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Chapter 12: Bonding Time


"AHH! I can't take it anymore!" Kairi screamed in annoyance. The gang had been traveling through space for a couple of hours. Right now she was pacing back and forth in the room she and Naminé will be sharing for the rest of the adventure.

"Calm down, Kairi." Naminé looked up from her sketchpad. She was also annoyed with the constant beeping but at least she could hide it by drawing to get her mind off it.

"How can I calm down? We've been traveling for hours and still no sign of any world having one of those artifacts the King told us about. It's so boring!" Kairi had stopped pacing and was now hanging upside down on her bed. Her face was starting to become red from the flow of blood to her head.

"I'm sure we'll find one soon. Now stop that or else you'll get a major headache." Naminé reprimanded her Other. Kairi didn't seem to pay attention as she was deep in thought.

"Hmmm…That's it!" She suddenly stood up so fast, she almost tripped to the ground. She clutched her head while moaning in pain.

"Told you." Naminé told her while finishing her picture. This caused Kairi to half-glare at her. This didn't last long as she remembered her plan.

"That doesn't matter right now. Tron!"

"Yes Miss Kairi?" Tron voice rang throught the intercom.

"Where are the boys right now?"

"They are in the Training Simulator." Tron answered.

"Kairi, what are you planning?" Naminé was a bit skeptical.

"Oh, nothing." She did an evil grin the Cheshire Cat would be proud of.

"Uh-Oh. I don't like the way you're looking at me right now." Naminé started to backing away from the auburn-haired girl.

"Come on, I have an idea." The girl in question grabbed hold of the blond's wrist and lifted her off the ground and dragging her out the door. Naminé was trying to get out of the hold without any result.

Training Simulator

"Thunder!" Sora shouted while pointing the Keyblade into the air. Ventus used Wayward Wind to deflect the attack while Roxas used Oathkeeper to slash at the Thunder spell.

Ven, Sora, and Roxas were having a friendly spar as they tried to get the other to submit. The training simulator was used to recreate Sora's Station of Awakening.

"Come on, Sora. You'll have to do better than that to beat us." Roxas told his other but became dumbfounded when he couldn't see him anymore. He turned his head side to side but nothing! He then heard a whoosh! behind him and barely had enough time to block a slash from Kingdom Key at his back. "Guess I spoke too soon." Roxas then pushed Sora back, causing him to slide across the floor.

"You know better than to underestimate me." Sora taunted and then threw the Keyblade. "Freeze Raid!" The Keyblade became engulfed in a blue light as it flew at Roxas. As it hit him, a shell of ice engulfed his body as he was frozen to the spot. Roxas was about to escape when the Keyblade came back like a boomerang, freezing him in a second layer of ice. Sora caught it and then smirked at the human popsicle.

"That's good, Sora, but let me show you an awesome combo." Ven said as he began to charge his Keyblade. "Fire Raid!" Ven did the same thing Sora did and hurtled it at the frozen boy. As the Keyblade neared, the flames surrounding it managed to melt the ice off Roxas's body. He only had a second before the flaming blade slashed at his stomach and his back as it returned to his look-alike.

"Hey! No fair. You guys can't just team up against me like that." Roxas glared at the other two as he used Esuna to get rid of the burns he got and then use Cure to heal the slashes, leaving small scars in their place.

"Fine, but I'm not done yet. Thunder!" Wayward Wind was pointed at the sky and a bolt of lightning was unleashed unto Roxas and to make it worse the the simultaneous attacks of Ice and Fire caused him to be soaking wet. The water caused the electric current to amplify as it was a great conductor of electritcity. Smoke surrounded his body for a moment and when it cleared Sora and Ven fell down on the floor laughing their heads off.

Roxas slightly spazzing out as the current went through his system. But that wasn't the funny part; his spikes were standing up all over the place, with the tallest of the spikes having a small flame.

Roxas stared up at his hair and the dam burst. He could no longer hold down his emotions and his body began to glow a white color as he glared at the laughing boys. His eyes were clouded in anger as he held up Oblivion and Oathkeeper up in front of him. "That's it! You guys want to play rough? Fine, let's play rough."

Ven and Sora stopped laughing and got on high alert as Roxas was surrounded by rods of light as he jumped up into the air. He gathered light at the tips of both of his weapons and joined them together above his head. "AHH!" He shot beams of light in all directions changing the endless Darkness into Twilight. He then let go of Oathkeeper and Oblivion as they suspended in midair. "Come On!" They began to twirl in place and balls of light was dispelled from their tips as they were sent at Ven and Sora. They blocked and dodged the attacks but they kept coming and coming.

"Roxas! Stop it already!" Sora reprimanded his Nobody. No response. "What are we going to do? He can't hear us so we have no way of stopping him without hurting him." On cue, the two girls came through the door at the far end of the room. They had to run around like crazy as the balls seem to have mistaken them as their targets. "Roxy, stop this!" Naminé screamed at her new boyfriend, hands cupping her face so she would be louder. After being set free, Roxas acquired enough courage to ask her out.

"Naminé look out!" Sora screamed at her as he saw a ball aim at the girl's back. She got too preoccupied with yelling at Roxas that she didn't have the common sense to keep dodging the attacks. Sora was too far away and protecting Kairi at the same time and Ven was pinned to the edge of the Station so he couldn't help her out either. Naminé turned around to see light getting closer and increase in size. She had no time to jump out of the way, so she put her right hand in front of body in an attempt to protect herself. She shut her eyes very tightly and waited for the blow to come.

It never did. She heard a cling and a slight weight situated itself in her outstretched hand. Slowly she opened her eyes and was greeted with an unusual sight. She was holding a Keyblade she had never seen before! It was yellow with chains of sky blue on the blade, from top to bottom. The teeth was a half a circle with seven spires sticking out of it. The circle was divided into 9 parts. At the tip of the blade was a small, blue gemstone. Inside it was a yellow star. The hilt of the sword was shaped like a star itself and the handle was sky blue. At the end, Naminé's lucky charm was hooked to the hilt like a keychain. Déjà Vu flashed into everyone's minds. (A/N For picture reference please check my profile page for the link.)

She was in awe at the weapon that had appeared in her hand and decided to make good use of the privilege. She bolted past shots and waves of Roxas's attacks and made it to the center of the mayhem. "Disperse!" She screamed once she was directly below Roxas, causing her Keyblade to glow brightly.

The chain that adorned her Keyblade unhooked from the blade and went up into the air. The chain grabbed a hold of one of Roxas's feet and once she had a good handle on it, she tugged on it with her left hand.

Roxas was pulled down by the effect of gravity as he plummeted to the ground but found himself stop before he reached the ground. Naminé had used Zero Gravity to slow down his descent. Once he was about a foot off the ground, she let go of the spell and he landed with a thud on the stainglass surface, him losing consciousness once touching the ground.

The Station of Awakening disappeared as the room became pitch black and the floor metallic. There was a computer in the middle of the room for inputting data to create the world around them.

Everyone gathered around the unconscious boy and the blonde girl. She had situated herself so that Roxas could put his head on her lap as she caressed his crown-like hair. "Curaga." Naminé said under her breath as the green tendrils wrapped themselves around his body, healing him of any injuries and status problems. After a while, he opened his eyes with a groan.

"Hey." Roxas smiled weakly up at her worried face, causing her to smile back at him.

"Hey." They were both staring at each other's eyes and were so entranced by the intensity that they didn't notice themselves getting closer to each other. They were nose to nose as they closed their eyes trying to get closer and initiate their first kiss. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. They broke away blushing as they heard a fit of giggles coming from Kairi and low laughter from the two other guys in the room.

They stood up from their positions on the ground, unconsciously holding each other's hands.

"Well, now that that's over, how about we go get something to eat." Kairi clapped her hands brightly and pulled Sora outside of the room. The two blonde Nobodies followed them with Ven coming up the rear, muttering something about needing to get a girl.

"So, what should we get to eat?" Roxas asked everyone as they made their way to the dining area. No one caught the smirk the girls had on their faces as they walked along. When they were outside the door, they smelled a cheesy aroma coming from within. It was almost like…

"Pizza!" Sora said, pumping his fist in the air. Upon hearing this, Ven started jumping for joy like a 5-year-old and started chanting 'Pizza' over and over with Sora. Though Roxas didn't show it, he was also excited about having pizza for lunch.

The guys slammed through the door, heading to where the smell was coming from, the oven. They reached the appliance and opened the door. Once they did, though, all hell broke loose. 3 pizza pies hooked to springs, bounced at the guys, hitting them on their faces. The force made them fall down on their butts.

Laughter came from the doorway. They turned to see the girls holding their sides, faces red and tears coming down from their eyes as they laughed. "Haha, you just got pwned!" Both girls shouted at the saucy covered dudes.

The guys glared at the pranksters but then they started grinning from ear to ear. They got up from their spots on the ground and advanced on the two confused girls. "Yep, you got us. How about hug of congratulations?" Periwinkle and ocean eyes widened as the girls screamed and ran toward their room. Sadly, they weren't fast enough for Sora and Roxas who picked up their girlfriends up into the air, splattering tomato sauce on their clothes.

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