Title: World's X-ing

Author: PiperDreamer

Slant means thought.

Bold means Black Zetsu and Demon

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Warning: Mild language use!

Luna's mother had made pendants that act like wards but never truly tested them. Now Luna, after giving them out to various people, finds themselves transported in the Hidden Continent. How will this affect the future?

Chapter 2: Arriving


~Dec 28, 1988~


Sarutobi was a bit surprised when he got a letter via bird messenger from Enma, his summon because that normally never bode well.

The monkey king was quite angry about something and demanded to talk about it face-to-face.

Slowly forming the necessary hand seals, slammed his slightly bloody hand down. A puff of smoke later stood a very pissed looking Enma.

"Sarutobi Hiruzen! How dare you teach our summoning to an outsider!"


"Don't play coy with me! Only you could have taught this brat how to get into Mount Saruyama!" the monkey king spat out before thrusting something into Sarutobi's arms.

It was a boy, with bright flaming red hair, freckles and looked about eleven maybe younger. The child was currently looking between him and the irrate monkey.

"Enma, I have never seen this boy before, nor would I teach a child such a advanced jutsu like summoning."

"Then how did he get on Saruyama? Summoner's are the only humans aloud on that mountain!"

"Um excuse me?" a timid voice said. Both Hokage and king looked to the boy.

"I can vouch for the old man about never seeing him before. I also don't know how I ended up surrounded by monkeys."

Sarutobi smiled kindly. "Why don't you start with your name?"

The boy gave a weak smiled back, edging away from Enma.

"Fred Weasley."

In another part of Konoha, Uzumaki Naruto was experiencing something very strange. A boy roughly three or four years older then he had crashed through his apartment ceiling, glowing red.

A board in the ceiling got dislodged, flying towards the window where a assassin stood holding a bowl of ramen. He figured the demon brat would follow him to get the ramen, making killing him easy. What he didn't take into account was the boy's strange luck and got knocked out the window from the impact of the beam, dropping the bowl which landed to the ground miraculously not spilling its contents.

After the glowing had stopped the older boy dropped to the floor, unconscious. He had bright red hair and freckled face.

Naruto blinked, looking at the strange boy over before seeing the bowl of ramen not too far from them.

Naruto, having not seen the assassin and thus not knowing where the ramen had come from broke out into a grin.

"I was right! The Ramen Fairy does exist!" the boy yelled gleefully, hugging the comatose 'fairy' before devouring the ramen.

Nii Yugito sighed heavily as she glared balefully at her fellow jinchuriki. What did she do to get stuck as Kirabi's babysitter?!

Two months. She was to watch him for two months as of a week ago! In Unraikyo, his favorite training grounds with nobody else with the exception of the weekly messenger and the crazy hermit who supposedly sees the future, the nearest settlement being a good fifty miles away, Kumogakura another twenty after that.

Worst of all, it seemed like Kirabi was incapable of talking in anything other then rhymes and the worst rapping she had ever heard!

Currently she was nursing a migraine courtesy of the rapping moron, the crazy seer hermit sitting not far from them.

"Why are you here?" she grumbled.

The crazy old coot looked like he could be Gandhi's twin, with the exception of having a full, if not really messy beard and cross eyes.

Smiling at her in a maniac manner (something the many missing teeth didn't help to improve) the old fart cackled.

"I'm here to see the emerald lighting bolt bathed in the Eighth Tails aura!" he said as though it was obvious.

"…you came to see a lighting bolt…in the Land of Lightning?"

"An emerald lightning bolt covered in demon chakra!"

And this is the man who had sealed the two tails into me and the eight tails into Killer Bee. How I'm still sane I'm still not sure. As for Kirabi… She returned her attention back onto the idiot.

"You see me here, kitty-cat, and I rhyme crazy,

Used to have a job reading to a rich blind lady,

Because my brother sucks!

He's afraid I'll run amuck,

Beat up kids

And not keep my lid

Screw you Bro!

This is an all time low!"

Yugito twitched, resisting the urge to gut the younger ninja. Something, anything, make him stop! As if to answer her silent plea, a bright purple light shot through the roof, causing both ninja's to go on guard.

Both blinked at what they saw.

A pale young boy who looked maybe four or five in very large clothing floated above Kirabi in the purple light, eyes closed behind large circular broken glasses, messy black hair and a lighting bolt shape scar on his forehead.

Yugito gapped at the child. She recognized that chakra! But how in the seven hells is Hachibi's chakra coming from that kid?

After a moment the child dropped, Kirabi barely catching him in time.

"Holy Crap! A brat fell in my lap!"

Yugito ran forward, looking the child over seeing as Kirabi looked ready to drop him. Before she could do anything though the boy's eyes snapped open, reveling the deepest and brightest green eyes she had ever seen. They almost looked like twin—

"Emerald." The old man said, grinning widely.

"Hello and welcome, Emerald Lightning Bolt."

Ron was never a good swimmer, if anything he was mediocre best. So had any of his family had seen him they would have been awed by his speeding through the lake at a rate that would have blown the merfolk out of the water.

Then again the merfolk had never had a four story tall, three tailed and extremely ticked off demon turtle chasing after them.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!" screamed the terrified boy as he practically ran through the water, trying to get as much distance between himself and the monster he had disturbed.

One moment he was in the Leaky Cauldron, the next he had landed in the eye of a beast! Literally.

So now here he was, swimming for dear life, trying to reach land before it was too late.

Tsunade couldn't for the life of her figure out why Katsuyu had summoned her into Namekujiyama. It most of been very important for the slug queen to resort to that.

She just hoped that Shizune didn't go hiding her sake while she was away.

Soon the busty woman saw her old friend.

"Tsunade-hime, thank goodness you've come! I can't get him out."

"Him?" Tsunade said, raising one of hereyebrows.

The slug pointed with one of her optical tentacles to a small hole in the rockworks, barely big enough for a kid to get in. Puzzled Tsunade went on her knees to see what the slug was talking about, bending just enough to get a clear shot of the inside.

Tsunade's eyes nearly popped out at the sight of a small sobbing child within it.

Looking back up at her partner Katsuyu answered the unsaid question.

"I can't really explain it. He just came in a flash on light, but what really perplexes me is that he had my chakra coming out of him when he first got here."

Tsunade looked back at the child, only to find that he had stopped crying and was looking at her.

Big puffy grey-blue eyes stared beseechingly at her, hope wavering. He was dirty, his light blonde hair matted as tear marks streaked down his face.

Smiling warmly at the poor child (who was probably terrified to see a giant talking slug and no humans) Tsunade raised her arms, silently asking him to come forward. The boy wasted no time getting to her where he buried his head into her bosom, sobbing loudly as he held on for dear life.

"There, there. Your okay." Tsunade soothed, rubbing the boy's back.

"One of my clones will summon you two back. Take care." Katsuyu spoke.

Tsunade and the boy disappeared from her in a cloud of smoke.

Gaara stared out into the night sky from his spot on the tower, tears threatening to fall. What did he do wrong? All he did was try to give the girl he had hurt medicine and how did she respond to this? Be slamming the door on his face and calling him a monster!

It hurt, his heart hurt. He just wanted a friend! He didn't want to be alone anymore!

Why…why am I the only one who's a monster? What am I?! The tiny boy thought as a tear fell down his face.

Unknown to him Yashamaru stood not far behind him, getting ready to kill Gaara. Its time to die Gaara, He thought bitterly. But before he could launch his assault a bright golden light shot towards them, forcing them both to cover their eyes.

After a moment the light died down some, Gaara looked to see what caused it. He gasped at the sight of a girl, no older then him suspended in the air with a gentle golden glow around her.

Pale milky skin, odd clothing, long straggly dishwater blonde and where those radishes in her ears?

The girl opened her eyes, protuberant silvery grey orbs looking at him in a dazed manner before she smiled in a dreamy manner.

Then the light around her disappeared, and the strange girl was plummeting towards the ground. Gaara let out a startled cry, jumping after her. He knew the sand would protect him but she was as good as dead if she hit the ground.

Yashamaru decided that killing Gaara could wait; the girl was in danger! Ripping off his mask the medic-nin rushed to the ledge, jumping over as his feet connected to the side of the wall. Yashamaru ran down the side of the building using gravity to add his speed.

Gaara's sand reacted to the boy's danger, rushing up and catching both him and the girl. Gaara released the breath he was holding as he moved his way to the girl, slowly as not to scare her. The girl mercifully enough just sat there, looking around the place with a sense of awe.

Seeing him she gave a strange smile. "That was fun. Can we do it again?" she said in a dreamy voice.

Both Gaara and Yashamaru blinked at her reaction.

Zetsu was on vacation, and had decided to camp out in the Forest of Death near Konoha. So far it was a very good vacation; plants to talk to, a wide variety of animals to eat and just an hour ago he had caught a Jounin! The day was just getting better and better!

"We shouldn't eat that," Black Zetsu fussed.

"Why not?" White Zetsu asked, chewing on the half finished arm of the Jounin.

"Because this guy was a poison expert. You know what poison experts do to us."

"Oh come off it."

"Seriously. Don't you remember last time? We saw bouncing babies, rainbows, and dancing multi-colored Orochimaru's in drag! We're still scarred from that!"

"That was a one time--"


Zetsu watched as a blonde haired chubby boy bouncing like a beach ball in front of him, followed by a giant centipede that seemed to have found it amusing that the boy was bouncy.

Zetsu blinked several times before regurgitating the Jounin. He did NOT want to start seeing a certain snake Sannin dance the ballet in pink tutu's again.

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