all to well.
"Of course I am Tikal, I truly think your memory is going Tei-lei, all you do is sit here and guard that emerald of yours!"
"Tei-lei?" She said in her head. Who is Tei-lei?
"I do?" She said to her. She blinked, and decided to play along. "Oh, I must have been lost in my thoughts."
"You have been like that lately, I have been worried about you my friend. We have been dear friends since toddlers, and I just want to be sure that you are okay.."
"Thank you my friend, but I am well."
Teila mentally blinked at herself. She was wondering why she was speaking like that, it felt like her soul was being replaced by another..
Teila smiled and stood up. Her long white skirt flowed in the wind.
"You know Tei-lei, the Ceremony of Guardians is coming up in honor of the Chaos Emeralds. All guardians are welcomed to be honored as well."
"It sounds wonderful, but how does that entail to me?"
"You are the guardian of that cyan emerald, I watch you guard it with your life. I understand that it is your personal duty to protect it."
"You are correct.. but I cannot leave it by itself."
"You can figure something out, you were always the clever one my friend. But may I ask you a question?"
"What is it Tikal?" Teila asked, standing next to the emerald.
"Just what does that emerald do? What is its purpose, and why do you guard it?"
Those words.. those words echoed through Teila's mind as she noticed her vision getting blurry. Soon she closed her eyes and everything went black.
Teila opened her eyes to find herself laying in front of one of the temples in the Mystic Ruins. She sat up groggily and rubbed her eyes. She looked around.
"W-what just happened? Wasn't I in a library?" She whispered to herself. She stood up and walked down the steps, her thoughts of what just occured. Was it a dream? Or was it a sign? She turned around and looked back at the temple.
".. I need to find that emerald." With that, she turned around and ran into the forest, running down the path that lead to Tails's workshop.
Something appeared out of the shadows once Teila was gone. It was a deep blue, like Sonic. Its red eyes were glowing, and its straight face sooned curled into an evil smile.
"An emerald? I need to report this to Dr.Eggman.."