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Chapter One: This was so NOT in the Job Description!

With a cool, calm eye Genbu Kururugi watched the girl seated across from him fall in to pathetic sobs. "I know you said I was not allowed to…But… But I couldn't help it! He was just… He was so caring and sweet to me! He told me I was beautiful and special!" She wailed out, face in her hands and tears dripping out between her fingers. She then wiped her eyes and met his gaze, standing and suddenly seeming outraged. "He...He was amazing, sir! Your son is a sex God and you are doing the entire female race an injustice by demanding no one is permitted to sleep with him! You… You're going to burn in Hell!" She screamed before running out. The older man blinked slowly before leaning back in his luxurious office chair and sighing lowly. It always went like this when he had to fire a maid for committing adultery with his oldest son.

Oh, his son! Suzaku was once the apple of his eye, the pride of his heart, the joy of his life! But some where along the lines his son took up an unnatural interest in the opposite sex and the reaction he could get. Now, for the last three years, his son was conducting an experiment of sorts, pushing how far a woman's morals would stretch when pitted against a male specimen as handsome as himself. With his dark auburn curls, deep emerald pools, tanned skin, well toned body and caring yet masculine voice he wasn't too surprised that women turned to puddles of goo in his presence but at the same time this experiment had gone on long enough! The oldest boy was setting a terrible example for his younger brother, ten year old Lindo, and ignored the younger child all together. Suzaku's grades at college were average and barely even reached the college freshmen's full potential. Laziness due to flirting would not be tolerated in the Kururugi home! Genbu sighed and looked at a picture from two yeas ago, of his lovely wife, Rin, and their two boys. Somehow both boy's turned out looking like little boy versions of their mother, with her cleverness and their father's intellect. They were truly formidable and it was all because of their breeding. "Oh, Rin, Daddy can't do it alone! Suzaku's too hard for me to tend to all by myself!" He whined to the picture, resting his head on the desk.

"Oh, so now you want my help?" An annoyed female quipped in. He jolted up and looked at the entryway to his office. There, leaning on the doorframe, was his wife, wearing nothing but tight shorts and a tank top. Her hair was yanked back in a ponytail and she was munching on a red apple calmly. She examined the fruit for a moment before glaring back up at her spouse. "I've been telling you for a year and a half I have a fool proof plan to beat Suzaku at his own game but do you listen to me? Oh, no, that'd be too easy! Instead you've been firing maids left and right when they accidently let it spill that they've seen our son in his birthday suit. So instead of doing what I know will work you've been wasting our money for almost two years now." She lectured with a growl. He sighed lowly and mumbled under his breath, only making her that much more angry. "Don't you huff and puff about me! My plan is completely fool-proof for a fact!" She seethed bitterly.

At this her husband rolled his eyes and shook his head. "Okay, okay. You win, Rin. Let's hear this perfect plan you've had brewing in your head for two years now. I doubt it's really as good as you make it sound but go ahead, dear. Try and wow me with your brain power," He bit back with a decent sum of sarcasm to his words. She shook her head and looked at him blankly.

"Why don't you hire a man, have him dress in drag, and then have him reject all of Suzaku's advances?" A long silence followed her words, the only sound her taking another bite of her apple. Her husband gaped at her, as if in awe.

"Why didn't you tell me this earlier?! This would have saved me so much time and money and employees!" He ground out angrily. Rin flushed in rage, throwing her apple at him and pelting him square in the forehead.

"You never let me get two words in when it came to helping you take care of this! You seem to think you're the only one who knows how Suzaku's mind works!" She snapped back. She growled, crossed her arms over her chest, and looked away from him. Rubbing the red spot on his forehead Genbu stood and approached his fuming wife. "What?" She mumbled in annoyance.

"I love you," He stated while hugging her tightly. She mumbled a bit in to his shoulder but hugged him back.

"Gross. Old people love," Suzaku mumbled from his spot in the tree right outside his father's office window. He let the binoculars he was using fall against his chest, kept on him by the black lance around his neck. He reached in to the bag being held by the person sitting next to him and plopped a mouthful of popcorn in to his mouth.

"I think it's kinda cute," The other giggled happily. Suzaku raised a skeptical eyebrow at the bubbly blue eyes looking at him.

"Gino, you're so weird," He mumbled while getting another handful of popcorn from the bag. The other shrugged, pulled out one piece, flicked it in the air and caught it in his mouth.

"I wish we knew what they were saying though," Gino piped in calmly. The two looked at one another and then sighed, putting their heads down in shame. If only they had set up the audio recievers Gino had bought last week! Then they'd be set!

"What?! He cheats on you, you dump him, and then he fires you?!" A shrill female's voice squealed, the owner of the voice standing and slamming her hands down on the nearby table. All the eyes in the little café turned to her, people whispering to one another. One of the female's three companions sank lower in to his seat, face bright red. She blushed as well and sat back down quickly. "Sorry Lulu." She mumbled shyly.

"That's pretty messed up though," The girl sitting next to the squealer stated, plopping a mouthful of chocolate covered vanilla ice cream in to her mouth. She swallowed and waved her spoon in the air as if trying to spin her thoughts together on the tip of the spoon. "I mean, how long were you and Mao together?"

"Two and a half years as of last Monday," The male mumbled sulkily, again slipping lower in to his seat.

"And how long after you introduced him to Rolo did it take them to shack up together?" She asked again, tossing a bit of her golden hued hair aside.

"About five hours. Then they snuck out of the party and had sex on the photocopier for the first time. And then, after three months, I finally walked in and saw them," He mumbled, gradually sinking lower in to his depression. A small raincloud appeared above his head and trickled down on his head in a slow, small stream. The blonde nodded thoughtfully as the other two in their group watched the little thunderstorm over the ebony haired male's head brew.

"At least you found out before you heard it as an office rumor. That's a good thing, right?" She offered with a bright small. A bolt of lightening struck above the male's head and the rain fell harder.

"Actually I'd been hearing people talk about it for three weeks before I saw it for myself. I just figured it was a stupid office rumor," All three girls twitched at this, eyes wide and locked on the male.

"Well then that just makes you an idiot," The third girl stated with a shrug.

"Kallen!" The previously deemed squealer yelped sharply. The other girl glared at her a bit and scooped up a spoonful of the chocolate covered vanilla ice cream with a large sum of nuts on top.

"You're both thinking it!" She retorted quickly. The other two girls exchanged glances before pretending the red haired female hadn't spoken at all.

Another girl walked over, carrying a silver tray against him midriff. Her hair was tugged back in long green pigtails and she had a bored expression etched on her face. "Here's your bill," She stated calmly, dropped a small paper on the table by the still depressed boy. "And don't look so glum, Lelouch. It really doesn't suit you." She commented with a small half smile. Violet spheres gleamed with confusion and then understand and gratitude. He smirked back and held up the bill between his index and middle fingers.

"I hope you weren't thinking I'd give you a bigger tip for that crummy advice, Cici," He stated with a smugness to his tone. The girl chuckled lightly, shook her head and began walking off.

"I know better than that," She called over her shoulder while waving a hand in the air dismissively. He smiled to himself then noticed the evil glare Kallen was sending his way.

"You know her name?! And you know her well enough to make those kinds of jokes with her?!" She cried out in outrage. The male blinked innocently, seeming clueless and confused.

"Sure. I used to come here for lunch with my co-workers all the time," He responded calmly, as if it was something the girl should have already know. She glared at him ad mumbled something. Lelouch chuckled and looked out the nearby window, trying to think of what his next move would be. You see, Lelouch was the only employed person in his entire family.

Lelouch was the fifth child born to a man who already had four with two different women. His eldest brother, Schneizel, was a successful business man back in London. Clovis, the second born, was a starving artisdt who had landed himself in Japan shortly after Lelouch and was now the young male's problem. Clovis was a grand painter but his pictures were usually racist and cruel. His best projects, the ones he did of landscapes, were the ones he refused to part with, no matter how much he would make if he let them go. After him came Cornelia, first born with their father's second wife, and she was a bit of a drunk. Not only that but Cornelia was extremely strong and wasn't afraid to twist an arm or two to get what she wanted. Lelouch had become her main target, since he was the only source of income. Cornelia had been sent to play babysitter to Lelouch in yet Lelouch felt that she was the real burden here. Lelouch's third problem called herself Euphemia, Cornelia's only full blood sister. Euphemia had a "princess" complex, as Lelouch often phrased it. She was lazy, scatter-brained and had an insatiable appetite for foreign men. His only real grivance with Euphy was that she'd bring her nightly calls to their small apartment and have their fun on the couch. It made Lelouch's life much more difficult.

The ninteen-year-old male's last responsibility was one he eagerly accepted, which was the care of his younger sister, Nunnally. Nunnally had always been very sickly when they were little. Her eyesight deterrioated when she was at the tender age of six. In the last year, since Lelouch brought her to Japan, the muscles in her legs were beginning to weaken and fade. There was a procedure that could be done to save her legs, rid her of her ailment and possible restore her sight, but it was expensive. Lelouch had stared a savings account for it at his bank but he recently had to dip in to it to cover their living expenses; the apartment, the groceries, the utilities, Nunnaly's frequent hospital visits, and the times his three older siblings decided to swipe his credit or debt cards to get what they wanted. There was a total of nine hundred dollars until last week. Then his siblings happened and all he had left was a megger fifteen dollars and seventeen cents. Tack on his lack of employment and it seemed Nunnally's legs would also be claimed by her illness. What would be next? Her amrs or her life itself? He shook his head and tried to shake the thoughts away. It was then he spotted an abanodned newspaper hanging off the small flower box just outside the window.

It was opened to the wanted articles. He read a few, mentally checking off the ones he'd never consider. The last one, however, caught his attention. "Help wanted; someone who can cook, clean and resist some o lifes most basic desires. If interested in the job, please come to the following address:" Yanking out his cell phioone Lelouch took the address down and saved it to his to-do list. Then, shoving past Kallen and out of their booth, he ran home to shower, change, and get to that house for the job.

Lelouch gave the cab driver his last twenty bucks once he reached the large mansion. He had five one hand and had withdrawn the fifteen he had in the bank. What if he didn't get the job? Well, Lleouch had always been told he'd be the cutest whore in town. If that's what it took to take care of Nunnally than he was willing to go to such an extreme.

He was led in to a large office by a butler. He hid his shock at the greatness of the house. He thought that it might be a newly wed couple who were both too busy with their careers to be able to cook or clean for themselves, or that his new employer was perhaps a single parent who needed a maid/nanny for their child, or children. Seated at the desk, with her feet resting on the top of the desk, was a woman he saw many times in the magazines at work; Rin Kururugi.

The Kururugi family was well known for their family's long and rich heritage. The clan had been extremely important since feudal times when their relatives were feudal lords and samurai. Now the Kururugi family was well known for their extravagant hotels and casinos. Unlike a large sum of their competitors the Kururugi family did not have the help from any yakuza and, in turn, did not fear any of them. Now, however, Lady Kururugi was staring at him with a raised brow. "You're the one who came for the interview?" She asked, almost sounding insulted. Lelouch felt fear wrap around his body. Had he worn the wrong outfit? Did his shoes not look new enough?

"Yes, ma'am. It's an honor to meet you," He bowed politely, hoping that a little bit of brown nosing could get him out of the uncomfortable predicament he seemed to be in. "I'm Lelouch Lamperogue."

"Tell me, Lelouch Lamperogue, what are your feelings on cross dressing?" She asked abruptly, rolling a small pearl earring she had plucked from her earlobe some time while Lelouch was bowed between to fingers. He blinked and stared at her in disbelief. She looked at him with a cool gaze. "Well?"

"W-Well, I used to cross dress in high school because of the student council president," He mumbled self consciously, looking at her with an awkward feeling bubbling in his stomach. He could remember the times Milly had forced him to wear dresses and skirts. He had promised himself at graduation that he'd never be forced in to such outfits ever again.

"You see, Lelouch," She stated while pushing out of her chair and walking to the window, "my little Suzaku is a bit of a man whore. I need him to learn that sleeping around isn't nearly as important as his classes. We're not paying the hundreds of thousands of dollars for his schooling and books just so he can piss it all away to play grab bag with the school nurse." Lelouch flinched a bit at this. One reason was that she was being extremely blunt about her son's behavior and the second was that Lelouch was a might bit jealous that this other boy was getting a free ride through college, something Lelouch had been forced to give up when he came to Japan four years ago. "He sleeps with our maids as well and we simply can't let it go on any longer. So I need a fool proof maid, someone who could resist my son's inhuman charms. That's where you come in!" She declared, wheeling around and pointing at Lelouch with a smirk.

"What do you mean, ma'am?" He asked with a wee bit of nervousness in his voice. Rin chuckled and then burst in to a fit of loud, maniacal laughter. Lelouch took a nervous step back, legs wobbling a bit beneath him.

"You'll be dressed as a woman and all you have to do if resist all of Suzaku's attempts to get in to your pants!" She squealed happily. Lelouch froze and stared at her, eye twitching a bit. Now was probably not the right time to mention his sexual preference, was it?

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but I don't think this is the job for me," He stated after clearing his throat. He took a deep breath and turned to leave.

"We'll pay off all your little sister's medical expenses and even pay for her surgery," She teased in a sing-song voice. The violet eyed male looked over his shoulder at her with a mix of suspicion and curiosity. She wagged a manila folder in the air near her grinning face. "I do extensive background checks before people even show up for their interviews. I know all about Nunnally's conditions. And, if that's not enough, we'll pay you handsomely for the hours you work and I'll give you my credit card so you can get some girl clothes."

"You're really desperate to stop your son, aren't you?" He asked with a small smirk, turning to face her.

"And you're equally desperate to help your little sister," She commented with a smirk as well. With the shaking of their hands and the exchange of her credit card the deal was set; Lelouch would put Suzaku in his place in return for the funds to take care of his family.

"Are you serious?!" Milly, Kallen and Shirley all shrieked in unison. Milly and Kallen fell in to giggles while Shirley gaped at the red curtain in front of the dressing room space.

"I wouldn't have said it if I wasn't. And I wouldn't have called you three to help me if I was just pulling your legs," Lelouch retorted from the other side of the thin fabric. He pushed the curtain back and stepped out. "Well? What do you think?" He asked with a small ting of nervousness in his voice. He wore a white button up top with short, ruffled sleeves tucked in to knee length black skirt. Black nylons covered his thin, long legs and he wore black closed toe high heels. His hair, lengthened with the help of extensions, was pulled back in a bun and a pair of fake glasses were resting against the bridge of his nose.

Milly examined him carefully before yanking off the glasses and nodding a bit. "That's much better. So Rin Kururugi told you what exactly?" She asked while looking at the other clothes resting in the cart Lelouch had with him. There were quite a few different types of bras but she saw no panties. She'd have to be sure to remedy this later.

"She told me to be back at her place by five so that Suzaku will see me before my interview. She wants to see if I'll catch his eye or not," He stated with a sigh, reaching in to the purse Shirley lent him and pulling out a small chocker necklace with a little flower in the center. Rin had given it to him and said that if he wore it his voice would shift octaves and become more feminine. "Now all I have to do is… get this stupid chocker on." He grumbled, trying to tie the straps behind him. Kallen rolled her eyes, walked over, and quickly looped them in to a neat little bow. "Thanks Kall… Oh my God! I sound just like a girl!" He yelped at the change made to his voice. He sounded a lot like Euphemia, only a tad bit higher. He twitched, trying to see himself with pink hair.

"It's a good thing she gave you that necklace though," Milly commented while picking up a pack of panties a few feet away. Yup, those would definitely fit Lelouch. "You wouldn't have been able to succeed with that on your own." She tossed them in to the basket.

"What are you doing?!" Lelouch snapped quickly, yanking the package out and twitching. Milly raised a pale brow inquisitively.

"If you're going to pretend to be a girl you need to dress like a girl from top to bottom. If that guy sees you in boxers or briefs he'll know something is not right about you," She explained in a crisp, calm voice. This didn't seem to truly relax of calm the now flustered male. "Just relax and elt u pick some pretty clothes for you, Lulu. You practice your introduction like we told you." She chided gently, turning him to face the nearby mirror hanging on the wall near the changing room. Lelouch looked at his reflection, not sure if he did or didn't like the appearance staring back at him.

"You seriously fired Hina?!" An angry male voice snapped loudly. Lelouch, having been lead back in by a butler, watched as the lady of the house regarded the handsome young man coolly.

"She was terrible at her job and she gave in to your charms. I need someone who won't give themselves to you so willy-nilly," She hedged neatly, turning to face Lelouch and smiling. "Ah, you've arrived! It's a pleasure to see you again, Miss Lamperogue." She hummed happily.

Lelouch pretended not to notice that the auburn haired male was looking him up and down like he was some exquisite, foreign prize. He instead nodded calmly, a small smile turning up his lips, coated in a pale pink lip gloss (since Milly insisted that he wear make-up). "The pleasure is certainly all mine, Lady Kururugi. I assume this is your son? The one you warned me about?" He asked politely, shifting his gaze to the young Japanese boy. Lelouch certainly would have his work cut out for him; it was an understatement to say the boy was attractive.

He had dark emerald orbs that twinkled with mischief and the promise of bad intentions. He had auburn curls that fell a bit in his eyes in a charming, childish way. In his simple black tank top and tan shorts his muscles were revealed. The tank top didn't do much to hide that he was most certainly rippled with tanned muscles underneath the fabric. Lelouch shifted his attention back to Rin after making his mental evaluation.

"This is the girl replacing Hina?" Suzaku asked in disbelief. Rin nodded, as if stunned by his surprise. He looked back at Lelouch, who looked back with a calm, collected face. He smirked suddenly. Lelouch kept his collective appearance though his heart began hammering in his chest. "You look like a girl who likes black licorice flavored." He stated, as if to himself. Lady Kururugi's face flamed at this, having not thinking her Suzaku would be so straight forward in front of her.

"Suzaku! That is not appropriate!" She squeaked loudly, whapping her son upside the head. She looked at Lelouch, still blushing. "Come along, Lucia. We'll discuss the job in my husband's office. Privately." She gritted through her teeth, glaring at her son. She began walking and, Lelouch, having decided to take a little bit of the advice Milly had given him, turned to Suzaku and glared at him.

"That was quite insulting to me," He whispered softly in his ear before a smirk developed, "I'm not a fan of black licorice; I'm a cherry fanatic." He then nipped the other's ear and walked off, making sure to sway his hips teasingly. He could almost smell the intrigue he'd just instilled in the other.

Milly's Hints #1: If the boy acts frisky and naughty, be equally as frisky and naughty.


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