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"There's no way you're getting me into that."

I stood next to apparently what was my first candidate for my wedding gown. My hands flew across the smooth fabric as I grimaced. Who could possibly fit so many ruffles and frills on one article of clothing? Katara huffed indignantly as she pulled the dress away from my tight fist (which I hadn't even known had been balled up in the first place) and soon I could feel another one brush against my hands. I felt around it. Not as frilly and foo foo like, but I felt more bows than I could count on it. I felt a humongous bow being tie to my hair, weighing my whole head down and making me feel stupid.

"Next!" I snapped back, quickly ripping the bow out and tossed it towards the bow-infested dress. "Wait, you know what? How about you just let me feel through the rack myself and you can go make sure Sokka's not raiding the food storage, okay?" I asked, adding a good point (because everyone knew that boy was a bottomless pit).

I expected her to huff again or storm out. But inside, I felt a warm smile directed towards me then footsteps padding away. Finally.

My hands glided over to whole rack quickly, each one emitting so much femininity it almost came like a stench. The whole rack of gowns and dress just weren't me. They were all made with the best materials, the best designers, and traditional in one way or another. Just not me. My hands hovered to the next rackā€¦and the next. None of them touched me on the inside. They would all make me feel fake.

Flopping exasperated onto the bed that laid under the red screen windows, I was ready to give it a break. Then I felt it. The cloth felt natural yet did not have a scratchy texture. Comfy and Earthy. Just the way I liked it. I got back up and held the dress in my hands. Now I could feel its form. It was amazing. Katara must have tossed it into the pile of clothes on the bed, thinking it was too homely. Which it sort of was. But I didn't care. It was perfect for a child of the Earth such as I.

After trying it on, I realized it truly was perfect. Most clothes didn't fit my small figure without adjustments and all of that primping, but this was unlike any other. I laughed while feeling along the front of it. Under my fingers were pictures of dancing badgers and girls. Sound familiar?

Suddenly I was grabbed by the shoulders and sat down. I had sensed a group of steps moving carefully, but must been distracted by my new discovery. The next thing I remember was hearing a gaggle of woman and their quacking at each other as each tried to get at my face and hair, combs and natural make-up in hand. I also remember my loud protest being drowned out as I tried to squirm away.

I felt sick. I felt like I was going to pass out. I know I didn't look that way. On the outside, I was the calm collected guy everyone around the palace knew. On the inside, I felt like all my guts were having a party.

Standing on of the tallest hills of the valley, I breathed in the scent of the pregnant land. Harvest would be very, very soon. The abundant fields stretched for miles and miles, but they would be having the wedding inside. Ridiculous, but it was Father's idea. Actually, those two went hand and hand together. I sat down and a few blossoms from the tree above flew off and around me. That's when I sensed the presence of another person. I turned my head to see her moving to sit next to me. I stretched out on my back, my hands behind my head. The silence didn't last long.

"I'm getting a hang of those secret passages", she said slowly, leaning back on her hands and tilting her head towards the sky.

"Great, now I'll never be able to find you", was my sarcastic response. "We're not supposed to see each other until the wedding later on today", I continued, but already knew her response.

"So?" she answered plainly. The girl moved to lie down, but instead of lying down next to me, she decided to rest her head on my stomach.

A few minutes passed as I stared up into the tree, not really sure how to express my next thoughts. The thought of my being speechless made me laugh deep down. My midsection quivered with held-in laughter.

She cocked an eyebrow. "Why are you upsetting my pillow?"

"Because I still don't fully get you. You come out and lie on the ground in what I'm guessing is your wedding gown. Your spirit drifts with the wind and flows just as easy. Do you ever worry?"

The question seemed stupid the minute it exited my mouth, but I couldn't just snatch it out of the air, so I just had to wait for her to say something.

"I don't have all the answers. I'm not some Almighty Toph. I just happen to have sense. Much more than those prissy girls you've probably been introduced to. If you think I'm going to make this easy on you because I think I love you, you dead wrong."

She didn't move her head from my stomach. A small smirk rose onto her face. I realized every word was right.

"I wouldn't think of that for a second", was my simple, yet truthful response. I moved to kiss her forehead and she returned it. Looking back towards the sky, it looked a little bit brighter, as did the grass, even the air felt fresher. "And thank you, I love you too", I said while smiling even bigger to myself, then laying my head back down.

We could hear the frantic calls of Katara and several maids as they beckoned for us to stop hiding. It was indeed only a few hours till the ceremony, but neither of us felt like moving.

"And we lived happily ever after. The End."

"Aw, but I want to hear about the wedding", I asked excitedly through half-open eyes. The yawn that escaped betrayed me, though. Mommy laughed and tucked my blanket in around me while Daddy stood up and took Jingsay, my younger brother in his arms.

"It was complete chaos. Let's just leave it at that", she said to me as my eyelids got heavier. I could barely see my twin sister being tucked in. From her bed next to mine, sister speaks up, "Wow, and that's how you guys fell in love? You kissed a lot! Yuck!"

"Yeah. Yuck," came a small, innocent voice from Daddy's arms. My baby brother seemed on the verge of crashing out himself.

Mommy just shrugged and pecked Daddy on the check. He grinned. "Adults are weird" she said, before kissing us all on the forehead, then leaving the room with Daddy and Jingsay.

Every with the screen door closed, we could hear them laughing down the hall.

"Adults are rrreeallllyy weird" I said into the dark.

They seemed happy though. And with that as I final though, I, Tianna Sky Penn, went nighty night.

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