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Renegade (REN-i-geyd): One who regects their religion, cause, allegiance, or group for another; traitor.

"So, what are you looking for today?" the man asked.

"A cat," Gar replied, not taking his gaze from the cages. "I'd like a dog, but mom says I can only get something small and not that hard to take care of."

Seemingly endless rows of desperate looking cats and dogs lined the walls of the pound. Gar's heart ached for them. It was hard for an animal lover to see them in such horrid living conditions. Gar walked slowly, emerald green eyes looking at each potental pet closely. Her brushed some of his blond hair from his face.

"Yes, yes, we have plenty of cats that need good homes," the man said. Gar could tell he was really just looking forward to getting rid of some of the loud animals. It wasn't their fault. Gar bet he would be barking and yowling too if he were confined to a small cage his entire life.

As much as Gar wanted to take each of them home and take care of them, none seemed to really be the pet for him. A dog would be great, but cats were still cool. He just had to find the right one. After all, pets were meant to be your closest companions and friends for life. He wanted to find one like that.

At the time, he wasn't expecting something quite so literal.

At the very end of the narrow hall, Gar still hadn't seen any animal that he thought would make a suitable pet. He turned, about to start over again, when a pair of eyes caught his attention from the shadows of the very last cage.

It was a cat. Jet black pelt blending into the darkness of it's confinment. But its eyes. Bright, amyethist purple shining out of the shadows. They held his own gaze, and he was unable to look away. They were filled with knowing and intellegence that Gar had only seen before in the eyes of humans, and only smart ones at that. After awhile of just staring at the cat, it slowly began to creep forward. It kept low to the ground, as though wary of him. Gar would have reached out his hand if the man had not become impatient and come forward. The cat stiffened and melted back into the shadows of the cage.

"Found anything?" the man said. Gar swallowed irritation, not taking his eyes from the cage.

"Yeah," he said. "That cat in the cage."

The man looked at him quizzically. "That one? Are you sure?" Gar nodded. The man shurgged, bending over to unlatch the cat's cage. "Timid thing. Won't let anyone touch it. Barely eats. Not sure why you want it."

Gar shurgged. All he knew was this was the cat he was taking home. After staring at those eyes, he could never leave without it.

He paid for the cat--a female--and refused a holder when offered one, earning another strange stare from the man.

Holding the cat in his arms, he left the pound, taking in grateful breaths of fresh air.

"Few. I'm always uptight in there," he said, smiling at his new friend. "Bet you're glad to be out too, huh? I didn't want to put you in another cage. Something tells me you won't run off."

The cat let out a small mew. Gar laughed and brushed her fur. It was very soft. "Now then, we just have to get a name for the pretty kitty."

He looked up at the sky, walking slowly to his car. His mom would be happy to see that he listened for once. She probably expected him to come home with a big German Shepard. No, he listened this time. He got a nice cat. One with soft jet black fur and really pretty purple eyes.

Yup. He got the best animal ever. Even then, before anything had happened, he knew that he had been ment to choose this cat.

Just as he went to open the door to his car, a caw from overhead made him look up. A raven soared above, throwing a shadow upon him and the cat. Gar smiled as it flew out of sight.

"How 'bout I just name you Raven?" he asked. The cat purred slightly, as though it could understand and enjoyed its new name. Gar laughed and got into the car, putting his new friend on his lap.

Yup. He had gotten the cat he was supposed to.

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