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"Human talks"

'Human thinking'/ flashback/memories/ dreams

'Telepathic conversation between humans'

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"Demon/other inhuman things talks"

'Demon/another inhuman things thought'

'Telepathic conversation between demons/other inhuman things'

She runs. She runs for her life. Villager chased her, right to the dead end. She's cornered now, stuck in the end of her road. "You won't be getting away now, you demon brat!" is what one of the man said. That's it, her life will end. The knife that the villager holds is sliding down, right to her legs. She felt the pain, that's unbearable for her, and she fainted. Next thing she knew, she's waking up in front of a giant cage. She sees two red giant eyes and giant fangs inside the cage. The cage currently locked only by a piece of paper that the word 'seal'.

After she sees with a clear view, she sees that there's a giant crimson red fox. People will usually found it terrified, but not for her. The fox then began to speak.

"Hello there, brat. I'm started to wonder, when you will come here," the fox said with extremely wide grin. Minami, as she still in wonder, asked. "Where am I? And who are you? Hell, how did I come here, anyway?" is what she asked. The fox then answered, "We're in your mind. I'll explain the rest to you later. You're in trouble, and I can help you."

"How?" she asked. The fox just answer simply, "Just trust me, brat."

Then, the fox sends red chakra to her chest. She then felt powerful. When she snapped out, she's back in the dead end, where the villager just about to kill her. She managed to pass out the crowd of the villager, with amazing speed. She felt as light as feathers. She runs at amazing speed, right to her hidden place. That placed hidden in the deepest side of the Forest of Death. Her amazingly increased speed allows her to pass the guards without notice.

Her hideout is a very beautiful spring, with a waterfall that flows down to the lake. The lake is reflecting the moonlight, make it seems that the lake is glowing. The place is really well hidden. It was surrounded by thick forest, the thickest of all part of the forest. There also lived some wild animals. Those animals are Minami's only friend. She has spending all her time in here, since no one ever finds her here. Ever since she was only 4 years old, she found a way to sneak in here. The only way that is not well guarded.

"Okay. I might be able to meditate here. I still want to ask that fox questions again," muttered Minami. She then closed her eyes; try to find the fox inside her mind. Then, there's red smoke swirling, and the cage appear.

"Hmm... I see that you know how to find me, brat. I'm impressed," the fox said.

"I'm going to ask you the same thing as before. Who are you and why are you inside of me?" Minami asked. The fox is grinned, but answer it anyway.

"I'm the Kyuubi no Kitsune. The demon fox that destroyed the pathetic village of yours six years ago, and don't asking stupid thing like 'you weren't dead?' or anything like that. I can't be killed, because I'm immortal. They can only seal me into an infant. So, I'm sealed away to your pathetic body by the Yondaime Hokage," the fox grinned again.

"Is that why the villager hate me so much? Because there's a demon fox sealed in me?" Minami muttered. "Uh-huh," the fox answer. "But, why didn't they just tell me like that? Its way better than trying to kill me in every second they have chance!" she yelled.

"Hmm... So, I believe you'll hate me now, huh?" the fox says. "Huh? Why should I? You save me, and I'm thankful for that. It's not your fault that you sealed inside me. And I don't really think it's not the Yondaime fault either. He's only tried to save his village. It's the entire villager's fault. They all see me as a demon itself, not as myself. They should have been thanking me!" she yelled again, letting out her rage.

'What an interesting girl this one,' the Kyuubi thoughts. Then, there's swirl of red mist, covering the Kyuubi. When the mist gone, a beautiful woman appeared replacing the Kyuubi. It's the Kyuubi human form.

Her hair is reddish black, which turned to red in sunlight, tied up in geisha like. Her eyes are bloody red with black slits. Her outfit is black leather underneath the red kimono. Her appearance is seems like a geisha, minus make-ups. Her nine tails is dancing behind her. Her appearance is incredibly and beautifully stunning.

"Wow," is all Minami can say. 'Kyuubi really is beautiful,' she thought. "Thank you," the Kyuubi replied. Her voice is not demonic anymore, it more... uhh... seems like the voice that the Royal Highnesses use?

"Huh?" Minami asked confused. "For your compliment. That you're saying that I'm beautiful? Thank you. I can hear what you thought, since I'm living in here, and you're not blocking out your mind, yet. You'll learn, though," she explained. Minami just nodded in understanding.

"And, to return your compliment, you're quite cute for your age. Your short golden blonde hair make you looks like a boy, though. But, your sapphire blue orbs are incredibly beautiful," the Kyuubi said.

"For real? You're the first one that ever said that. Hell, everyone might think that I'm a boy!" she chuckled.

"Anyway, my name is Yoko, Minami-chan. And I'm offering you a help," the Kyuubi said suddenly. Her face is now turning serious. "Huh?" Minami asked.

"I'll help you to become stronger. I can teach you many jutsu, from the ancient age to the present time. As the 2000 years old nine-tailed demon fox, I've seen and know many jutsu. However, I'm going to teach you the basic jutsu, henge no jutsu" Yoko said. "Henge no Jutsu? For what?" Minami asked. "To fool the villager. Henge no jutsu can illuminate your appearance. It's very useful," Yoko smiled. Minami grinned at the thought. "Okay. Teach me."

She trained hard. Just in two months, she already masters all basic jutsu, and almost half advance jutsu. She can be called in high genin level right now. Yoko is happy with her fast progress. She really is strong. After she mastered Henge no Jutsu, she changed her appearance, from the shoulder-length golden haired girl, to the spiky golden haired boy. Nothing really changed, actually. She just changes to her boy form. If she is a boy, she would be like that. She does that to protect herself. She thought that the villagers recognize her if as a girl, but they're not. Boy or girl is not affecting. They don't know her name or gender. They just know her as a demon container. The rest? They know shit.

Only the Hokage knows it. He knows that she is a girl. The Sandaime then agreed to change her profile, from girl named Uzumaki Minami, into a boy named Uzumaki Naruto. So, no one knows that she is a girl, even the council. Everyone will know Minami, as Naruto, for now...