This is just something I quickly wrote up today (inspired by a piece of flair on facebook), and's not as good as it could be, I guess, but I've been horribly ill and needed something to do with my time.

Warnings: Evil little Sasuke, AU, drabble

Disclaimer: I do not own the Naruto characters.

A young Sasuke sat at his desk, staring at the blank piece of paper that was supposed to be a letter to Santa. Ignoring the frantic scribbling beside him, from one Uzumaki Naruto, Sasuke continued to do nothing with his piece of paper.

Santa was some big guy with an obsession with red, and broke into peoples' houses to leave things behind, and Sasuke suspected that he was the one who made the little things in the house disappear as compensation, like that sock you can never find its match for, or pens and pencils where you could swear you left one. Then again, Itachi had also aided in this belief, being such the wonderful older brother that he was. Also…Santa blackmailed people.

Apparently someone had to be good to get gifts, which hardly seemed fair because there were different views of what was good or not. Like how Sasuke thought that it was perfectly okay to cut the annoying pink-haired girl's hair—which always confused Sasuke about how her hair was pink of all colors, but her mom was something called a 'hairdresser' so maybe she 'dressed' Sakura's hair pink—when she was bothering him. Sure, she cried about it, but seriously, it looked better now, but he still couldn't stand her.

Or that time when he told that Chouji kid that he was fat…it made the boy eat a bit less, which, as Sasuke saw it, was a good thing for the boy's health in the long run.

Sasuke also told off one of Itachi's friends. He told some blonde guy that he looked like a girl. Okay, so that one didn't result in any 'good' so to say…but it amused Sasuke.

He also told Hinata that she was creepy, and that was good because it made her stop stalking around Naruto from the bushes. Now…try to tell Sasuke that he was wrong; because he certainly found the silent staring creepy, and he was saving the blonde from the evil fate of fangirls.

Then there was the whole problem with Naruto. He wasn't exactly nice to the other boy, but Sasuke swore that it was for the blonde's own good. Without Sasuke's teasing and fights, then Naruto would still be the lonely little crybaby that the young Uchiha first found him as. Because of his mean nature, Sasuke was able to give Naruto attention as well as make him toughen up.

See? All his actions—despite being mean—resulted in good…well…most of them anyway. However, Sasuke didn't think that Santa would see it his way. With a frown, Sasuke finally picked up his pencil and carefully wrote his letter.

"Dear Santa…define 'good'."