Never done any Teen Titans fics before as you can see, and I don't intend to do any more after this. Just wanted to register my approval of this pairing


They kept their secrets well hidden. Maybe it was because they were embarrassed to admit to anyone the things they did for each other. Maybe they felt the rest of the Titans would laugh at the thought that the two most miss-matched members of the team were so pathetically sweet to each other. Perhaps they feared that if they let their strange relationship out in the open it would lead them to something more; something which they, even after all the battles they'd fought, didn't have the courage to explore. If one were to confront them about it, they probably wouldn't be able to explain it, yet Beast Boy and Raven still continued their funny little game.

At first it was just little things.

Sometimes Raven would use her power to heal a minor graze or cut that Beast Boy picked up from somewhere, even though she knew the use of her power in this way was undeniably irresponsible. And sometimes if Raven's emotions got out of control and something blew up, it would be Beast Boy who'd quickly sweep up the mess and distract the others with some stupid, unrelated comment, sparing the team empath as much embarrassment as possible.

There was no way anyone could guess how much the pair really liked each other. Robin, the team leader, simply accepted that they didn't get on socially but shared a strong respect for each other's abilities. Starfire had almost given up hope of finding a suitable Tamaranean ritual that would bring their 'fruggle-lopps' (conflicting personalities) into the unity of a strong friendship. Cyborg, who knew them better, realised that they did like each other, but believed that "As long as BB's too wild and Rae's too smooth they'll never run out of arguments". An outsider would never guess that there was anything but dislike between them, with Beast Boy apparently striving to irritate Raven to the point of insanity, and Raven seemingly making every effort to sap at Beast Boy's utopic nature with cynical comments and withering glares.

At first it hadn't taken any effort for either of them to show their special brand of care secretly.

Whenever Beast Boy had nightmares about how he lost his parents so many years ago, Raven sensed his distressed thoughts and came to his side to wake him from the fitful sleep, and didn't leave his side till he'd returned to a more peaceful slumber. Only when she was certain he was sleeping comfortably did she leave him a gentle goodnight kiss on the cheek and go back to her own room. Quickly and silently, did her bit of good and left, giving no hint to anyone of what happened.

If there was ever a time when Raven was having trouble with her meditation and needed someone's help, Beast Boy didn't hesitate to come with her to the roof of Titan Tower and help her in any way she asked, whether it be to talk with her, tell her stupid jokes and stories to occupy her mind, or just sit with her so that she didn't feel alone. Despite his clownish behaviour, the changeling titan was too caring to deny a friend in need and he knew what Raven needed from him. Where Starfire would be unable to keep anything to herself, and Robin and Cyborg would discuss things behind Raven's back for her own good, Beast Boy could be relied upon to not say a word of what transpired between them in Raven's more difficult meditation periods.

As time went on they still kept up the facade of dislike between each other, even though they each made an effort to look out for the other's interests. Beast Boy kept an eye on Raven when she made a nervous effort to try and join in conversations with the others, using his put-on explosive outbursts to create a gap in the constant flow of voices which Raven used gratefully to get involved with the energetic discussions. In turn, Raven was ever alert for any time something had gotten to Beast Boy. If ever it looked as though one of his ridiculous internet blind dates had blown up in his face, or he seemed particularly low after messing up badly in a fight with a criminal, she'd wait until he'd retired to the sanctuary of his room before coming to him to hear him out as he lamented and raged at himself, before she offered sage council which never failed to raise his spirits.

As all this went on, they still continued to do the little things for each other, like if the team happened to watch a movie together that was particularly moving, Beast Boy would scuttle over to Raven as a bug and pass her a hanky so she could discreetly dry her eyes without the others realising that her statement "I don't cry at fiction." was a lie; or if Cyborg and Beast Boy were challenging each in the video games and Cy was getting a bit too full of himself, Raven would be on hand to tip the balance by subtly pulling Cyborg's controller just out of his grip, giving Beast Boy a precious chance to wipe the smile off the half mechanical boy's face.

Of course, not all things escaped the notice of the rest of the Titans. When either one of them was sick or injured and had to stay in bed, it would be the other who'd volunteer to attend to their needs. Raven would prepare BB's tofu meals and take them to his room, passing off her behaviour by claiming tofu was the only thing she'd ever learned to cook properly, and Beast Boy would spend ten minutes perfecting a whole pot of herbal tea, claiming that herbal was the closest any of them had come to becoming vegetarians so he guessed he owed it to her. The other members of the Teen Titans noticed this, but they were merely pleased that the two of them were decent enough to make the effort to get along.

No one understood just how well they got on, or how much they really cared.

Beast Boy's chaotic nature hadn't deterred Raven's sharp eyes for long. She'd long since known it was a front for his self consciousness; it was one thing for a person to look incredibly pale, but another for them to be bright green. No one else seemed to notice that Beast Boy didn't keep a mirror in his room. No one even guessed that he might be ashamed of his unnatural skin. Every time someone referred to the smallest team member as something like 'grass stain' she felt her blood boil as the sting in Beast Boy's heart lanced into her mind. On so many occasions she'd come this close to leaping from her seat and screaming in the face of the one who'd passed the casual insult, but BB could read her reactions better than anyone thought he could, and a pleading look from him always held her back, though more than once she'd had to leave the room altogether. She knew why Beast Boy didn't want the others to know how much having green skin affected him- the others would feel heartbreakingly guilty if they even suspected that their playful reference to his skin colour wounded him like physical blows. They obviously meant no unkindness in their actions, so he wouldn't want to hurt their feelings over something he felt was so irrelevant. Since the day he'd verbally confessed this to her, Raven longed to tell him that his feelings weren't irrelevant and he should say something, but she held back, for she also knew that Beast Boy wanted to tackle, overcome and defeat his own aversion to his freakish appearance. She respected his courage and determination in the matter, and if the best way she could support him would be to stay silent then so be it, no matter how much it hurt to do nothing.

Raven wasn't the only one to spot something that others had failed to notice. Despite how much he yearned to see Raven just let go of her emotional restraint and joined in like everyone else, he allowed her to have her solitude. Out of shear habit he joked around and teased her and always tried to convince Raven to spend more time with the rest of the Titans, but in truth as soon as he'd done in once he'd back off and give her the space he knew she needed. He'd make his act of annoying her as though he were signalling to her he'd be on the look out for any time she felt like joining in with whatever the others were doing, and she knew he would because he knew her secret. When Beast Boy and Cyborg had accidently got lost in Raven's mind, Beast Boy had given the incident more thought than anyone else. The others had been pleased as it was the first time Raven had opened up to them a little. Distracted by this, they hadn't realised the significance of what had taken place in Raven's mind. BB and Cyborg had met three of Raven's personalities, each one personified as the girl in an extreme state of these emotions. After giving plenty of thought, Beast Boy had come to the shocking revelation of why they only met those three emotions- they were the three key emotions of Raven's character; the one's she'd display most openly if she didn't suppress all her feeling. They'd met Raven's courage because she was quite simply very brave, never backing down from a battle with even the most fearsome adversary. They'd met her happiness because, though she'd never admit it, she was a cheerful and fun-loving person at heart. And they'd met her timid side because- who would ever have guessed that in truth, Raven was actually a very shy young girl? It seemed so obvious to Beast Boy when he thought about it: The way she avoid even the most trivial personal questions, the way she ignored any sort of positive comment directed at her, how she rarely let anyone in her room, and how she still kept to herself and carefully controlled her emotions, even though it was safer for her to let them out these days. Beast Boy cursed himself for not understanding sooner that the more attention he'd given her as he tried to coerce her involvement in team activity, the more she shied away and resisted. From the day Beast Boy came to realise this mistake, he resolve to do everything within his power to correct it. While he made sure not to completely change the way he treated Raven, in order to avoid the other Titan's suspicions, he went out of his way to make sure that he didn't press Raven too hard and did nothing to humiliate or unnerve her when she plucked up the courage to get involved with something the rest of them were doing.

No one suspected this odd relationship between them (at least they hoped no one did). They never talked about it out loud, but they still found ways to show their appreciation for each other; twinkling eyes glancing in each other's direction, a sincere exchange of words, Beast Boy walking Raven to her bedroom door in a gentlemanly fashion at the end of a long day, Raven spotting when passersby on the street were eyeing Beast Boy's greenness with disgust and comforting him with whispers like "They're just jealous. Girls do dig the ears." It always earned a laugh from him.

They kept their secrets well hidden. No one knew of the special, secret relationship they shared with each other.

No one.

Just them.