One story, seven chapters.
Seven drabbles, seven hundred words.
Four pages, ninety lines, three thousand one hundred and sixty characters (no spaces). Three thousand seven hundred and eighty-five characters (spaces).
Seven lines and forty-nine words in this summary.
One father, one son.
One engagement. One grave.
Zero Dark Lords.

Break, Free, Luck, Death, Joy, Pledge and Pride.

1. Break

Snape wanted to take Harry away; damn his cover and damn the war.

But there was no escape.

The Dark Lord did not want Harry Potter dead.

Not yet.

For weeks he had to watch as they hurt his boy. At times, he had to raised his wand and cast a curse against his own child.

Though he screamed when they cursed him.

Though his groaned when his body jerked.

Though he cried after a nightmare.

Though he trembled in the dark.

Though he complied listlessly when a Death Eater came to collect him.

Harry never broke, but Snape did.