I have known Queen Lucy the Valiant since her first day in Narnia. She was just a young girl when we met, yet she, a Daughter of Eve, helped rid Narnia of the White Witch and end the long winter alongside her brothers and sister as well as the Great Lion, Aslan.

Now the young heroine of Narnia is a woman. She may be the youngest of the Kings and Queens of Narnia, but she is no child. I am so proud of the brave and beautiful Queen she has become, and I am blessed to be one of her closest friends.

Although her elder sister, Queen Susan the Gentle, is the one who receives all the suitors and proposals from foreign lands, I am far more drawn to Lucy. No shadow can survive the happiness in her bright smile, nor could anyone ever match her kindness.

You would think that I would have realized years ago. I was not exactly hiding it, not from others, at least. But perhaps loving a woman who had been a mere child when I first met her was so wrong that I could not consider it to be true.

However, I can no longer deny my feelings for the Queen. I cannot help but watch her every move and wish that her feelings for me were more than that of friendship. But that can never be.

She is a Daughter of Eve, a Queen of Narnia—I am merely a Faun. I can do no more than serve her loyally throughout her reign and remain her devoted friend and subject. She must never know my true feelings…

Oh, how I do wish I had gone hunting for the white stag with the Kings and Queens on this day. It is nearly dark—they are almost never gone this late. What if they are in trouble? What if one of them is injured?

What if something happened to Lucy?

"What's wrong, Lu?"

Lucy hugged the sheets to her chest as Susan sat on the edge of her bed. "Lucy, talk to me."

Sighing, young Lucy asked, "What if we never get back?"

"We will, Lu," Susan said, taking her hand. "We just have to wait. The time will come."

"Time goes by quicker in Narnia," Lucy said quietly. "What if…what if by the time we go back, everyone we know is gone?" Susan's gaze dropped as she frowned sadly. "What about Mr. Tumnus? Will I ever see him again?" Lucy asked worriedly.

"I don't know, Lucy," Susan replied honestly. "Get some sleep."

"He's such a dear friend," Lucy said softly as her sister left her side. "And I never got to say goodbye."

The rescue parties all came back with nothing but the four horses and Queen Susan's horn. Oh, Kings and Queens of Narnia…where are you? What happened? Why have you disappeared?

Where are you, Daughter of Eve?

Where are you, Lucy?