The Finding Symphony

Disclaimer: NCIS belongs to other luckier people than I. The only thing I own is Probie. Who is at the moment chewing on my shoe.

A/N: This story is set after The Leaving Rhapsody. I highly recommend you do read that one before you try reading this. Everything will make a lot more sense that way.

Finding: to locate, attain, or obtain by search or effort; to recover something lost or misplaced

Symphony: Something characterized by a harmonious combination of elements.

McGee glanced down at his almost full grown dog, "You know, your predecessor was not such a pain in my behind." McGee tried once to grab the leash out of Probie's mouth.

They were at the dog park, McGee having a greatly needed and greatly appreciated day off. He had lounged around the house till noon, before heading to his agent's office. The meeting with the publishing company had taken longer than expected so by the time Tim had gotten home, it had been a quarter till five.

Knowing that he didn't get a lot of days "off", he had quickly grabbed Probie's collar and gone on a run, heading to the local dog park where his German Shepherd could really stretch his legs and run.

But the sun had started to set and, knowing Abby was coming over for dinner at eight, McGee knew he had to get home soon so he could shower and start dinner.

"Come on buddy," Tim continued to follow Probie around, sighing in exasperation, "You are going to get me in trouble."

Probie, who seemed to find this whole situation amusing, continued to walk around, making a weaving but steady path towards the dog park's entrance gates.

"Crap," Tim muttered and tried once more to grab Probie's leash. When his dog avoided his outstretched hands once more, McGee called out.

"Probie, come."

The usually obedient German Shepherd didn't even flinch when McGee spoke but instead, started walking all that more quickly towards the gates.

"Hey!" McGee tried to call out to the couple holding the gate open, "Close-"

But Probie was too quick and in a flash, he was out the gate doors and heading toward the main roads.

"Probie!" McGee upped his speed, knowing that with the sun setting, dusk would be the hardest time for drivers to see his dog.

Running after his dog, McGee narrowly avoided collisions with mothers pushing their babies in strollers and the occasional roller-skater.

"Probie!" Tim called out once more but to no avail. Probie was a man-er…dog on a mission and not even his frantic owner was going to stop him.

Knowing that Probie was only a few yards away from a busy street, Tim turned on his after burners, feeling his heart beat even faster in his body.

And Tim realized that all of a sudden, ever moment seemed to slow down like those cheap action movies that DiNozzo had loved so long ago.

In one moment, Probie was jogging towards the streets intersection and Tim was in the air.

In the next, Tim had his hand wrapped around the end of his dog's leash.

And finally, in the last moment, Tim was pulling his dog back, hard, hoping that it would be enough…

Tim closed his eyes but opened them moments later when Probie gave him a lick on the check.

"You stupid, stupid, knuckleheaded dog," Tim sighed in relief, hugging his dog to his chest, "I should send you to a glue factory. Or send you to the pound for a day, to see how the other side lives." McGee rearranged his hold on Probie's leash, making sure that this time the lead was firmly in his grip, "Just what the heck were you so intent on following?"

Recieving only a lick and a look of guilt from his dog, McGee shook his head.

"Let's go-" Tim stopped talking to his dog and turned, feeling a small hand tap him on his shoulder.

"Yes ma'am?" Tim asked the frazzled looking woman who was fidgeting with her car keys.

"Is your dog okay? I mean, I didn't see him sir, I would have stopped, it's just, the sun is setting and you know how they say more accidents happen at dusk because drivers can see much with the glare of the sun and it getting darker and I just heard the horns but I didn't see-"

"Ma'am," Tim said, placing a calming hand on the younger woman's arm, "Thank you so much for stopping but really, he's fine. And it wasn't your fault. If anything, it was mine. I let him get away from me."

The woman, who McGee pegged as the type to worry about everything, sighed in relief, "That's good. I'm-um, I'm Samantha by the way."

"Tim," McGee introduced himself, his hand moving from her forearm to her hand, "And thank you again for stopping."

Samantha lost a bit of her nervousness, "Well, it was just, I have a cat of my own and if anyone had almost hit him I would only hope…" Samantha trailed off glancing back at her car which was parked a bit haphazardly on the side of the road.

Tim smiled, "Well, thanks once again but if I don't hurry, I'm going to be late and-"

"I can drive you there," Samantha said quickly, the look on her face showing that not even she believed she had just spoken, "I mean, if you need to get there quickly, I don't have anywhere to be."

"Are you sure?" Tim said, "You don't mind my crazy dog?"

"It would be my pleasure," Samantha said, "From now on; I will always be the crazy girl who almost knocked your dog into the next county."

Tim and Samantha laughed before Tim got in her car, making sure Probie was settled in the back seat.

"Lay down," Tim said, watching as Probie did as he was told.

"Crazy mutt," McGee muttered before turning to Samantha, "And thanks for the ride. I didn't realize how far Probie had gotten."

"Probie?" Samantha smiled, "I've never heard that name. But that's cool. Um, where do you live?"

Tim told her, before turning back to Probie who was dozing on Samantha's bench seat.

"You know," Samantha said a few minutes later, "You could get him a reflective vest or something, I mean, just in case this sort of thing happens again. My brother always used to take one when he went hunting, to make sure other people could see him."

Tim agreed with her, "You're right, and I usually put one on him if we go out at night, it's just I didn't think we would be there till dusk…" Tim trailed off.

Samantha looked at McGee, not saying anything at his sudden quietness.

"Well I guess this is it," Samantha said, "Now I can't wait to tell my husband how my day went."

Tim, having come back from wherever his brain had decided to wander off to, opened his door before going to the back and grabbing Probie's leash. He walked around the car, leaning down slightly.

"Thank you so much," Tim smiled, "Now I won't be late."

Samantha smiled, "Least I could do."

Tim smiled once more, waiving to a girl he would probably never see again. After all he had seen, all the evil people could do, he sometimes forgot that people also did nice and caring things out of the goodness of their hearts.

"Come on Probie," McGee tugged on his dog's collar, "Let's take a shower before Abby comes over and tries to clean us with her chemicals instead."

As if knowing what atrocities would be in store for him if he didn't listen, Probie barked once and followed his master up the stairs.