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In a village in The Land of Sound there was a meeting going between the man who had been appointed the position of ruler by The Otokage. Surrounding him was his best men and closest advisors.

The ruler of the village of Ikko was a middle aged man who went by the name of Hashiba Arokyu. He was seated at the table and was talking with his men. "Good it appears that most of us have gathered." He said to them as he looked around and noticed that one chair was empty. He frowned and looked at it. "Where is Magoichi? He is always late. No matter we shall begin at once."

"It is time for a new-" He started to speak when suddenly the door to the room swung open and striding in with a swagger was a person wearing dark blue ninja outfit with blond hair and a mask to cover the bottom half of his face. He entered full of arrogance and Hashiba glared at his subordinate as he walked in.

He had gotten used to it…

"Am I late?" He said cheekily and pulling a chair out sat down and leaned back on it. He even want so far as to it put his feet on the table with a loud thud and rested his hands behind his head ignoring the many glares being sent his way.

Hashiba stared hard at him but ignored him. The subordinate came and went as he pleased but he always found a way to get under his skin. "So good to see you decided to show up Magoichi."

"No problem Hashiba-sama." He responded with a lazy tone of voice. Luckily for him looks couldn't kill as he was being looked down with disdain by the others in the room.

"As I was saying, The time for a new era and age is approaching Otogakure." Hashiba and turned his attention to his men and advisors.

"What age is that? You celebrated you're birthday a month ago Hashiba-sama." Magoichi said with a chuckle. "The age is forty three or something like that."

Nervous laughter came from the occupants of the room who looked at the ruler of Ikko. Instead of being mad he took it in stride. "If you are done mocking my age will you allow me to continue?" He asked with a smile although his voice was hinted with irritation.

"The floor's yours." He answered.

"Thank you, as I was saying we are approaching a new age in Otogakure. For the past ten years The Snake Sannin has ruled this land ever since he took over it and renamed it from it's original name; The Land Of Rice. I for one think that his time is starting to run out." He said as he looked at them all. "He cares nothing for tradition, nor for the value of others. Our past ruler was killed by his treachery and now the same shall be done for him."

His advisors and men looked at him except for Magoichi who didn't appear to be paying attention.

"He has made many enemies and we have often found ourselves being targeted by the insurgents from the resistance of the fallen village of Konoha. I'm sure you remember a year ago he had a ruler from one of the smaller villages in The Land of Sound executed."

"Wasn't he executed cause he had lead a force to combat the resistance and failed miserably. He would've have failed if he had obeyed his orders." Magoichi interrupted. "The idiot lost over half his men and was made to look like a fool. Personally he should be glad he was put out of his misery."

"That 'Idiot,' was a dear friend of mine." Hashiba said coldly to him. "It was a simple mistake and did not warrant execution. And now it is time for the Snake's reign to end. I have contacted those in the resistance and they are negotiating with us. That's why I sent you Magoichi to find their hideout and ask them to aid me." He then stood up and looked at them all. "It is time to restore this land to its true glory, not in the twisted warped view of a Snake! No longer shall his venom poison our land!"

He looked at them all and most of them where nodding in approval as many where displeased with the fact that they where ruled by him.

The blue clad ninja looked around and leaned forward and the legs of his chair hit the ground with a thud and stood up. "Good speech Hashiba-sama, but I see one problem with your plan."

"And what I ask may that be?" Hashiba asked him.

He then reached up and then ripped off his mask and revealed his face…

That had whisker like scars on it.

"I'm not Magoichi…" Naruto Uzumaki said coldly much to the shock and horror of all those in the room. "He happened to meet with an unfortunate accident the day before. Namely, me."

"Kill him!" Hashiba shouted.

Naruto suddenly leapt up and twisting his body in midair pulled out a scroll and summoned his two handed crossbow, The Arbalest. Time seemed to slow down as he caught it and did a jutsu. "Senpuu Tama!" He shouted and started spinning in midair and fired multiple bolts across the room. Many hit their target and he was using those tipped with poison to cut them down. He spinned around the air and when he was done he landed on his feet on the table and saw that he took down ten of them with it.

"Hmmm… I usually hit them all when I do that." He said causally. He then ducked a swing at his head without even blinking and stabbed a bolt into his attacker's throat. The guards attempted to cut him down but he was too fast for them, one minute here, the next somewhere else. They simply could not keep up with him. A smile was on his face as he was enjoying himself. Though a part of him was a bit disappointed that they seemed to be unable to give him a challenge. How did Hashiba plan to overthrow The Otokage if his men where this weak? The Jinchuuriki shook his head as he dodged a jutsu. Then again, fighting the Jinchuuriki for the Nine Tailed Fox demon, the most powerful of the nine will lower anyone's morale.

"C'mon, is that the best you guys can do?" He asked with a grin leaning the wall. They charged at him attempting to impale him when he suddenly vanished. They stared dumbfounded not knowing what he went when they suddenly heard a whistling sound. "Over here chums." They turned around and saw him behind them preparing a jutsu.

"Oto Tama!" He shouted and fired a powerful burst of Sound at them the force of it knocking them through the wall of the room and out the building as they fell fifty feet to the ground below.

Naruto turned his head and looked at the stunned Hashiba. "What never saw a Jonin kick ass before?" He asked him. "I guess before you die that will be the last sight you see." He said and lifted his weapon at him and prepared to fire.

"W-Wait, Wait, Wait!" He shouted and brought his hands up. "Listen to what I have to say, your master only thinks of you as a chess piece. I see you for what you are." He said pleading with him. "Imagine this, we could rule together. You and me side by side. You are one of the strongest ninjas in Sound."

"Flattery will get you nowhere." Naruto responded dryly as although he knew he was strong, he didn't let it get to his head and make him arrogant. He eased his finger to the trigger prepared to fire.

"Just L-Listen, With you by my side Sound will be free of the venom that that snake has poisoned it with. Think of it, you and me together side by side, ruling and guiding the land the way it should be governed. I'd even adopt you as my own son and be a true father figure to you." He said to him. "Let us join together, think of the-" He was cut off when a bolt embedded itself into his chest. A second and then a third hit him as well followed by a fourth. He clutched his chest as the poison consumed him and fell on his back dead.

Naruto looked at the body with annoyance. "If I am a chess piece than I am the Knight to his King. And I'd rather be a servant of a Snake than be a son of a Cockroach." And with that he turned around and exited the room and left the building. He turned his head North towards where Otogakure was at. He gave the building a final look and started to walk away from it.

"Mission Complete." He said to himself as he prepared to head home and report it to his master.

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