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Utau's POV
I sat in the conference room with Kukai, waiting for everyone else to get in there. It was taking forever. Seriously, they tell us to get up, and they're not even here yet.

"Want to play a game Hoshina?" I looked at Kukai and shrugged.

"Okay. I spy... with my little eye... something blue!" I looked at him.

"Why does a 14 year old play this game...?" I asked. "I hang out with Yaya a lot..." He grinned. "Now play the game!!" I sighed. This was going to be a long day.

2 hours later
"Oh my god! I hate this game!!" I through the cards down. We had played at least 5 games in the last hour, and the other people still didn't come.. Eye spy, tag, war, go fish, old maid, and now go fish again. He really liked this game.

"You're a sore loser Hoshina," He said. I glared at him. "No, I just don't like playing games..." I mumbled.

"Well, we can stop after this last one," He smiled at me. I sighed and started picking up the cards. "What game?" I looked at him, and he had a huge grin on his face. This told me I was going to regret this.

"Truth or dare." I twitched. Out of all the games, it had to be this one...

"Okay, I go first. Truth or Dare?" I asked.

"Truth." Chicken.

"Did you ever have a crush on Amu?" He shook his head. I finished cleaning up the cards, and handed them to him. He put them in a box, and put the box in his school bag.

"My turn. Truth or dare?"

"Dare." I said, not trying to be a chicken.

"I dare you to, yell out that window," He paused, and pointed to the window. "I'm Hoshina Utau, and I love to eat Twinkies!" My jaw dropped. If anything in the world that I hated the most, it was Twinkies. I shook my head.

"Fine then, you can be a chicken the rest of your life!" He smirked. I sighed and opened the window. It was raining, and raining pretty hard. This was my chance. No on could possibly hear this. I leaned out the window, and yelled.

"I'm Hoshina Utau! And I love Souma Kukai!!" I quickly closed the window, and sat back down.

"What did you just say?" I looked up at him, and he had a serious expression.

"I said I love Twinkies..." I looked back down.

"No, you said something else... I think it was... 'I'm Hoshina Utau, and I love Souma Kukai!'" He mimicked me. I turned my head.

"Maybe..." I mumbled. I looked up at him, and he was grinning.

"That's awesome! 'Cause I-" The door opened up, and the rest of the people, who were supposed to come to the conference took their seats.

"Thank you for coming Hoshina-San. And who is this?" They pointed to Kukai. This was also my chance.

"That's Souma Kukai, my boyfriend." I said, proudly.

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