"I did that?"

"Yes, yes you did."

Fanboy burst out laughing, Kyle wasn't so amused. he swatted his partner's head with a rolled up newspaper, "Your not funny! I was under alot of pressure! And you just forced yourself on me and I didn't know what to-"

Fanboy slowed his laughter and hugged Kyle softly, "I know, I know, I just never thought I would get that bad. I'm sorry Kyle, you didn't deserve that!"

Kyle couldn't figure out why he wasn't furious about him laughing at how he acted that night long ago, must be something about that hug. Who knows, but he couldn't stay mad.

"So, you ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

They got off the couch and started for the door. It was time to make their lives the way they wanted them to be. No, they couldn't change everything, but they could make things alittle better then how they are.

First stop, Frosty Mart.

Fanboy burst through the door, holding them open with his outstretched arms and gazing across the store deviantly. Kyle toke this opportunity to slip under his arms and into the building, "Stop stalling, you don't look that cool."

"Awww...!" Fanboy's demeanor fell faster then a sack of potatoes, "You always have to ruin all the fun!"

"Hey Fanboy, what are you doing here?" Raven was sitting on the counter, enjoying a frosted freezy and another issue of Coup Le Creep, "Its your day off."

"I know Raven." He said, walking over, "But I was wondering something. Do you have an opening for a part timer?"

Being open, he put his arm around Kyle's back and brought him alittle closer to the counter (and himself),"My friend here needs alittle extra money on the side."

The red head coughed into his hand and stood up straight, "I would be a good co-worker because, as it says here in my resume, I'm always on time and I help out after hours and-"

"Dude, dude. Stop. I don't need the whole schtick, ok?" Raven set down the magazine, "I have heard enough about you from Sir Talks-Nonstop here." She motioned to fanboy, "Thing is, I'm good here. But I think I might be able to squeeze you in, if I butter up the real top nuts here."

Kyle was surprised by her language, shouldn't she act, I don't know, alittle more professional in the workplace?

"Don't worry." She smiled, "I'll make something work."

"...Arn't you goths supposed to be mean?"

"Your a wizard, you tell me that." She said, going back to her read, "Fanboy, enjoy your day off, because when your back in here, your mine."

"Thanks Rave!" He smiled, ignoring the threat.

"Wow, thank you." Kyle said, a sudden smile also coming to his face. How easy that was, compare to what he wanted to do next...

They hit the road, well, the teleporting box as soon as they got home. Kyle didn't want to risk not being able to get into his old house, and Fanboy had to come.

"I don't want you to be there Fan." Kyle said sullenly, "My mom said he's calmed down, but if he gets mad again I don't want him yelling at you."

"And if he gets mad anyways I don't want him yelling at you." He retorted, "I want to come."

Kyle sighed, and hopped in the box. Fanboy soon followed.

Kyle's old room had been turned into a guest bedroom, but it still had his old bed frame and dresser. Just new covers and a fresher coat of white paint. This didn't daunt his mission to make his dad atleast listen.

They snuke down the hall, trying to be as quiet as possible when the taller boy tripped on his shoe lace and sent him and his friend rolling down the hall. They stopped and untangled themselves in the living room, where his mother and father were sitting in on the couch.


His eyes went wide and he leapt to his feet, pulling out his wand and pointing at his dad, "Inmobious!"

His dad froze on the couch, like his was being tied down with an invisible rope, "Uh, hey, hey!"

"You know bloody well why I did that." Kyle crossed his arms while Fanboy stood up behind, holding his dizzy head, "I just want you to listen, quite unlike last time."

The older man blinked his eyes, surprised. He sighed, looking down slightly, "Yes, quite. You can continue."

It was Kyle's turn to be surprised, he tried to continue like his father suggested, but he kept stuttering, "I-i will! I t-think you acted very p-p-poorly when I came over and m-mom tried to talk to down and e-everything! And,and,and,and Its not like I have been a bad kid so theirs n-no excuse for, for... for this!" He tried to fit in more words, but they didn't come out right. He sounded like Porky Pig on a bad day.

"I know, I know." His father butted in to stop the failing rant, "What I did was... well, to put bluntly, stupid. Selfish, idiotic, and not fair. I was just, scared, I guess. You have been a good son, and I shouldn't have put you out because your gay, because your mother tells me that your happy about it."

"Yep, that I did." She smiled childishly, "And he is grounded forever. Arn't you Arthur?"

He looked away, glaring into the distance, "Yes, that I am. I truly am sorry Kyle."

Kyle was dumbfounded. All those hours of going through agruement strategies, what he should say in case he said, or said that. He didn't have to do any of it? All the worst possiblities going through his head and how he would be able to handle each and everyone of them, or for not.

Unexpected tears burst through his eyes like they desperately needed air.

"Aw!" Fanboy pulled at his cheek, "He's crying, he's so happy!"

"Shut up, you fool!" Kyle patted his cheeks, "Shut up!"

The room quickly filled with laughter, and his face reddened, "I said shut up!"


"Chum chum! We're home!"

The chubby kid looked up from his drawing desk to see an extremely giddy Fanboy at the door of their bedroom, "Hey there, how'd it go?"

"Everything was great! Kyle's dad apologized and everything! And Milly, that's his mom's name, made dinner! Can you believe it? Her name isn't actually Mom!" Fanboy laughed and set something down the desk, a container, "She made some for you too, eat up!"

"Fanboy! Come on! We have one more thing we have to do while its dark!" Kyle called.

"Coming!" He turned to look back at his buddy, "Hey, you wanna come?"

"Nah, I have to finish up coloring these pages for tomorrow. What are you guys doing?" He asked, leaning his arm on the back of the chair.

Fanboy rubbed his fingers on his chest, "Just defeating evil, one change at a time Chum chum! Me and Kyle set some wrongs straight, and everything is completely awesome now!"

"One change at a time?" Chum chum smiled, "Thats awesome!"

"I know right!"

"Come on Fan!" Kyle's head peeked around the door frame, "Its dark now, lets move!"

"Ok, ok!" Fanboy was dragged out by his arm, "See ya Chum!"

"Bye bye!" He called back before hearing the front door slam.

He tried to get back into the swing of coloring, but something distracked his mind.

He picked up his cell phone and ran his fingers over the buttons, "...One change at a time..."

Chum chum dialed a number he thought he had lost a long time ago.

"...Hello, is Yo there?"


Kyle and Fanboy drove out to the abandoned labs in the dead of night, or atleast dark enough for them.

Last time they were at the labs, they barely got away with their lives. How many people have ventured into the building and lost theirs? How many people will in the future?

In their plan, none.

Kyle swung his wand and pointed at the building's window, "Igniculus." Large sparks flew from his wand and sailed straight for the monster plant infestation.

It went up in seconds, the dry bush surronding the place made it so. Soot blew up and blackened the two's faces, as if they had been stuck in the inferno.

Kyle coughed, "Oh my gosh! I feel so light headed!" He rubbed his head, dusted off some of the grayness.

"Why did we have to blow up the place?" Fanboy shoke his head like a dog, "I mean, it was so cool!"

"Yeah, but it was too dangerous." Kyle sat down to stare at the flames, "Those people had no idea what they were messing with when they created those things. Besides, I don't think the voice liked that place anyway. Its safer burnt to a crisp."

The police saw the building on fire a mile away, and very soon fire trucks and cop cars surrounded the scene. But not one of them suspected of the criminal act of arson, for some strange reason.

Infact, they were along to drive off and weren't asked any questions at all, Fanboy even got to keep a police hat. Thanks to Kyle's magic, they didn't care what they did.


Yes, I ahev been gone for a long time. I think I literally got up and walked away from my computer for a few weeks, and when i came back I didn't even remember my story. Oh well, I'm not all that good at this.

This story is ending quite well. But this isn't over yet!