Title: Us? Married? WHAT!?

Summary: Sasuke and Naruto never thought that this kinnd of thing would have happened. But obviously, it did! They're getting married with one another! How is that possible when they simply hate each other's guts?

Pairings: SasuNaru.

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"norm talks"

'Naruto's thoughts'

'Sasuke's thoughts'

"Therefore Uchiha Sasuke, do you take this man as your wife?" said the Priest as he looked at the raven in the eyes. The raven's eyes himself twitched a little. 'What the fuck is this priest playing at? Is he even serious? Of course this wedding is a fucking joke!'

"Yeah...sure...whatever..." he replied carelessly. His 'wife' frowned. 'That bastard!'

"And you, Uzumaki Naruto, do you take this man as your husband?" asked the Priest again.

"Well...I do had no other choice..." said the blonde as he received a cold hard glare from Sasuke. "What?" whispered Naruto.

"That was so inappropriated, blondie." he whispered back.

"Oh so you think that you're appropriated?" argued Naurto.

"DOES IT MATTER? I'M THE HUSBAND! SO YOU'RE GONNA LISTEN TO ME!!" said Sasuke as he started to yell.

"WHAT!? WE'RE NOT EVEN MARRIED YET SO WHY SHOULD I!!?" said Naruto as he too started to yell. But in a louder voice.

"Oh god look at this two...They're fighting already.." said the Priest as he sighed silently. The parents of both Naruto and Sasuke nodded their heads in agreement, "They made such a cute couple! I mean just look at them. I'm so glad that we had promised to wed them..." said Kushina and Emiiri(1).

'What the fuck are these people talking about? Me? Cute? With this duck-haired of a retard? No way!'

'Argh! Me being CUTE with this blondie of a girly guy? Im so not turning gay!'

"I now pronounce you as Man and Wife!"

Oh crap...

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