Ths is my first x-over, so be kind. Before you start whinging 'this chapter was way too short!' It's a prologue, it's intended to be short. But don't worry, the next chapters are longer. Anyway, this will be violent, but what would you expect from a story about zombies?! Please review, I want to know if this is worth writing.

As the citizens of Rukongai went through their daily routines, a sinister experiment was happening nearby. Just over the great wall that divided Sereitei from Rukongai, within a laboratory, something inhumane was going on.

Mayuri hunched over a young woman who was strapped down to a table. She was unable to scream, a mouth gag had been stuffed in her jaws. She made muffled cries, but they fell on deaf ears. The eerie scientist grinned broadly with his ridiculously large teeth. His face was a mixture of black and white paint and his ears were concealed by orange cones. A wide blue plumage of hair flared around his face giving him the appearance of a strange pharaoh. A golden cone struck out from his chin. His wide eyes stared in awe at his test subject.

"You're tense, but there is no need to worry...this is going to work this time!" He licked his lips.

The woman screamed as Mayuri brought out a scalpel with a thick blade. It almost looked like a meat cleaver. She squirmed, but could do nothing. Mayuri raised the blade above her left arm. Her eyes widened. The blade swung down and seperated her arm from her body. She gave out a muffled wail as her blood sprayed over the insane captain's coat. He chuckled as she rolled about on the table. Mayuri then brought out a syringe filled with a blue, misty liquid. He drove the needle into the stump and injected the whole thing into her.

Sweat poured down the woman's face and she gnawed at the gag for a while until she lay still. She had died so fast. Mayuri sighed. He turned to leave, but the woman growled. She swatted at Mayuri's hand and knocked the syringe to the far corner of the room. The syringe smashed and the small remnants of the serum spilled out, a blue mist rose.

Mayuri's eyes widened and he used Shunpo to get to the door and leave as soon as possible. He slammed the door shut and looked through the thick reinforced glass window. The table was bare!


All of a sudden, a bloody hand bashed against the window.