AN: Yup, this be femslash, even if Kai is referred to as a 'he'. Mendol-Ikemen Idol is a wonderful Japanese dorama about three girls who dress up as males to become 'handsome idols' in the J-pop group Persona. There's lots of other stuff that deals with the gender bending, figuring out sexual preferences, and the Yakuza. It's great. XD Kai (real name Nami) is my favorite of the group, and to her annoyance, she has the number one idol (the 'charismatic songstress' Ray) chasing after her. Of course, Ray has no idea that Kai's not really male. :D

So, this is a writing exercise that really started out as a way for me to get down what I wanted to draw. XD I've been WAY too obsessed with this show for the past week now. :p Anyway, enjoy. ...And go watch the show! *grin*

Looking every direction and checking twice, thrice, and once again, Kai took a deep breath and pulled a bag out of his inner jacket pocket. Plastic crinkling, he cringed and hastily pulled the cd the rest of the way out. Searching for something sharp to remove the shrink wrap, he finally took the pin off of his lapel and used the sharp needle to poke the plastic. Once that was done, he grabbed the cd player he had hidden behind the couch pillow earlier that day. Placing the cd into it and slipping the thick headphones on, assured that no one was coming, he pressed play.

Music swelled, and the beautiful voice seemed to sing just to him. Not realizing the sappy smile that covered his face, he leaned back into the couch and brought his hands to his chest. Ahh, there really was a reason why Ray was number one…

"Ka-iii!" Sudden weight was deposited on his lap, and cool arms slipped around his neck. Jumping in surprise, the blond's eyes snapped open, and he automatically tried to slap the cd player off. Instead, to his horror, he hit the 'open' button.

The body on his lap shifted, and Ray, the charismatic songstress herself, craned her neck to see what he had been listening to. "Ara! Kai!" Giggling at seeing herself looking up from the cd, Ray pressed her nose into his neck, smiling widely. "You're listening to my new cd! I'm so happy~"

Swallowing and blushing hotly at being caught, Kai stuttered, "Ah-ah-ah… Ray… I just, well, I just wanted to see what Persona was up against and…" He hesitantly touched Ray's waist. The black haired girl's chest pressing against his and her soft breath upon his neck was distracting.

Ray giggled again, twining her fingers in the hair at the base of his neck. Using her other hand, she pulled the headphones off of his head – Kai hurriedly throwing his hands up to keep his wig on – she smiled at him. "It really does make me happy that you're listening to my new cd, Kai… You really do belong to me, ne? Now we can become one."

Eyes widening at the sweetly uttered words before realizing that they were a paraphrase of her first single, Kai had already opened his mouth to make a weak protest when she pressed her mouth against his.

Staring at her face close to his, feeling her soft lips and smelling the intoxicating jasmine she always seemed to wear, Kai decided that, for once, he'd let himself actually feel it. Perhaps it was the words of the song he had just been listening to, almost as if it had been sung for him, or just the intriguing weight of the tall girl on his lap, or something else entirely, he didn't know. But whatever it was, he didn't seem to mind the kiss as much as he had.

So, hands coming up to gently settle on her sides, he closed his eyes and kissed back. Almost sighing into him, Ray tightened her grip around his shoulders, draping herself closer. And so, for the next few minutes, Kai could feel them start to become one.

And the thought didn't scare him as it used to.