I know my facts aren't correct, sue me. Completely AU, with Tolkein inspiration.

Tolkein owns all characters, except for Morwen, and possibly some other obvious additions.

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One more thing- ages of characters have been modified to fit with the story line. Though they are not important.


For the first time in 10 months, the sun broke through the thick veil of smoke that encompassed all of Osgiliath. The city had been under siege by orcs from Mordor. Soldiers had been sent from all cities in Gondor to protect the city, and today, they had succeeded in driving the last of the vermin out of the city.

On this day, the daughter of Denethor II, Steward of Gondor, was in a carriage, sitting next to her father on their way to the celebration in the center of Osgiliath. She was uncomfortable- for more than one reason. One, she hated being in a carriage. She would much rather be riding on a horse. Second, the trip from Minas Tirath was long and she found it hard to relax. And last, she always was uneasy around her father. They did not have the best of relationships. In fact, they did not even have a relationship at all. When she was born, her mother, the beautiful Finduilas, suffered complications and passed a few hours after labor.

Denethor looked at her as a curse. Had it not been for Boromir, his favorite son, she would have been cast out of Minas Tirath, to become adopted by a farmer's family on the outskirts of Gondor. Denethor allowed her to stay, and named her Morwen, or dark maiden. Her older brothers, Boromir and Faramir took care of her. They spoiled her, as every girl should be, and they were extremely overprotective of her. And they never referred to her as Morwen, for it was a name not suited for their beauty of a sister. Déorwyn became her name. Faramir chose it out of one of his books about the land of Rohan. It meant brave joy. Everyone she met referred to her as Déorwyn, unless she got herself into trouble, and Boromir would jokingly call her Morwen to poke fun at her wicked ways.

The two brothers made sure that their sister was trained in every aspect of royal life of a lady of the high court of Gondor. They had her study history, literature and even To Boromir's suggestion, the art of archery. He wanted to make sure she was prepared for any situation.

The carriage bumped on, until finally, Denethor spoke.

"We are nearly there." He spoke. This was usually the extent of his communication with Déorwyn. As she grew older, he became more civil and she respected him, but only because of his title. No man should treat his daughter like a curse. She did try, to Boromir's constant requests, to try to provoke conversations with him to show Denethor that she was not cursed. Faramir stayed out of anything having to do with Denethor, for even he did not have a great relationship with his father.

"Thank the gods, I am not sure how much longer I could sit in this carriage, with this heat and in this dress!" She joked. Denethor just stared at the road ahead. She paused, hoping for a response. When she received none, she continued, " I can not wait to great Boromir and Faramir. It is a miracle they were not hurt and came out victorious. It will be nice to have them around the city for a while"

To her surprise, Denethor answered. "Yes, Boromir did not let me down in Osgiliath. I knew I could count on him to lead my men to victory."

"And what of Faramir? Was he not on the front lines next to Boromir? Yes, even though Boromir is the Captain of the Minas Tirath army,, Faramir constantly proves to be just as equal to Boromir on the battlefield. When will you see this?"

She knew that she would not get a response.

The carriage carried on. Finally, after a six-hour journey, they were pulling into the main streets of Osgiliath. Soldiers were lining the street to welcome the Steward. They even were acknowledging Déorwyn, hoping to catch her eye. She was marrying age- twenty- and soldiers were calling on her left and right, hoping to court her. She was not interested in any of them, as they all wanted her for her title, not for herself.

Denethor just grinned and waved at the soldiers. Déorwyn waved, but was preoccupied searching for her two brothers. She spotted Boromir who caught her attention standing on the top of a platform downing a pint. She laughed and didn't wait for the carriage to come to a complete stop before she bolted out of it and toward her eldest brother.

"Boromir!" She yelled, "Boromir!"

"Déorwyn! My sister! My day is now complete! Why, you look more radiant and lady like every day." He mused. He pulled out a white flower from behind his back and placed it in behind her ear. "There, your outfit is compete. You are truly a white lady of Gondor" and he placed a kiss on her forehead. He was the most spoiling of the two. Faramir also spoiled her, but only after her lessons were complete.

Just then, while wondering where her brother Faramir was, he slipped up behind her and swung her around in an embrace.

"Déorwyn! Sister! How great it is to see you! I trust your journey from the White City was enjoyable?" he asked. She stared at him questioningly. He just laughed. He knew that being confined in a carriage, on a hot day with their father was not the most enviable positions to be for 6 hours. He went on, " Ah ha, I see our brother has given you the flower of Osgiliath, but why only one? Our sister deserves much more," and presented her with a necklace made of the dainty flowers. Her eyes opened wide and reached for it. Faramir pulled it away and said, " Not so fast. First, , who was the first king of Gondor?"

"King Elendil. Easy." She responded

"Hmm, more challenging then. Lord and Lady of Lothlórien?"

"Ahh…. Lady Galadriel and…ahh"

"Yes…" Faramir provoked.

"Lord… Celeborn?"

"Correct Again! And finally, translate- Seler kalina re"

Déorwyn was stumped. Truthfully, she had not kept up with her elven translation. These past months had been very hectic with her country at battle. She had spent most of her time in the healing house helping the healers with the wounded brought in from Osgiliath.

"Morwen! You promised to keep up with your studies!" Faramir chastised.

"Brother! Must you quiz our sister on a day of celebration such as today!" Boromir piped in and snatched the necklace from him and placed it around his sister.

"Only you can make a flower look unattractive" Faramir said and added " We will talk about the elfish later." And proceeded to kiss her on the forehead as Boromir had done earlier. Déorwyn chuckled.

"My Sons!" Denethor had appeared from the bottom of the platform. He looked happy. He always looked happy around Boromir. His pride and joy. He just brushed passed Faramir with just a pat on the shoulder in good form. "Boromir. I must congratulate you on an epic win! You are an able captain"

"Hardly epic, father" He hated when his father overly praised him and not his brother. "Faramir did most of the fighting and-"

"Nonsense!" interrupted the Steward. "My son and Captain deserve highest regards for his victory here today!"

"Our win. Gondor's Win." Faramir corrected curtly.

"Yes, yes. Ah, where were we…" he picked up a pitcher of ale " To my son, and to Gondor! May we keep the evils of Mordor at bay!" and with that, the crowd of soldiers erupted in a sea of cheers. Not even Déorwyn could deny her father's words. With Osgiliath secured, the orcs would have a hard time getting through to the White City.

When the cheers died down, the obscure family of four just stood there staring at each other, waiting for someone to say something.

"Boromir, a word" the father finally said. Boromir gave his leave, kissed his sister on the cheek and clasped his brother's shoulder.

"Lady Déorwyn! Déorwyn!" a voice cried from in front of her. It was Grayson, her friend growing up and now, soldier under her brother's command.

"Grayson! My friend, how are you!" she ran and embraced him. " It has been long since I've seen you! Battle has done well for you I see!"

"Aye! It has! I feel more like a man and less like the boy I last saw you as! Lord Faramir, may I steal your sister away for a moment?"

Although Déorwyn was fond of her friend, she had not wished to be alone with him. Long has she known that Grayson's feelings for her had not matched hers for his. And even though they were friends, he could be rather romantic and creepy at times, and she really, really, did not see him like that. She pleaded with Faramir with her eyes to keep her by his side.

"Of course, Grayson. She's all yours." Faramir replied with a grin. He was very pleased with his choice of words, knowing it would annoy Déorwyn. She just glared at him and went with her friend.

Grayson led them to a bench that was secluded from the celebration. Déorwyn knew what was coming and began formulating her refusal as he talked.

"Lady Déorwyn" he began formally, "Déorwyn, my Déorwyn." She fought to not roll her eyes, " long have I waited for this day. I had wanted to do this earlier, when you became of age, but, obviously I have been delayed." With this comment, he laughed. Déorwyn tried to not make her laugh sound like a pity laugh; she didn't want to humiliate her friend. " But, alas, here we are. Lord, I cannot wait any longer, Déorwyn, will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

Without hesitation, she replied, "I'm sorry Grayson, but no. You know me better than this. You know that I will marry for love and you-nowhere in your feeble attempt at a proposal once said I love you. That, is the first reason I will not marry you. Second- I like you because you are my friend. You make me laugh and you make me forget that I am unwanted by my father. You are like another brother to me. I'm sorry if I have hurt your feelings, but you as well as I know that you would only marry me for position which is the third reason iwill not marry you. When I marry I will not be concerned with rank. I could marry the next king of Gondor or a blacksmith's son, but you can be sure that I will do it for love."

Grayson just sat there, not knowing what to say. He thought that their friendship meant more to her than that.

"Well, milady, the only thing I have to say is, where are you going to find love in Gondor?! I do believe Osgiliath is the farthest away from the White City that you have ever been! And even in the city, we used to sit and poke fun at those who approached you. I thought that I was the obvious match for you! Our families are-"

"Grayson, Stop right there! I am you friend and I will remain that. But ONLY that! I am going to walk away and back to the celebration and I am willing to forget this ever happened. Please don't think less of me, just know that I just can't." and with that, she left Grayson sitting on the bench to rejoin her brothers.

She sought out Faramir, who was with Boromir. They looked tense. To lighten the mood, Déorwyn rushed over to Faramir and smacked him on the arm.

"That was not funny! You are cruel brother!" Faramir smiled slightly, but his expression said, not right now. "What is wrong? I left you both in high spirits, yet now you seem grim. What is wrong?" she demanded.

"Sister. Father has commanded me to go on a journey." Déorwyn looked confused. She had only seen her brother for the first time in 10 months and now he was to be taken away from her?

"Boromir, but- wha- where-" she stuttered, not sure of what to say.

"I don't want to keep this from you my little one. I am to ride to the land of Rivendell to meet with Lord Elrond of the Elves. I am to bargain for a certain artifact that is to arrive there. It will surly bring prosper to the land of Gondor once more." He was not telling the whole truth. She knew this.

"What artifact, Boromir." She again, demanded.

"We believe the Ring of Power will be in Rivendell" Faramir answered, knowing that his brother did not want to trouble his sister.

Déorwyn knew of this ring. It was once the greatest weapon on all of middle earth. It was the ruler of all rings of power. And I t was owned by the deadliest and most evil man of them all- if you could call him a man. Sauron was now a figure in a tower who was killing millions in order to find his precious ring.

"I don't know what you say. I only just got you back and now your leaving on a mission to receive a ring that may not even be there? And even if you get this ring, you would bring that evil back here? This doesn't make any sort of sense my brother. Help me understand. Please tell me that I have at least some time with you!"

"I fear I must leave as of right now. It is a month's trip to Rivendell and I mustn't miss my opportunity. I am sorry, I hope you will forgive me" Boromir replied. His sister was crying now. He hated to see her cry. Almost as much as when he hated she was crying because of him.

"Of course I forgive you, my brother. I hate our father." She said, with true hatred in her eyes. With that, she hugged her brother, never wanting to let go. Boromir embraced Faramir, mounted his horse and rode off towards Rivendell.

Faramir and Déorwyn were speechless. Within an hour, she gained her two brothers back into her life after 10 months and lost her eldest brother to a journey that will more than likely keep him for another 10 months.

When the driver approached them that it was time to leave for Minas Tirath and that the carriage was ready for departure. She refused to ride in the carriage with Denethor and had Faramir ready her a horse to ride home. Within another hour, Faramir and Déorwyn were ready to leave for the White City. They had not exchanged more than a few words for neither of them knew what to say.

They approached the gates of Minas Tirath in the early evening. In the stables, while they were putting away their horses, Déorwyn noticed a white horse in the stable next to hers. Rarely did she ever see a white stead in the White City. And only a horse this beautiful and majestic could only belong to one man. Gandalf the Grey was in Minas Tirath.