Okay kiddos. I know this isn't really allowed, but I promise this won't be up for long. So, please don't report me or anything, I just had something to say that I need to get out to the world. Particulary pertaining to my characters.. :/

Okay, I know that I got some reviews, messages, etc. saying that I could've done a lot better with "my own creativity and imagination".


Okay, whatever. I'm sorry that you'd rather read something that hasn't been done before, but I don't plan on doing anything remotely close to anything like this in college, and my stories are purely written because I enjoy the movies and series or whatever they're about, and I simply put MYSELF into the stories to make my life seem more exciting than it really is.

Which brings me to another point, my characters and the way they are. Okay, my OCs are based off me, honestly. Their personality, even their looks sometimes.

Race to Witch Mountain: Luci: Her long hair, my hair is down to practically my knees… and I have a brother that I rarely ever see. Like, I've seen him twice in maybe eight or nine years, so Luke being dead is kind of a symbol for him being gone, I guess. (Don't worry, my real brother is not really dead.)

Star Trek: T'Pel: Okay, again with the hair, it's still pretty freakin' long. And as for the whole, three majors kind of thing, I got someone complaining about that, saying that I should've picked one, and stuck with it. Well, in real life, during the fall, I'm in the marching band and venture crew, along with school. And during the spring, I'm in band, winter guard, venture crew, and on top of that I'm getting a job, plus school. Thank you very much. Stick with one thing, pft.

And as for rushing into the relationships, I'm just an impatient person and that's just that. Ya'll are just gonna have to get over that. Sorry.

And I'm not complaining about anything, I'm just explaining some things that people just seem to like to pick at, and it's been bothering the hell outta me. No, I'm not angry, or upset or anything like that, because I see where everyone is coming from and such, but I'm just writing because I have an overactive imagination.

Thank you to everyone who liked my stories, and to those who picked at them, as well. I appreciate it all, but I just hope that you guys understand me a little bit, too.