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~The Brothers and Fan Girls~

Ventus glanced at Sora for the fifth time since lunch had started. He also glanced over too where the Amarante fan club sat. A few of the girls indiscreetly glared in Sora's direction while others sent Ventus and his siblings flirtatious looks. He rolled his eyes slightly as he returned his attention to Aqua and Terra.

"What's going on?" Aqua asked slightly annoyed with the two siblings.

"Fan clubs." Terra stated as he ate.

"Never caused you to act this way before." Aqua stated.

"It's Sora." Ventus answered.

"What about him?" Aqua asked.

"Look at the fan clubs and tell me who their glaring at." Terra said.

Ventus watched as their blue haired friend turned to look in the direction of the fan clubs. After a few minutes she turned back to the two.

"Sora?" She asked.

"Yep." Terra answered.

"I wonder why they would glare at him…." Ventus stated.

"Everybody figured he's have a fan club in no time." Terra finished.

"Well…" Aqua started.

"Do you know something?" Terra demanded of her.

"I might." Aqua said thinking.

"Spill!" Terra demanded.

Aqua glared at him and he seemed to shrink in his seat. She then looked like she was lost in deep thought. She looked at the two after a while.

"Well I've heard several things said." Aqua stated.
"Like?" Ventus asked concerned.

"Mostly how he isn't you real brother." Aqua said.

"He's our real brother!" Terra stated loudly.

"Its quiet obvious were all related." Ventus added.

"I know but your fan club doesn't see the similarity." Aqua stated.

"What is he to them?" Terra asked annoyed.

"To them he's someone who is only after your money." Aqua answered.

"He knew nothing about us until we asked for him to come." Terra cried.

"They obviously don't buy that." Aqua stated.

"If we hadn't acted fast our uncles would have taken him." Ventus murmured.

Aqua looked like she was going to ask but seeing the brother's sour looks she opted not to. She remembered them telling her their uncles had caused a huge fuss after their mother left with Sora. It was then after that they decided that the brothers and Sora would be reunited. They never told her all the details but she knew it had to do with their uncles and Sora.

"Anything else?" Terra asked.

"I overheard one talking about using Sora to get to Roxas." Aqua admitted.

"When!" Terra demanded.

"It already happened! Riku stopped it." Aqua stated while glaring at Terra.

Aqua watched the two as they grew concerned, Ventus, and angry, Terra. They were defiantly overprotective of their youngest brother. She knew Demyx and Roxas were equally overprotective of Sora.

"Though I did stop by the slower shop the other day." Aqua said.

"So?" Terra asked confused.

"I saw Sora working." Aqua answered.

"Did anything happen?" Ventus asked.

"Well a couple of girls were taken by him." Aqua said.

"Really?" Ventus asked.

"Mhm. Girls who go here but aren't part of the Amarante fan club." Aqua stated.

"What else?" Terra asked.

"What do you mean?" Aqua asked confused.

"Something else happened." Terra said.

"Camille appeared and decided to bother Sora." Aqua said.

"We need to do something." Ventus said.

"I know but what?" Terra asked.

"I'm guessing since you didn't know Sora hadn't told you." Aqua stated.

"He didn't tell us anything." Terra admitted.

"I'm not surprised." Ventus muttered.

"Huh?" Aqua asked lost.

"Sora had a bad experience this weekend." Ventus stated.

"And he's been avoiding most of us." Terra added.

"What happened?" Aqua asked curiously.

"He walked in on Saix and Xemnas having sex." Terra said.

"And Zexion giving Demyx a blow job." Ventus added.

Aqua blushed faintly as images entered her mind. She took a quick drink and a deep breath as she stopped blushing.

"Poor guy." She said.

"He's kind of afraid Saix and Demyx are made at him." Terra stated.

"And he's afraid he'll walk in on the rest of us." Ventus added.

"I feel sorry for him. So what's the plan?"Aqua asked.

She knew the brothers would be coming up with a plan to help Sora. She wanted in on the plan. Aqua was bothered by the fan clubs when she and Terra first got together. She wanted to keep them away from Sora if they had hurtful intentions. She looked back at where Sora was eating lunch with Riku. She thought they made a cute pair.

"Here's the plan…." Ventus said.

~Later That Day~

Aqua and Xion sat outside the fan club's meeting room. The fan club always met with all the groups together then they split into the separate groups. Ventus and Terra had gotten their brothers to come to school when the main fan club meeting started.

Ventus and Terra had asked Aqua to convince Riku to take Sora on a date. He didn't need much convincing. Though he was surprised the brothers were okay with it. Xion's job was to get Sora to agree, he also didn't need much convincing. So the two were now on a date doing who knows what.

Aqua and Xion looked up as the fan girls headed to their respective fan club rooms. Camellia glared at them but otherwise ignored them. Aqua smiled at the members of the carnation fan club as they glared at her.

"What do you think is going to happen?" Xion asked as the girls disappeared.

"I don't know but it'll be funny." Aqua said.

The two girls sat there in silence for a few.

"Want to follow Sora and Riku?" Aqua asked.

"Sure." Xion agreed.

The two girls got up and left the building to look for the two boys.

~Gardenia Fan Club~

Ventus sat at one of the desks reading a book when he heard the girls approach. He placed his bookmark in his book and set it down. He stood and faced the door as it opened. The first few girls entered and froze as they saw Ventus. The girls all looked shocked as their eyes fell on Ventus.

"Hello." Ventus greeted with a smile.

"Ventus-Sama!" A few of the girls cried.

"Please sit down. I have something I wish to discuss with you." Ventus said while gesturing to the seats.

The girls hurried to the seats. They then turned all of their attention and Ventus. Ventus sweat dropped at this.

"Yes Ventus-Sama?" One of the girls asked.

"It's about my little brother, Sora." Ventus started.

The girls looked uneasily between each other as Ventus said this.

~Azalea fan club~

"It's about my bro, Sora." Demyx started.

He watched as the girls looked between each other uneasily as he said this.

"What about him?" One girl asked after a while.

"Well I heard some rumors about him." Demyx said.

"Rumors?" The girl asked.

"Yes and they all seem to have started in the same place." Demyx continued.

The girls stayed quiet as Demyx spoke. They were frozen in fear and shock.

~Carnation fan club~

"They all seemed to have started from the same source." Terra stated.

He stared the girls down as they stayed quiet. Most shifted uncomfortably under his gaze.

"Do you guys have any ideas?" Terra asked.

"No Terra-Sama." A few were brave enough to say.

"I think you're lying." Terra stated a bit coldly.

"We wouldn't lie to you!" A few girls cried.

"I heard you and the other fan clubs started the rumors." Terra stated.

The girls stiffened and their faces told Terra everything he needed to know.

~Iris fan club~

"I heard you and the other fan clubs spread those rumors." Cloud said quietly.

All the girls stiffened as he spoke.

"Tell me all the rumors." Cloud said.

"He isn't your brother." One girl spoke.

"He's impersonating your brother to get money." Another said.

"He's just a charity case." A third spoke.

Cloud stared at them all coolly. He contemplated what to say.

"Why?" He asked.

~Hibiscus fan club~

"Why?" Zack asked.

"He looks nothing like you!" One cried.

"He doesn't stand out like you and the others." Another said.

"So? If you go by hair color we don't look alike." Zack said.

"Exactly!" A few girls cried.

"Well Saix and Marluxia's hair colors came from our grandparents. Our father had brown hair and our mother blonde." Zack stated.

"We all have two traits that we share." Zack stated.

"What?" One girl asked.

"Our spiky hair and blue eyes, though different shades." Zack explained.

"I want you to tell me why you think he isn't our brother." Zack added.

"He didn't live with you until now." One girl asked.

~Marigold fan club~

"He hasn't lived with you until now." Someone stated.

Marluxia looked over the girls upset at them. He was trying to find a way to be nice but stern with the girls.

"That's due to family issues." He answered.

"Huh?" One girl asked.

"Something happened in our family that caused us to be separated." Marluxia stated with a faraway look.

"What happened?" Another girl asked.

~Goldenrod fan club~

"What happened?" A girl asked.

"Our mom and dad divorced. Our mom took Sora and left." Roxas stated.

"Oh…" One girl whispered.

"Our mother died and Sora had no more relatives on her side to take him in." Roxas added.

"How sad!" Some girls cried.

"How kind!" Others stated.

"We had hoped he'd fit in but you just assumed things." Roxas stated coolly.

"You went so far as to try and use him to get to me." Roxas continued.

The girls looked shocked and looked between each other. Mika kept her head down quietly.

"I understand if you don't get along but if you hate him because of us or you try and use him…." Roxas started.

"I'll never forgive you!" Roxas concluded angrily.

~Primrose fan club~

"I won't be lenient if you continue." Saix stated quietly.

Camille and the others stared at him slightly scared.

"Sora is my brother by blood and I won't tolerate him being treated unkindly." Saix stated.

"But he's not like you!" Camille cried.

"Good. We don't need another person like me running around." Saix stated.

"Huh?" Camille asked.

"It's good Sora isn't like any of us. I have enough trouble with the others. I don't need a copy of them running around." Saix said with a throaty chuckle.

"Still! I won't accept him!" Camille snapped.

"Sorry to hear that." Saix growled.

Camille flinched backwards, she looked slightly scared.

"I thought you were ice." She whispered.

"I am to people who earn it." Saix growled.

"You treat others differently than your brothers." Camille stated.

"Ever since the day my mother left and my uncles took actions into their own hands I changed my outlook on people and my attitude." Saix whispered softly only a few caught it.

"What?" Camille asked confused.

"Either leave Sora alone or accept him." Saix stated.

"And if we don't? You can't do anything." Camille stated.

"You don't and your future once you finish school won't be good." Saix stated as he left the room.


"I'll see you tomorrow Riku." Sora said as they stood outside the manor.

"Yep." Riku said.

"Thanks." Sora whispered.

"You're welcome. Will you be on tonight?" Riku asked.

"I'll try." Sora stated.

"Good." Riku stated.

"Good night." Sora said.

"Night." Riku said.

He leaned in and kissed Sora lightly on the cheek. Sora blushed heavily at this and shivered when Riku whispered in his ear.

"I love you Ra." He whispered as he pulled away.

Riku then walked down the path and closed the fate behind him. He turned to look back at Sora and gave him a wave and a smile as he left.

Sora turned and went inside. He noticed how quiet it was and headed to the sitting room. He peaked in and saw all his brothers sitting inside.

"I'm afraid they might start to move." Marluxia stated.

"Were ready for them now." Zack growled.

"What if the results the same?" Roxas muttered.

Sora watched as his brother looked down sadly. He wanted to know what was going on but knew it wasn't his business. Sora turned and headed to the front door. He pretended to just get home.

"I'm Home!" He called.

He put his shoes up as Marluxia walked in.

"Welcome home." Marluxia greeted.

"Where are the others?" Sora asked.

"We're discussing some family business in the sitting room." Marluxia stated.

"Oh? Can I help?" Sora asked hopeful.

"Don't you worry about it. It's our problem not yours." Marluxia said.

"Oh… Okay." Sora said as he headed up.

"Did you eat?" Marluxia called after.

"Yeah Riku took me out." Sora called back.

Sora walked into his room and sat down on his bed upset.

'Family business that's not my business?' Sora thought.

'Is it something that happened before I came or is it because of me?' He thought.

'Do they not trust me?' He added.

"No. They do care. It was probably a problem that happened before I arrived so they figured I would be confused. That's why Marluxia said that." Sora decided.

He got up and logged onto his computer. He logged into yahoo messenger. He looked over to see who else was on and noticed that Riku was on.

Keyblademaster: Hey.

DarkorLight: Glad you're on.

Keyblademaster: Same. So what's up?

DarkorLight: Not much. Missing you.

Keyblademaster: *blushes*

DarkorLight: Haha.

DarkorLight: You busy Saturday?

Keyblademaster: No. Why?

DarkorLight: Want to hang out? I could come over and we could watch a movie or go out and see one.

DarkorLight: Depend on if your brothers are there.

Keyblademaster: fine with me. But just watching movies.

DarkorLight: What else might I want?

Keybladmaster: Riku….

DarkorLight: Okay, Okay! Just movies.

Keyblademaster: Good night.

DarkorLight: Night.

DarkorLight: [Signed Out]

Sora logged off and got into bed and fell fast asleep.

~End chapter 8~

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