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I'd been doing makeup and hair for films for close to six years when I got the vampire movie. I was to be Eric Northman's personal makeup and hair person. I'd worked with him twice before and we had a comfortable working relationship, which was why I assumed I was hired for the job. For the past four films I'd worked on, I was the leading man's personal makeup and hair person. I guess I was starting to specialize, which was fine with me, as long as I kept working.

We were a month or so into the shoot on that fateful Monday morning, and still had a couple of months to go. We were shooting on a sound stage at Universal Studios, and would later move to the backlot and shoot on New York Street. I loved having the whole movie in the same place. It was easier than moving around from location to location. I was already set up in my trailer and was happy to have it all to myself. The other makeup and hair people had to share a trailer, but because I was working just with Eric, I had my own little motor home. That way he could relax and study his lines with no distractions while I worked on him. It certainly wasn't for my benefit.

I'd had a tough weekend. After months of dissatisfaction with my fiancé, Bill, we had finally broken up. Over the phone. He had been growing steadily more and more neglectful, and I had just sort of retreated into my shell, hoping that things would magically change. They finally did. He called and told me he was going back to his old girlfriend, Lorena. I wasn't really surprised, and amazingly, wasn't really all that upset. I realized that I had been unhappy for a long time.

I stopped at the catering truck and ordered breakfast, waving a hello to Sam, the first a.d., to let him know I was on the clock. I was always early, of course. I checked my watch. 5:45 a.m. I took my breakfast burrito into my trailer, sat on the bed and ate while I fished my call sheet from my purse. I went over the scenes that were scheduled for the day, and once I'd finished eating, started to unpack the makeup and brushes I'd need from my kit on the makeup table.

I was ready for Eric by 6:15, but knew he'd most likely be meeting with Sophie-Anne first. He often had a quick meeting with the director before getting ready, and sometimes he even rehearsed a little first, depending on the scene. It was unlikely he'd need rehearsing this morning though since we'd be on the same set we shot on all last week. The lights were mostly set and there was very little action involved. Today was just about a lot of dialog.

I busied myself cleaning some brushes while I waited and thought about the fact that I was a single woman again. I had been sexually frustrated for months because Bill had been so completely uninterested in me. When he finally told me it was over, mostly what I felt was relieved. I guess I'd done a lot of my grieving over Bill before he'd actually left me. I looked in the mirror across from the bed in the tiny trailer. I was still very young. Maybe being newly single was a good thing for me. Maybe I was ready to have a little fun. I'd worn a fairly low-cut t-shirt. I supposed I was unconsciously celebrating being available again. Then I took it a step further and put on a little powder. Then a little mascara. And why not a touch of lip gloss too while I'm at it.

The opening of the trailer door startled me out of my reverie. I heard Eric walk through the front of the trailer and enter the bedroom where I was waiting. "Good morning, Sookie."

"Morning, Eric." We exchanged a smile and he sat in the director's chair compliantly. "How was your weekend?"

"Fine. Uneventful. You?"

"Fine, thanks." Except I was dumped by my cheating scum of a fiancé. No need to get personal though.

I laid a towel across Eric's thighs to protect his jeans. He wouldn't get into wardrobe until I was finished with him.

"You look different, Sookie."

"Really?" I sure felt different. Single. Ready. "Oh, I guess I put on a little makeup while I was waiting."

"Well, you look nice."

"Thanks." I didn't make eye contact, but I could feel his eyes on me. Just like the rest of the world, I had a huge crush on Eric. It was no accident he'd been People magazine's sexiest man alive twice. He was tall, blond, gorgeous, perfect, talented, and really, really nice. I'd worked with stars a lot less famous who were big fat jerks, but Eric had always been really genuine and sweet. The first time I worked with him, he was involved with an actress and I had to suffer an enormous infatuation with him for the entire film. But by the time we shot our second film, I was engaged to Bill. Eric and the actress didn't last and he'd been single ever since. I never knew much about his personal life after that, and of course, never asked. Our relationship was strictly professional. He never even so much as flirted with me, and naturally, I kept a professional distance.

I brushed Eric's hair back off his face and assessed his skin. No blemishes, but he did need to shave. I scraped a knuckle across his cheek. "Want me to do it?"

"Would you mind?"

"Of course not."

"Thanks. You spoil me."

I lathered his face and started to shave him. He had such beautiful features, and such good skin. It was a shame to have to make him look undead for this particular film. Vampires aren't known for their smooth tans. I felt his eyes on me as I drew my upper lip down over my teeth. He mirrored my expression so I could shave his upper lip. We'd done this dance a million times. My lips pursed and pointed to the right. His went to his left while I glided the razor over the taught skin of his cheek. I lifted my chin a touch and he followed suit while I began to shave his neck. When I was all done, I stepped into the front room and found the electric kettle I'd filled earlier. I poured the hot water into a face towel and tossed it between my hands like a hot potato as I made my way back to Eric.

He closed his eyes in ecstasy as I toweled off his face, lingering a bit just because I knew he really liked this part. I stuffed the towel in the laundry bag hanging on the door knob and returned to Eric's newly shaven face. I started to apply the light foundation evenly on his skin with a clean makeup wedge. I pointed my index finger up and he obediently looked to the ceiling as I dabbed some under his eyes. Then he closed them, knowing what was next. I leaned in and carefully smoothed foundation over his eyelids. "You smell nice this morning." I was slightly startled. He rarely said a word during this part of our ritual, and it was even rarer for him to give such a personal compliment.

"Thank you." His eyes opened and looked right into mine. I was a little too close to his face and felt a blush creep across my cheeks. I whispered, "close." His eyes closed but there was a hint of a smile on his lips. I felt my heart beating a little in my chest. When I had finished his lids, I stepped back a little and let out the breath I hadn't realized I was holding. I turned and set the foundation and sponge on the towel across my table and loaded my large brush with powder. As I turned back to Eric, he caught my left wrist in his hand. I jumped and a sprinkling of powder fell into his lap (that's what the towel was there for).

"Where's your ring?" I was so flustered that my mind went into literal mode and I was trying to remember exactly what drawer at home I had put it in before I realized that he just meant why wasn't it on my hand.

"Oh. I…um…uh…we broke up. I'm…uh…not engaged. Anymore." He took my hand in his and brushed a rough masculine fingertip over the bare skin where my engagement ring had been.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. Thanks for asking. It had been…things had been…um. It's fine. I'm fine, really." I managed a smile and he returned it, so I relaxed a little.

"I guess I should say I'm sorry, but I'm not a good enough actor to convince you I mean it." Was he flirting with me?

"Well, that's not what People magazine says." We both laughed a little and the mood lightened. I removed the towel from across his thighs to shake out the powder and caught a glimpse of what could only be an erection. There is no way that a flaccid penis could produce that kind of a package. I immediately returned the towel and tried to compose myself as I began to powder Eric's face.

He closed his eyes and I swept the big brush across his skin, setting the foundation in place. "Want me to do your neck now or wait until you're in wardrobe?"

"Would you mind doing it now?"

"Of course not." I unbuttoned the first two buttons of his shirt and opened his collar a little. I tucked tissues around the collar to protect the fabric. He lifted his chin and closed his eyes as I dragged the sponge down his neck in long, slow strokes. I watched his adam's apple dance as he swallowed. I held his collar open as I brushed his whole neck with powder. "We'll do the rest when you're in the tank top." It was silly to say it. We always did the rest when he was in his tank top. He took a deep breath and nodded.

I dabbed a small brush in the pink powder on my table and turned back to Eric. He looked to the ceiling as I carefully brushed underneath his lower lashes. I'm not sure when it was decided that pink under his eyes would make him look more vampiric, but the decision wasn't mine. Sophie-Anne liked it. Once I was satisfied that his eyes were evenly done, I got my mascara wand out. Eric knew to look down as I applied a light coat of mascara on his upper lashes. His line of sight lowered to about my waistline. "Not quite that low. Little higher." His eyes opened a little more and I started to gently brush his lashes with the applicator. I was so focused on his lashes that I almost missed his pupils dilating, but they certainly did. Noticeably. It was in that instant that I realized that he was staring at my breasts.

My heart jumped in my chest and at the exact same moment, Eric raised his hand and peeled the fabric of my t-shirt and bra down, exposing a nipple for a tiny instant before he covered it with his mouth and sucked. I grabbed the arms of the director's chair (and amazingly kept the mascara wand from touching anything) to steady myself, wondering if my knees might buckle. I felt a whoosh between my legs as Eric's tongue swirled around my nipple, his hand cupping my breast from underneath. I felt his other hand caress my butt and I closed my eyes. We both moaned at the same moment, and also both heard the door to the trailer open. I opened my eyes and took a step back. We were staring into each other's eyes, both panting heavily when Andre stepped into the room.

"Here are your sides, Eric." He handed Eric the day's script. Eric's eyes tore away from mine as he addressed Andre.

"Thanks." I glanced down and was happy to see that my breast was covered by my t-shirt again, thank you, Eric.

"And here's your walkie, Sookie." I took the walkie-talkie from him and set it on my makeup table, turning it on as I set it down.

"Thanks, Andre."

"So, everything okay?" Andre sat on the bed.

Eric and I answered in unison. "Yeah."

Eric lowered his eyes again and I continued to apply the mascara as though nothing out of the ordinary had just happened.

"Any changes in the script?" Eric was always prepared, but if there were last-minute changes, he often worked on them while he was in my chair.

"A few."

I stepped back so he could read the sides. I put the mascara wand away, cleaned up my station a bit and got out my manicure kit. "Do we have a hand double today?" I knew we didn't. I'd read the call sheet, but I felt like I needed to make conversation.

Andre took his folder from his back pocket and scanned a page. "Nope. Just Eric. There are a couple of hand close-ups."

"Okay." I waited while Eric read his pages. He nervously glanced up at me and offered a hand. Then he went back to his reading.

I put a dollop of hand cream in my palm and began to massage it into Eric's extended hand. I worked it into his cuticles and began to rub up and down the length of each finger. Eric shifted in his chair and since I was looking down at his hand, I caught another glimpse of that erection. I turned and grabbed another towel and casually draped it over his lap, this time concealing his crotch. No need for Andre to see what was happening. Not that I had a clue what was happening.

I carefully applied dark shadow under each nail so his hands would look dirty. When I was finished, he switched hands without looking up from his sides and I began to massage the cream into that hand as well. I noticed that my own hands had begun to shake. Once both of Eric's hands were finished, I stepped into the tiny restroom and washed my own hands. I looked up into the mirror and my cheeks were beet red. I gave myself a silent pep talk before emerging back into the bedroom.

Eric was still silently reading and Andre was just kind of staring into space. I wasn't sure what he was waiting for. I put some product into my hands and started to fuss with Eric's hair while he read. Finally, Andre broke the silence. "So, what do you think?"

"Oh, ten minutes. Fifteen at the most. Then I'll need another ten once he's in wardrobe for the body makeup." He glanced at his watch.

"Okay." He hopped off the bed and left the room.

As soon as we heard the click of the door closing, Eric tossed the sides onto the bed and grabbed me. My hands were still in his hair as I pulled him into a kiss. Our tongues were entangled and my lips felt bruised as he roughly kissed me. Eric opened his knees and I melted in between them. He scooted forward in his seat and I felt that erection I'd been eyeing press into my body. I moaned into Eric's mouth which seemed to intensify his kiss if that were even possible.

I felt Eric's hands under my skirt. He kneaded my butt with the same hands I'd just carefully moisturized, and then roughly yanked my panties down. We broke the kiss as he bent forward to lower my panties. I stepped out of them, hanging onto Eric for support, and then we heard the click of the door again. I turned and ran into the bathroom, catching a glimpse of Andre as he was stepping into the trailer, closing the door behind him.

I closed the bathroom door and looked into the mirror. I had pale foundation all over my mouth from kissing my vampire and immediately began to wipe it off with a tissue. My face and neck were all splotchy and I felt a definite breeze where I was missing clothing underneath my skirt. I also only had one sandal on. I listened to Andre and Eric chatting about the schedule for a minute and then decided that I really couldn't hide in the bathroom much longer if I had to have Eric ready in ten minutes.

I came out smiling and took my place back at the makeup table, slyly stepping into my other sandal. Eric was intently reading the sides again, a big mess all around his mouth where we'd kissed off his makeup. I bent down and retrieved the two towels off the floor that had fallen from his lap and stuffed them into the laundry bag. I shook out another one and draped it across his thighs, this time catching a glimpse of lace protruding from his jeans pocket—my panties.

I silently began to repair Eric's foundation around his mouth. He never looked up from his reading. I got him smoothed out and powdered. I wondered if Andre realized what I was doing and why. Of course not. Who in the world would ever suspect what had just happened in this room? I wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't been here to witness it. I continued working on his hair which was now sticking up in every direction after my manhandling it during the kissfest.

Finally, Andre spoke again. "So, Sookie?"

"Five minutes."

"Great." He stood and headed out of the room.

I turned around to face the table and opened the bottom drawer of my kit where I kept my stash of tampons and other emergency personal items that I never in a million years dreamed I'd actually need. Eric stood silently behind me, tossing the lap towel and sides onto the bed. We made eye contact in the mirror above the table as we both listened for the click of the door closing as Andre left us alone for a glorious five minutes.

As soon as we heard it, I handed the condom over my shoulder. My skirt was lifted and I was filled with a latex-sheathed Eric in mere seconds. We resumed our eye contact in the mirror as he slammed into me over and over. He was huge and hard as a rock and I had never been more turned on in my life. I gripped the table as he rode me. Both of his hands were on my hips until he snaked one around and began to stroke me from the front. I was very close already and his perfectly moisturized finger brought me even closer. Just as I closed my eyes in ecstasy, I heard a voice on the walkie in front of me: "Anybody got a twenty on Eric." And then Andre's voice. "I'll get him."

It was too late to turn back. Both Eric and I had begun our spectacular climaxes. I put my hand over my mouth but Eric just yelled out, "Oh god!" as he came. I felt Eric pull out as we heard the door open. I reached back and pulled my skirt down over my butt and began to busy myself with the makeup laid out in front of me. I looked down to the floor and stepped onto the empty condom wrapper, covering it with my foot. In the mirror, I saw Eric turn his back and adjust himself before picking up the sides and sitting on the bed, suddenly engrossed in his reading again. He was still out of breath.

"So, is he ready?"

"Yep. He's all yours." I smiled brightly at Andre as I felt a trickle of something run down my leg. Perspiration? My own response to Eric?

"Can you do the body makeup on set?"

"Sure. I'll see you there."

Andre led Eric out of the trailer. Eric glanced back at me before he walked out the door. "See you in a bit." I just gave him a smile.

I found the condom discreetly wrapped in the towel on the bed and took care of it. Then I packed my set bag and got ready to go to set. I cleaned myself up as best I could in the bathroom and waited until the red splotches had subsided a bit before bravely walking to set sans underwear.

The scene we worked on all morning went smoothly. I was broken for lunch ten minutes before the rest of the crew because I needed to be back and ready for touch-ups as soon as Eric was finished eating. I dashed to my car and dug through my gym bag in the trunk until I found a pair of clean panties. I wondered whether the security cameras could see me as I wiggled into them crouching beside my car in the parking garage.

I went through the salad bar and sat to eat quickly with the rest of the crew. As soon as I could, I went back to my trailer and found Eric sitting on the bed. "Where were you?" He stood as I walked in.

"I…uh…went to get something from my car. Did you get a chance to eat?"

"Yeah. Sookie, are you okay? I'm so sorry about this morning."

"You are?" I could hear the disappointment in my own voice.

"Well, yes and no. I'm not sorry about what happened, but that is so not how I intended for it to happen. I meant to ask you to dinner. Maybe a few movies, parties, bar mitzvahs, whatever. I certainly didn't plan on boning you over your makeup table. But god, it was amazing." We both grinned like idiots. "Sookie, I've had feelings for you for a long time, but I knew you were engaged. Then this morning, when I saw that you weren't wearing your ring…"

"You've had feelings for me?"

"Yeah. Wasn't it obvious?"

"No. Well, not to me." He took my hand in his and kissed it.

"So, will you have dinner with me? Can we start over? Will you forgive me for my complete loss of self-control and let me sweep you off your feet properly?"

I smiled into his perfect blue eyes, rimmed with ridiculous pink eye shadow and nodded. He squeezed my hand and I thought he was going to kiss me when the door opened. I picked up a makeup sponge and turned to see Eric sitting in his chair as Andre came in. "How're we doing?"

"Five minutes."


Andre sat and watched as I touched up Eric's makeup, and then he took him from the trailer to go to set. I was right behind them with my set bag.

At the end of a very long fifteen-hour day, I was straightening up my makeup table in the trailer thinking of how my day had begun. I was exhausted but couldn't stop smiling. I stepped out and headed for the parking garage when Eric came running up behind me. "Sookie!" He was buttoning his shirt. We smiled broadly and just as he got to me, Andre appeared out of nowhere.

"Eric, your driver's ready. Sophie-Anne is going to ride with you so you can go over some stuff for tomorrow. Sookie, did you get a call sheet?"


"Great. So, here's your car." A black sedan pulled up and I saw Sophie-Anne in the back seat. I gave her a smile and turned back to Eric.

He gave me a significant look. "I'll see you in the morning."

"Yes. See you tomorrow."

I floated to my car, tired and happy. For the first time in a long time, I was really looking forward to something—the rest of my life.

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