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"You want a big brother?"

The hands that were mending the mittens stopped almost instantly. He felt himself beginning to tremble as the warm sense of fixing something left him. The shadow that loomed next to him grew bigger ad bigger, until finally the owner was sitting next to him.

"Toris told me that you were becoming lonely, and when you saw me with Ukraine and Belarus, you wished for a brother." He said, a gentle smile tugging at his lips. "Would you like a brother?" Ivan asked.

Poor Latvia was terrified. He had no idea what the Russian man was thinking, which meant that anything he said would end painfully. And despite the fact that his intentions were meant well in some cases, the outcomes of his doings were usually bad.

"Latvia, I'm waiting~"

"U-Uh... um"

He didn't know what was wise to say.


But that answer seemed to work well on many occasions.

"You'd like a brother?" The Russian asked again, confirming the Latvian's answer.


Ivan scooted closer to him, invading his space more than necessary. Why did he have to face the burly Russian in his own room? He would never know, and this question was emphasized when Ivan leaned in and nuzzled the boy's forehead. An arm crept behind him and landed itself on his shoulder, ensuring Latvia's inability to escape. The lips that were lingering on his forehead began loitering around on his temple, before drifting down to his left cheek.

"That's a very good boy." He said. Latvia kept his lips sewn together, making sure that he didn't cross the other.

"I'll be your brother," Ivan said, "After all, you're going to become one with me, right?"

Latvia's quaking worsened, and he knew that if he answered that question, the consequences would be dire.

"You'll love me as your brother. Everyone will believe it too."

His tone was cooing, but Latvia was smarter than to believe it; it could change anytime, and it could be spoken in even when he was killing someone.

"You've got eyes like mine." He whispered, cupping Raivis's face and bringing it up to see in the light. "I could never understand why though. Natalia and Yekaterina have different colours, but you and I have similar ones. It must mean something." He finished with a child-like smile. "So let's make it mean something."

Latvia never imagined those lips to be soft and caressing. He imagined them to be of venom, but the only bitter taste that he sensed was that of Vodka.

A soft pop sounded as the Russian let go of the boy's lips. He had both shoulders in grasp, and managed to turn his upper body towards himself.

"From today, I'll be your brother, and I'll love you for forever and ever."


A/n: Forgive me for the OOC-ness of Russia, but I wanted to write a fluff. But tell me: would a sequel [M-rated] fit this?

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