Author's Note: Hi, there! So. I know I'm working on a Disney-song inspired drabble collection, but sometimes I get other ideas too. And as should be pretty clear to anyone who's been following me, I like to work on several projects at once.'s really not very smart of me, but I can't seem to help it. So instead of just leaving "A Little Bead" by itself, drabble ideas and oneshot ideas that don't otherwise fit into Music In Our Soul will be put here. This particular drabble was posted a few days ago on livejournal.

"Absolutely not. I forbid it." Naveen crossed his arms and tried his best to look intimidating. But his oldest child, Aurelia, had inherited her mother's backbone, and she was not about to back down.

"You can't forbid it, daddy," she crossed her arms and glared. "I'm going to go out with whoever I want to and you can't stop me. I'll just sneak out if you even think about grounding me."

"You will do no such thing, young lady! I am your father and you are to listen to me. That boy is nothing but trouble. Was he not dating your best friend a week ago?"

"Things didn't work out," Aurelia mumbled.

"And the weeks before this, he was dating your other friends, no? Are you not the only one who has not dated him?"

"He really wants to be with me, daddy," the teenager insisted, softening. She knew her father had a point, but she continued to press. Young love is often stubborn. "He knows what he did is wrong and I think he loves me."

"It's only a date," Tiana had been quietly watching the fight from the other room, but chose now to interrupt. "Naveen, why don't we let her go?"

"Because, this boy she likes is a play boy! He will break her heart, you know how those types are."

"Yes, I do," Tiana admitted. "Because I married one, remember?"

"This is exactly why I do not want her to go!" Naveen snapped. "I know how I was at that age, and if that boy does the kinds of things I did….No, I will not allow this to happen to my daughter."

"Naveen," Tiana warned, "This is Aurelia's choice. Not ours. She's smart enough to make her own decisions. Love does change people for the better, you know."

"I…" Naveen sighed. "As always, my wife, you are right. I still do not like this, but Aurelia, you may go on your date."

"Thank you, daddy!" Aurelia hugged her father before running to her mother and thanking her as well. She practically ran out of the house to meet up with the boy in question.

"I feel as though I will regret this," Naveen sunk into his chair and rubbed his temples. "Thank goodness we only have one daughter and James is too young to date…"

"He won't always be," Tiana pointed out, sitting on the arm of his chair and wrapping her arms around him. "But you really don't have to worry about Aurelia. She's a smart girl."

"Yes, but charming young men like that, they can get the better of even the smartest women…"

"It wasn't your charm that won me over," Tiana pointed out. "In fact, I couldn't stand you at first."

"You wound me," Naveen pretended to be hurt. He pulled Tiana onto his lap. "As much of a headache as they are, I love our children and want to protect them."

"I know you do," Tiana snuggled in closer. "But sometimes you have to let them learn things on their own. She does take after me quite a bit, and when I've seen her with that boy…he looks at her the way you look at me."

Naveen groaned. "That is precisely what I am worried about."