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Chapter Twelve: Fun Time with the New Schedule

The blaring electronic beeping noise of an alarm clock echoed in the small room. A pale hand flopped down on the dark wooden table, clicking the snooze button and cutting the alarm off mid-beep. 'Get up, get dressed, make lunch, send to school,' A groggy voice thought, the pale hand being joined by it's partner to push the body they were attached to up. A tanned hand leaped out like a shark and looped around the slightly elevated waist and pulling it back down under the covers. "Suzaku, I have to get up and go work. We can play fun games in a few minutes. I'll even let you pick the position." He whined tiredly, turning back around and kissing the other male's nose.

"Woof, woof, sweetie," Came the husky and tired reply before the arm slunk away slowly. Lelouch chuckled a little bit to himself before slipping out of bed, the cold air hitting his bare skin none too gently. He shuddered and darted to the bathroom, where his butler uniform awaited. He changed, slipped on his black house slippers, then snuck out of the room, straightening his little red bow as he went.

Inside the kitchen he pulled out an apple, some deli meats, cheese, bread, a pudding cup, a plastic spoon and an apple juice box from their respective places. He organized them perfectly in the plastic Power Rangers lunch pail belonging to the perky child the lunch was prepared for before placing two more pieces of bread into the toaster. He got down the peanut butter and the butter knife as he waited them to pop out a light golden brown. He heard quick little footsteps dart down the stairs happily.

"Good morning Lelouch!" Lindo's voice was chipper and joyous despite the early hour he was up at. Unlike his older brother, Lindo was clearly a morning person. Also, after a little talk with his older brother, Lindo understood most of what had been going on and what was now going on in the Kururugi home in context of Lelouch. He knew Lucia and Lelouch were one in the same and that Lelouch and Suzaku were special friends... And he seemed quite happy to have things like that. Lelouch quickly smeared the peanut butter on the taost, which had just popped, then cut it into four little triangles on top of each other, making a total of fight triangles.

"Good morning Lindo. Did you sleep well?" He asked gently as he set the palte down before the little boy. He then darted back over to the counter and made sure that Lindo's lunch was placed in it's proper order before turning and leaning back against said counter. He watched Lindo gobble down his first piece of toast. "Have any big plans for the day?"

The little boy swallowed and grinned at him cutely. "One of my friends invited me over to his house to play. But I'll be home in time for dinner, okay?" He said quickly before resuming his rush to munch down his breakfast. Lelouch smiled and headed off, taking his lunch pail and getting Lindo's coat and bag. The boy darted out, shrugged on the coat, and darted out to get in the limo. "I'll see you at dinner!" He called, carrying his bag and lunch in either hand. Lelouch smiled, waved, and after the limo pulled out shut the door. He yawned, stretched, and began trudging up the stairs, retreating to his bedroom.

He slipped back into the dark, silent room carefully, listening to the sound of Suzaku's even breathing. He carefully unbuttoned his shirt, tossed it off to the side, kicked off his slippers, shimmied out of his trousers and tip-toed over to the bed. He slid back under the covers, his back to the other male, and let out a small contented sigh. The bed was still warm, thanks to Suzaku's warmth, and the sheets were just so soft and plush. He felt a set of arms wrap around his wasit and pull him back a bit more. He felt Suzaku's face press into the crook of his neck, his warm breath helping Lelouch relax. "Since Lindo's going to be home late we'll play our little games later. But when we do I'm going to make you scream like a bitch in heat," Lelouch appreciated how Suzaku could say such naughty, sexy things in a tone filled with affection.


"I'm glad things have been going so well for your love life, Lelouch," Milly said as she walked beside Lelouch in the grocery store, "but I need your help right now. Rivalz and I went on this amazing date last week but he hasn't called me since. And I'm afraid that if I call him I'll seem desperate or clingy or something like!" Lelouch chuckled and smiled a bit, looking at a pack of apple juice boxes before setting them into the cart. It always made him laugh home Milly could give people the most brillant pieces of advice but never seemed to have any idea what to do when she had her own decisions to make.

"Well, considering I know you and Rivalz both relatively well, I think you should call him. Rivalz is kind of a shy boy and never knows if a girl is interested unless she makes a move. I mean, come on, you had to invite him to the movie and dinner yourself. If you tell him how much fun you had with him and that you'd like to get together with him again sometime soon his confidence will be boosted and he'll start calling and chatting with you. In the beginning you'll have to make all the moves but don't worry too much, Milly; he'll ease into the role of boy in this relationship soon enough," He explained to her gently, picking out items needed in the Kururugi home as he went through. "That's always been your biggest problem with relationships, Milly; you never invest enough time before hopping into the sheets and then the guy ends up being great at pleasing you physically but not emotionally or mentally. Rivalz is a good match for you but dn't be so afraid to invest more time into build a stronger bond with him before sex."

"How is it you've only been in one other relationship than your current one in yet you're so much smarter than me at figure out relationship issues?" Milly asked with a little sigh, resting her head on the young male's shoulder as he paused to examened a bag of potato chips. He glanced at her golden curls and chuckled to himself again. "I even made up the Milly Hints in that old notebook!"

"You actually keep putting things in there? I thought you stopped doing that after we all graduated," He commented as he set the chips in his cart. He began walking away and watched as Milly stumbled a it, considering she'd been resting all her weight on him, but quickly caught up. "So what kind of things have you put in there?" She froze suddenly and skip to a stop, looking at someone ahead of them. Lelouch glanced up and stopped as well, knowing exactly why she'd paused.

"Milly Hint Ten: Ex-boyfriends always know how to rain on a your parade," She said flatly, glaring a bit at the silver-haired Chinese man approaching them from the opposite end of the aisle. Lelouch suddenly wished he hadn't sent Suzaku to go pick out some ice cream; the glint in Mao's eyes was that of ill intent.

Lelouch tried to force his breathing to remain relaxed as Mao approached him. "Doing a little shopping, Lelouch? For you and Nunnally, I assume?" He asked with a small smirk, a mocking quality swirled into his tone and appearance. The raven haired male responded with a slight scoff, a roll of the eyes and tried to shove his cart past the other. A hand came up, grabbed the cart and forced it to stay in place, causing Lelouch to jerk at it in a useless effort to pull it free. Mao didn't yield his grasp in the slightest. "I asked you a question, Lulu."

"First off; don't call me Lulu. That right belongs to another. Second; I hate your guts so I feel no need to share my personal information with you any longer," He explained in a stern and annoyed tone of voice. He could tell Milly was silently rooting him on from behind, considering he heard the sounds of her flashing a raspberry at the now enraged Chinese man. "And unless you want to deal with a very angry boyfriend of mine I suggest you back off." And, to prove his point, Lelouch wretched backwards on the cart and yanked it from Mao's grip, the other's rage distracting him for a moment.

"I was the best you ever had, you sorry little bastard! What does this new guy have, huh? No matter what you'll always be my little bitch, Lelouch!" He snapped wrathfully. Lelouch looked around frantically, hoping that no one else was in the aisle or could hear this little altercation. He didn't need Mao getting him in trouble with the staff. As he prepared to snap a soft warning to silence himself, a large plastic tub of chocolate ice cream flew out of seemingly no where and smashed right into Mao's nose, knocking him back from the force of the blow. Lelouch whirled around to see emerald spheres narrowed to a deadly point and curled brown eyes dipping a bit into them, adding shadow and intimidation to his overall appearance.

"Oh, silly me, I seem to have accidently dropped the ice cream. Let me just go and get that," He said in a dark, cold tone as he marched over to where the silver haired male was laying and moaning softly. Lelouch didn't try to stop him and watched as the other grabbed the obnoxious male by his collar, yanked him up, whispered something in his ear and shoved him back down to the ground. As fast as possible Mao scurried up and darted off, clenching his nose in one hand, while Suzaku grasped the plastic handle of the tub and trotted back over. He beamed at Lelouch as he set the tub in the basket and announced, "I felt like getting chocolate this time." As they wandered down the aisles, collecting the last bit of items and Milly chatting Suzaku up with the problem she'd just develged to Lelouch, who listened and muttered small noises of attention, Lelouch wondered how Suzaku could be as sweet as a puppy yet also as ferocious as a pitbull in a matter of seconds from one another.

It wasn't until the groceries were paid for and they were loading up the trunk of the limo that Suzaku addressed the issue again with Lelouch. "You don't want to go back to him, do you?" He asked suddenly, sounding nervous and unsure of himself. Violet eyes widened and shifted, landing on the nervous Japanese boy beside him.

"How can you even suggest something like that? Suzaku, I've been my happiest since I've been with you!" He stated in an astonished voice. Suzaku looked up, eyes wide with joy and a small smile lighting up his face, before blushing and scratching the back of his head nervously.

"Y-Yeah, but I thought... Um... I mean... It's just that- Well, you two were together for a really long time and I thought that after being together so long you might... You might want him back if given the chance... I mean," He mumbled softly, looking down at the ground and his smile fading away to a nervous frown. Lelouch blinked and chuckled lightly, leaning forward and resting his forehead to Suzaku's. He never thought his Suzaku - headstrong, sexy, handsome Suzaku- could ever be made anxious or fearful like this. Slowly he looked up, their eyes locking together.

"Suzaku, that man betrayed me and hurt me in a way no one ever has. And then you showed up and made me feel alive and loved again. Why would I leave you for that? Suzaku, you're the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I love you more than anything in this whole wide world," Lelouch's voice was sincere and sweet. Suzaku blinked, stunned to here Lelouch confessing his true feelings so openly. He smiled and chuckled a little bit to himself before leaning in and kissing Lelouch tenderly on the lips.

Lelouch kissed back all too willingly, his arms gently looping in around Suzaku's neck. Suzaku's arms came around the petite male's waist, pulling their bodies closer to one anothers. When they parted for air Lelouch gently slipped his hands on to Suzaku's shoulders. "Okay, we can play some more at home. We need to get the groceries home," He said softly. Suzaku reached back and shut the trunk behind them and pulled Lelouch closer, leaning in to swipe another quick kiss, only to be stopped by one of Lelouch's long, pale fingers pressing aganst them instead. "And no, we are not going to do it in the limo. I don't want Tamaki listening to you make me scream." He said sternly before slipped away and into the limo. Suzaku scowled before smirking and following after him eagerly, a wicked idea brewing in the back of his head.


In the end, Lelouch had lost the fight to some degree. Oh, Suzaku didn't screw him in the limo, persay; he had slipped in nest to him, slid a hand down the back of his pants and fingered him almost the whole way home. At first, Lelouch had jumped and whimpered a bit, aurprised by the sudden intrusive move. His cheeks then flamed to life and he glared scornfully at the grinning brunette beside him. Instead of remove his finger he simply pulled it out, angled it a little bit, then shoved it right back on. He hit Lelouch's prostate, causing him to yelp and shudder, slipping back into his finger and the leather covered cushion of the backseat.

What made matters worse was that it was then that Tamaki, the driver, decided to try striking up some casual conversation. Everytime he asked a question, if Lelouch was too distracted to answer, Suzaku would lean over and whisper, "You're not answering his question, Lelouch. That's very rude." And then, to make sure Lelouch would take a little longer, he would lick the shell of his ear or nibble his earlobe gingerly between his teeth. When they returned to the manor and Suzaku's hand was gone Lelouch bolted to the open trunk. As he headed up the stairs to their room, his cheeks a dark crimson and a scowl on his features after putting the groceries away, Lelouch swore he was going to kill that devious little boyfriend of his. He threw open the door, narrowed his eyes at the innocent-looking male sitting on the bed, and slowly raised his hand to point at him accusingly.

"You," He seethed in a voice that trembled with rage.

"It's very impolite to point, you know," Suzaku chided with an all-knowing smirk turning over on his lips. Lelouch's ears were on fire with this last little comment. "Now, why don't you put that finger down and come over here?"

"You... You are unbelievable!" He bellowed, one hand slamming the door and the other tugging at his hair in frustration. Suzaku, seeing he had truly upset the other, lost the smirk and replaced it with a little smile. He opened his arms, an invitation to come closer, and Lelouch heavied a small sigh before obliging. He walked over, kicked off his slippers, crawled on to the bed and straddled Suzaku's thighs calmly. Suzaku's arms wove around Lelouch's waist in a lose embrace, giving Lelouch the space to back off if he wanted to. "I told you I didn't want to do anything in the car and now Tamaki probbaly thinks I'm a freak!" He huffed lightly.

"Do you really care what he thinks about you?" Suzaku asked. This only made Lelouch feel even worse.

"Nobody cares what Tamaki thinks but they'll still listen to him! And then I'll have to deal with everone's annoying glances and snickers!" He huffed. In all actuality, he didn't care what the other employees thought of him but he didn't want to have to deal with the gossip that would certainly be circulating around about him. It would be just like what happened with Mao and Rolo all over again. Okay, maybe not just like it but it would be very similiar and he didn't want to have to be put through such a thing again. "Just don't pull those kinds of stunts infront of the other employees anymore." He sighed, flopping against Suzaku so that his head was resting against his shoulder.

"I won't do it again in public," Suzaku stated softly as one of his hands slipped back down the back of Lelouch's pants, "but what about in private?" Lelouch's entire body trembled when one of Suzaku's fingers slid down and lightly teased his entrance. He responded to the question with a small, soft little whimper. Suzaku found the noise to be adorably endearing of his previously fussy lover. He hated when Lelouch got into one of his moods but also knew exactly how to snap him out of it. "Hmm? I told you earlier, didn't I? You can't accuse me of a sneak attack."

"Oh, yes," Lelouch began to retort in a trembling voice, "telling me you're going to make me 'scream like a bitch in heat' is a proper warning." He was about to say something but was cut off when Suzaku's finger pressed against his very sensitive prostate. Instead he released a small, embarassing little squeaking noise.

Suzaku chuckled at this before pulling his finger back out and looking and the flushed, scowling boy in his lap. "You said I got to pick what we were going to do today so I'm really going to make you act like a cute little-"

"Use that word in a manner of describing me and I swear I'll make you regret it," Lelouch warned lowly. Suzaku smirked a bit. a smug quality. "I don't have to let you have at me, you know. If you tried to take it anyway that'd be sexual assault and I could have you arrested for it."

"But you wouldn't," Suzaku shrugged, that smug look still plastered on his face.

"And you're so sure?" The huffy boy retorted, amethyst spheres shimmering with interest and annoyance at the same time. He was curious; yes, they were dating but only had been for a few months.

"Because you're too sweet to do something so cruel to me. You're my personal little bunny rabbit and no matter what this big bad wolf wants to do you'll continue wagging your little white tail at me and act like our roles are reversed. It's that determination, Lelouch, that makes you the cutest little bunny in the world," He hummed, leaning forward and gently kissing the other's lips. Rather than pull back and yell at him for comparing him to a rabbit, of all things, Lelouch eased into the little liplock and enjoyed it. When they pulled away Suzaku gave a small smile. "I love you the most out of every little fluffy bunny in the whole wide world."

"Even though I don't really have a fluffy white tail?" Lelouch asked as he leaned in closer. Suzaku wove his arms back around his waist and switched their positions, pressing Lelouch into the comfy sheets and pillows.

"Even though you really don't have a fluffy white tail," Suzaku answered, leaning forward slowly. He gently nipped and kissed along Lelouch's neck, leaving marks and revelling in the appreciative noises that escaped his other. They'd made love some many times yet still it sent a thrilled chill down Suzaku's spine every time Lelouch moaned this way or that. The boy was just intoxicating, in both a physical and mental way of speaking.

"And even though I don't have a little pink nose?" Lelouch pressed further between little love noises. Suzaku was a great lover; foreplay was always the perfect amount of time and he spent most of it spoiling Lelouch. He knew it was selfish to like being fondled over like he was but after being with Mao... Well, the thought of being pampered in the bedroom was something that Lelouch was going to soak up and enjoy as long as he could. Not only that, but asking all these questions was succeeding at distracting Suzaku from getting things his way; Lelouch was not fond of being bent over like a dog as his dear boyfriend had decided he wanted to do today so he'd simply detour his mind until he was too far gone to notice.

Suzaku chuckled at this as one of his hands worked at unbuttoning the white dress shirt that Lelouch was forced to wear as uniform. "Even though you don't have a little pink nose," He said affectionately, spreading the shirt open wide and watching the rise and fall of the other's pale chest. He was always startled by how pale the other was. He didn't, however, think Lelouch would look good with a more colorful complexion. Well, okay, a more colorful complexion outside of when he was writhing and moaning beneath the young Japanese male. He then dipped down and caught a perking pink nipple between his lips, tongue swirling over it sensually. He groaned when Lelouch gasped and whispered his name in a relatively squeaky voice. He leaned back and nipped a bit flesh around the nipple. "Besides, you got little pink nipples instead of a little pink nose."

"I'm glad you found something positive out of that one," He mumbled softly, voice gentle and a bit airy. He was, after all, being dragged down into a fog of lust and need by his very alluring boyfriend. He wasn't going to try to sound arrogant at such an inappropriate time. It might make Suzaku, dare he consider, stop what he was doing and leave Lelouch no option but to beg and plead to get what he wanted.

"Thanks. I'm resilent when I feel like it," Suzaku hummed in response. His tongue glided lower along Lelouch's body, dipping into his naval and then back out to swirl around it. He smirked at the high pitched whine Lelouch answered him with. "Do you mind if I cut to the chase?" He asked softly, leaning up and looking down at his lover. His normally tidy ebony locks were ruffled, his deep violet eyes overcast with desire and affection, and his entire body seeming to be a few hues of a light pink.

"If that's a pun to go along with your rabbit analogy I'm going to have to kick you," Lelouch panted weakly, not sounding intimidating in the least. It was good for him, however, because he hadn't exactly been aiming to be frightening. That would simply kill the mood of the moment.

"Oh, don't worry," He purred as he opened up his own pants, "I know how much you hate that kind of stuff." He stated softly. He watched as Lelouch shimmied out of his own pants and smiled to himself. "I'm glad that my little rabbits fast, though."

"And I'm glad my wolf is good and sexy," Lelouch hummed back musically with a little grin. Suzaku snickered, leaned forward, and kissed those petal soft lips as he pressed into him. He groaned as those delightfully tight walls twitched and shifted around him, hugging his arousal in a warm and snug embrace. Lelouch's arms wove tightly around Suzaku's neck. one hand slipping in and clenching on to those slightly damp brown curls. They did this so often, in yet each time felt like the first time.


Lelouch rested his head against Suzaku's chest, listening as Suzaku's heartbeat began to slow down and return to a more relaxed rhythm. "I really do love you, Lelouch," Suzaku whispered breathlessly. A little grin turned up on Lelouch's lips and he kissed the warm flesh beneath him affectionately.

"I love you too, you weird little wolf," He hummed in a soft, delicate tone of voice. He felt Suzaku's fingers slipped into his hair and slowly combed through the silky raven locks. A deep rumbling chuckled suddenly burst through Suzaku's chest, causing Lelouch's curiosity to be sparked and he sat up. "What are you laughing about?"

"I just thought I should tell you, Love, that I didn't forget my plan to bend you over. I just decided to go with you anad let you win this round," He said gently, stroking the side of Lelouch's cheek. Those cheeks then sparked into a dark crimson hue and he laughed again. "Next time, however, I won't be so easily defeated." Suzaku's voice was deep, sultry but also held a great sum of affection. Though he was embarassed at being caught Lelouch was happy to be with someone who could read him as well as he could read them.

So instead of protest, he burrowed back into Suzaku's warmth and listened to Suzaku's heartbeat.


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