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Chapter 1: Tranquility

Destiny Island

On this island an auburn-haired girl waited. The way she held her hands together in a prayer showed that she was waiting for something to happen.

Where are they, they were just behind me. She thought How could they do this to me.

Finally she found them and again they disappear on her. She is going to hold this over their heads for the rest of their lives. Next to her, a couple of friends were trying to make her feel better. They were an anthromorphic dog, a talking duck and an over grown mouse who was a king of another world.

"Don't worry Kairi, I'm sure they're alright. They'll be home before you know it, Ahyuck." said the dog man.

"Thanks Goofy I needed that," Kairi told the dog man named Goofy. Of course she still felt that pull on her heart that gave her a great deal of worry of her friends' disappearance. Just as she finished the sentence a stream of light shot through the sky heading right toward the ocean. A regular person would think it's just a meteor shower, but she knew better. She started running as fast as her feet will take her toward the shoreline.

Once she reached it, she saw the spiky-brown hair and long silver hair out in the water. The two who have left her were back.

"Sora! Riku!" she called out to them. As she said that the spiky haired boy ran at a quick pace to get to her. This was in vain since the dog and duck, now named Goofy and Donald respectively, went to give him a group hug causing all three of them to fall down into the water.

Once the hug was done Sora reached into his pocket and pulled out a star shaped object with a face drawn on it. As Sora and Kairi stared into each other's eyes, two others did the same through them. Roxas and Naminé. But just as they came they disappeared back into their Somebodies to allow them their moment. People around did the same, but still keeping a watchful gaze to see what would happen.

"We're back." said Sora.

"You're home." said Kairi. They reached out their hands and he gave the charm to her. She helped pull him up then pushed back down into the water. He was a looked incredulously at her.

"That's for leaving me alone again." Kairi said with mock anger, trying her best to hide the sadness she felt. It was in vain as a tear fell slipped from her right eye.

He stood up from the water and made his way to her. He pulled her into a tight hug that showed that he wasn't about to leave her anymore. He then pulled his face away from her fiery-red hair and brought up his thumb to wipe away her tear from her cheek. "Don't cry Kairi, we came back and we're here to stay." He looked into her eyes while he said this. They quickly got lost in the gaze and didn't notice that they were leaning their faces closer and closer. Suddenly they heard an alarm blaring at a dangerously high volume. This caused them to break apart and Sora to summon his Keyblade.

"What's that alarm mean. Are we going to be attacked by a hideous looking monster or something?" asked Sora while looking around for the cause of the disturbance.

Donald answered him. "No, it's just the Gummi Phone telling us that someone is calling us. Now where did I leave it." He started to look around trying to find it. He started pulling out things from his pockets. He took out his scepter from his front right pocket. Nope he thought. He then brought out a couple potions and ethers. Nope He then finds something unexpecting, an anchor. Nope he thought and through it to the ground along with the rest of the stuff. Good thing he knew how to make his pockets magical, though at times it got annoying.

"So what happened to you guys? You were right behind us," asked King Mickey trying to redirect the heroes' attention from the duck.

"We just had some unfinished business to take care of with Xemnas," explained Riku "but its ok, he's gone now and this time for good."

"Well that's good" Mickey said.

Finally Donald found what he was looking for. He took out a portable communication device from his pocket. It was blue in color and was the size of an average paperweight. After a couple of seconds, his face paled.

"What is it Donald, has another world been destroyed?" Mickey asked worriedly.

"Worse" Donald said. "It's….Daisy." Those around him raised an eyebrow. Daisy can't be that bad, right? Everyone except the Disney Castle crew thought.

Donald answered the COM-link to reveal a hologram of a female duck in a purple dress. She did not look happy as her beak was twisted in a frown.

"DONALD! Where have you been? You missed our date again! That's the 6th time you've done this. And not to mention…" Daisy was saying until Donald pretended the reception was bad and then closed the lid on her. Boy was he going to get it when he got home.

"Your Majesty we need to go now! The girls are worried sick about us." Explained the nervous duck.

"You're right" Mickey brought out a remote control the size of a keychain. He pressed the red button in the middle producing a "Beep, Beep" sound. Almost instantaneously the Gummi ship, the Highwind, appeared right in front of them.

"See you guys, we'll miss you, Ahyuck" said Goofy to the 3 teens as he ran after Donald and Mickey.

The Gummi ship then went at warp speed so they could get to Disney Castle before their wives could roast them alive.

3 Months later

Life at Destiny Islands has been tranquil and quiet. But for Sora and Riku it has only one word to describe it… Boring! They were now sitting on a tree that bore a star-shaped fruit.

"Nothings changed huh?" asked Riku, leaning against a bent paopu tree.

"Nope, and nothing will." replied Sora.

"What a small world."

"But part of one that's much bigger."


"Hey Riku, what do you think it was? The door to the light?"

"This." said Riku, pointing to Sora's heart.

"This?" Sora asked back.

"Yeah. It's always closer than you think."

"Sora! Riku!" yelled Kairi, running across the bridge. She made it to where they were, but had to stop and catch her breath.

"Hey, what's up?" Sora asked worriedly.

"This." She said showing him the bottle. In it was a rolled up piece of paper that had an insignia on it. It was an outline of a mouse showing them that it was from…

"From the King?" he asked and grabbed the bottle and shook the contents from inside it onto his palm. He them unrolled it and started reading it. Kairi and Riku stood on either side of him trying to see what it said.

Dear Sora, Riku, Kairi

Sorry to call you to action after only a week since you defeated Xemnas, but it's of utmost importance. Can't reveal what it is over this letter in fear of it being intercepted by someone else. I am sending Donald and Goofy to pick you guys up. They should be there in 4 days. Meet me at Merlin's house in Radiant Garden for further details.

King Mickey

P.S. Sora teach Kairi how to use her new Keyblade and also some magic.

P.S.S. Close the Keyhole of your world if you haven't done so already.

"Looks like we have another adventure waiting for us and this time we're all in it together," said Kairi with happiness in her voice because she won't be left on this island alone again. Well, that's what she thought.

"Well…" replied Riku and Sora.

"What do you mean 'Well'?" exclaimed Kairi furiously at the notion of being left again.

"We just think it's too dangerous for you to come with. We don't want you to get hurt," explained Sora.

"It's not like it's any safer here. Did you already forget that I was kidnapped at the island just a mile from here?"


"She's does have a point, Sora. As long as she's alone she'll be an open target. Maybe it's safer for her to come with us. That way we can keep an eye on her." Riku reasoned.

"Fine, but you can only come if you pass your training session" he said while staring at Kairi's face that turned from furious to joyous in a second. As he finished his sentence he was met with the embrace of Kairi's hug. He felt his face blush like crazy, matching the color of her hair making it camouflage with it. He smiles sheepishly at the strawberry aroma of her body on his.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. I promise I'll do my best and pass with flying colors. Then you won't have to worry so much about me."

"Aw I'll always worry about you, Kai." He told her as they stared into each others eyes. They were subconsciously leaning their heads closer… closer… until…

Riku coughs softly causing both lovebirds to remember he was there. They also realized how close they were to each other and quickly backed away from each other while their faces were flushed from the embarrassment.

"Well, I'll see you guys tomorrow for training." She told them as she ran towards the dock where their rowboats were.

"Yeah and I better close the keyhole so the Heartless don't appear in this world again." Sora said while running toward the secret place.

Standing in the middle of what just took place, Riku was shaking his head at both of his best friends. How clueless can they get? He sighs and goes back to staring at the sunset.

The World that Never Was

"Is everything going according to plan?" asked a woman dressed in a black robe with horns on her head. She had a staff on her right hand.

"Heartless are wreaking havoc in the worlds as we speak oh Mistress of Evil" replied a slim octopus woman who looks a lot like the late Ursula.

"Yeah and thanks to those Heartless of yours, I will soon have those puppies and their beautiful fur." Said a woman dressed in a mink sweater with black and white hair while laughing maniacally.

"Soon Kingdom Hearts will be mine. Ahahahaha" exclaimed Maleficent. "Now you go to your worlds and bring me the Princesses of Heart" she told her council. One was a man dressed in a red shirt and wore yellow gloves who exhibited a pompous attitude. Another was a man with pale skin and 2 golden claws in his hands. The last was a woman who appeared to be a queen from another world, shown from the crown on her head, and her big frilly dress showing off her pudginess. "I'll deal with Aurora myself." Maleficent told them. "And you," she pointed to a girl hidden in the shadows "take care of the Keyblade Master and bring his girlfriend to me." The girl nodded and disappeared through a Corridor of Darkness.

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