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~*~ EPOV ~*~

I stepped into the club and it took a minute for my senses to adjust. Waiting outside, the anticipation and excitement were already palpable. Everyone in line was practically vibrating, responding to the dull pulse of thumping bass and drums spilling onto the street through the club's front door, anxious to get in. Stepping past the bouncer launched me into another world, full of darkness and flickering color, gyrating male bodies, sweat, lust, and adrenalin. I knew what I was looking for, it was just a matter of finding it in the constantly moving throng.

I made my way to one of the bars, garnering appreciative looks from many of the men I passed. A few went so far to touch me casually as I walked by, hoping to get my attention, hoping for me to stop and test the waters. I acknowledged their interest with a nod or a wink, but I had yet to see one I couldn't walk away from.

I ordered a drink and, with my back to the bar, surveyed the crowd. It seemed like a nice club – most of the men were in their twenties or thirties, but there were a few considerably older, and a few barely legal. I finished my drink with a nod to the bartender and decided to wander around.

There was no denying why we were all there, you didn't need to be a mind reader. You could see it in the way they approached me, and each other; some were coy and flirtatious, some were unabashed. The twinks, bears and silver daddies, the str8 or curious; all were there looking for someone to scratch their itch, or at least looking to burn off some restless energy. The ones that were fresh from the closet were easy to peg, standing in stark contrast to the power bottoms flamboyantly trying to catch the eye of the most popular tops. I danced with a few as I made my way around, swept up in the music, enjoying the scenery, scanning faces, looking for a particular indefinable spark. I wasn't there for just any anonymous fuck, and I made that clear to anyone that expressed more than a passing interest. Some found it a challenge, and then got pissed when I didn't respond the way they expected. I kept moving, enjoying the game.

After a second drink and a few minutes to catch my breath, I did a double take at the sight before me.

Is that actually Seth?

The similarity made my jaw drop. He had rich, dark eyes, sparkling with mischief apparent even 'across a crowded room,' as the cliché goes. His hands were in the air, his slim hips grinding and bopping, surrounded by a small cluster of admiring boys. He had high cheekbones, full lips, and long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail at the nape of his neck, with sweaty, fly-away tendrils clinging to his throat. Once our eyes met, he smiled crookedly and never looked away. I laughed out loud and made my way across the floor towards him, my heart hammering in my throat.

I was taller by several inches, but seeing his head tilted back to look up at me gave me goose bumps as I pictured him on his knees in worship. I wasted no time staking my claim, wrapping an arm around his waist and bringing us close. I got a whiff of warm scent, tea leaves and lemon, as I buried my teeth playfully in his neck. My possessive stance sent an unmistakable 'mine' vibe to all his little fans. The night was still young, and they eventually moved on to other prospects.

The hum between us was undeniable. There was little need for words after an exchange of pleasantries. We both knew where this was headed. We danced face to face and back to front, hands exploring and hips grinding. After a while, 'dancing' was no longer a good description of what we were doing. He was behind me, one smooth, firm hand on my shoulder, the other on my hip, pulling my ass back against him as we moved our bodies to the beat that surrounded us. I could feel the percussive bass, from my feet up and from the outside in, and there was no way to ignore its demand to move in sync. We were about four layers of clothing, or less, from openly fucking, and few of those dancing around us seemed to care. I spun around and pulled him to me roughly, devouring his mouth without warning. He responded in kind, giving and taking, neither of us yielding completely to the other, our hands eager at ass and waist. We stopped moving and I leaned back, admiring his devious smirk.

"I'm done playing," I said, barely loud enough to hear over the music.

I felt lips tickling my ear. "I'm just getting started, big boy," a well-placed hand punctuated his assessment. "Ready to find a new sandbox?"

I smiled, nervous and excited, as he pulled me to follow him. We made our way through the club, nodding at a few surprised faces, garnering winks from some and scowls from a few others. We stepped out into the warm August night slightly disoriented by the comparative solitude and quiet, almost like leaving a mirrored carnival funhouse and reacquainting yourself with reality.

"I live close. Walk?"

I agreed without hesitation, weaving my fingers with his as he led me up the street. Half a dozen blocks later, we entered a converted warehouse, taking an ancient freight elevator to a fifth floor loft. I took little notice of the space other than its tidy cleanliness, which made me smile. He led me to his sleeping space, less of a bedroom and more of a secluded alcove, dominated by an enormous white bed strewn with pillows and mussed sheets.

There was a tall white paper lantern in the corner casting a warm glow and soft shadows through the room, and enormous windows revealing the glittering city lights around us. He opened two of them, letting in a slight breeze and the sounds of the street below.

He turned to face me, suggestively popping the top button on his low-slung jeans, revealing nothing but skin beneath. "Why are you here?"

The demanding tone thrilled me, and my erection, which had flagged on the walk over, was resurrected. I must have hesitated a beat too long before answering.

"Say it. Out loud."

I blushed, but didn't look away. "To get fucked, hopefully well."

We were inches apart. "I think everyone in that club pegged you as a top."

"Well, tonight's your lucky night," I said, as seductively as I could.

"Maybe you're the lucky one."

I quirked my eyebrow at the arrogance, and was met once more with that devious smirk. I felt hot breath and teeth on my earlobe, raising goose bumps up and down my spine.

"Have you done this before?" I felt the whispered words, as much as heard them.

My eyes flickered to the floor momentarily. "Not… exactly."

"Then I'm indeed lucky, and honored."

Before I could form a witty response to lighten the suddenly heavy moment, our lips met once again. It wasn't the same as the aggressive, possessive kiss at the club. This was playful, encouraging, and needy. I tugged free the elastic hair band and was rewarded with thick dark silk between my fingers. I started to undo shirt buttons and smooth hands stopped me. I nodded, allowing those same hands to strip me of every barrier I possessed, our clothes landing in a heap beside the bed. I lay down, allowing my mind to empty of all things but the sensations of hands, lips, teeth and tongue, creamy smooth skin and the warm summer breeze across our bodies. A hot mouth swallowed me whole, and I craned up off the bed, arching into slippery, skilled heaven. I came embarrassingly soon, laughing at the smug creature above me and my own lack of control.

I was soon alone on the bed, dazed and a little giddy, and was offered a sweaty bottle of chilled water. I drank it eagerly. "Mmm. Thanks."

"I love your laugh."

"I love your mouth," I said, laughing again.

"Good to know."

I rolled over onto my belly, pushing extraneous pillows to the floor. I raised my rear just a bit and wiggled it suggestively, before feeling the sting of a slap.

"You should be required to have a license for this thing because it's deadly." The same hand rubbed away the sudden heat, followed by teasing bites and wet, lippy nibbles on the opposite ass cheek.

I barely contained a moan and laughed at myself, growing hard again already. "That is the cheesiest line I've ever heard."

"I save the good ones for guys that aren't a sure thing."

"Sure thing, hunh?"

I heard fumbling behind me, but was pinned down when I tried to look over my shoulder. I heard the click of a lube bottle and felt a thumb sliding down my crack, teasing me. I buried my face in the one remaining pillow, deeply inhaling whiffs of the green tea and citrus I'd gotten hints of since the club. I couldn't help but whimper and press back into the warm body hovering above me.

"You want this, don't you? Isn't that why we're both here?"

"Fuck, yeah." I closed my eyes as gentle fingers explored and prepared, loving the quiet words whispered into my skin; how beautiful I was, how sexy and unforgettable. I had no doubts, no trepidation about what was happening, only trust and a hunger to be taken.

"Are you ready, baby?" Slick hardness was poised at the ready, waiting for one last word.

"Mmmm, please… yes."

"Big breath, baby… that's it. A little burn. Yeah… That's it. Take it all. Feel that sweet stretch… Fuck."

I was amazed how instantly the entire world was reduced to just the two of us or, more specifically, my filled ass. I was no virgin, but this was definitely my final frontier. I wondered how on earth I'd managed to get by my whole life without the incredible sensations…

"You okay?"

I nodded into the pillow, unable to speak, struggling to control my breathing and pounding heart.

"Shhh. Keep breathing, baby." The once cocksure and demanding voice was softer, sweeter. "I know what it's like. I don't want to hurt you, but I need… I can't stay still like this. Let me try to make it even better, for both of us, okay?"

"Fuck, yeah."

"I'll take it slow. You tell me - talk to me, baby, so I know."

I let out a long breath and nodded. "Yeah. I'm okay. It's okay."

"Good. That's good. Don't think. Just feel."

There were kisses between my shoulder blades, warm breath in soft gusts and smooth legs between mine, slowly pushing and retreating, giving me everything I'd hoped for. "Oh fuck yeah…" The sensations were overwhelming, already building and tightening in my gut like a red-hot coil, every gentle thrust winding me tighter, every retreat a loss.

"This feels amazing, baby… this… it's incredible."

I reached back, but couldn't get hold of anything more than a moving hip. "Does it make you feel good?" I asked.

"So fucking good…"

"Me, too. Jesus." I pushed back, ass meeting hips, asking for more, my body needy for more.

"Unf! Yes... Fucking hell, Edward... Lift up, baby. Can you touch yourself?"

We shifted until I had clearance between myself and the bed and could get my hand on my aching cock. "Yeah. Go." The pace picked up, no longer cautious.

"I'm already really close, baby."

I started stroking in a matching, almost frantic, rhythm. "Ahhh yeah. So close."

"Talk to me, beautiful."

"So fucking incredible – I never – ohhh – never imagined – ohhh – come on… I can't…"

The rarest of the rare occurred and we fell off the cliff at the same moment, our bodies shuddering and straining as we came, our voices carrying one another's shouted names out through the windows and into the moonless night. We collapsed side by side, lungs heaving, hearts leaping.

"Thank you," I mumbled. I felt a kiss on my upper arm, then a sheet drawn up over me by a lingering hand.


"Mmmm," was all I could muster. I felt the bed shift, and heard running water as I drifted into a sated haze.


"Wake up, sleepy head."

Something poked me in the ribs, and it felt suspiciously like the handle of a wooden spoon.

"No. Don't wanna."

"Come on, baby, I'm making your favorite breakfast…"

My ears perked up at that. "Favorite?" I groggily rolled onto my side, savoring a delicious ache from the previous night's exertion. The morning was bright, and we'd left the windows open. I could already hear street sounds below.

"Nothing but the best for my man. Stuffed French toast, fresh fruit salad, coffee…"

"Tempting harlot."

"You love me."

Indeed, I do. "Come back to bed, Bella. I hate waking up alone." I reached out and grabbed her wrist before she could scoot away. I pulled her down, tucking her under my arm and pinning her with my leg. "How are you feeling this morning?"

She blushed crimson, burying her face in my neck. I felt kind of gross, and looked forward to a long shower. I could smell the club on my skin – sweat, cigarettes, liquor and sex, and I felt a little, um, slippery out back.

"How are YOU feeling?"

I leaned back from her so I could see her face and she could see mine. "I feel like the luckiest fucking man on the planet. You went out on a limb for me last night, to satisfy a fantasy, and it was amazing. I feel incredible."

"Good. I aim to keep my man happy." She squeezed me tight, burrowing her face under my chin.

"No worries there, love, ever. Now, how are you?" I kissed her head, hoping that the light of day illuminated no regrets.

"I couldn't wait to get rid of that compression bandage – the girls are still a little angry with me for smooshing them all night. Otherwise, I feel pretty damn good."

"Well, I think we can dispense with you cross-dressing, if we decide to do that again." I ran my hands slowly across her breasts, silently apologizing to them with my palms.

"Good. Because if one more strange guy groped my 'tight twink ass' last night I was gonna have to cut a bitch."

"Shit, Bella, I wish you'd told me!"

"No – it was fine. I wanted to stay in character for you. I stepped on a few toes in warning before you came over. It wasn't anything I couldn't handle."

"But, still... This," I said, grabbing two hands full of her round, delicious rear, "is mine."

"All yours, baby. Only yours." She kissed me, hot and sweet. "I make a pretty cute boy, though, hunh?"

I laughed. God, I'm a lucky bastard. "It kinda freaked me out at first. I did a double take – thought you were actually Seth." I fingered the gold band on her left hand, nestled once more against the diamond she'd left at home last night. "It was pretty hot, but I like you even better as my wife."

"Well, I'm glad to have made your fantasy real."

"It was better than any fantasy, love, because it was you."

She smiled brightly. "I have a new appreciation for men now, you know. That shit is a real ab work-out, not to mention the near-constant kegel."

"Be glad I had a hair-trigger last night. Think of all the nights we've gone at it for hours on end… Can you understand now why I fall asleep so soon afterwards?"

"Well, shit. You ought to be making ME French toast, then."

"But it's still my birthday!"

She laughed and ruffled my hair. "Anything for you, baby."

"So… I'm thinking I owe you one now." I knew she still had fantasies she'd yet to tell me.

"Oh, I got off on last night just as much as you did. That thing is amazing."

This thrilled me, knowing the new strapless toy worked for both of us. "But, still…"

"Christmas is coming. I'll make a list."

"Are there going to be any more interesting toys on the list?" I winked, wondering where she'd put it after she cleaned it and came back to bed.

"Like I said. I'll make a list…"

I grabbed her hand before she got up from the bed, kissing her open palm. "Make sure there's a flogger on it."






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