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He took the binoculars from his eyes.

They weren't broken.

They were never broken.

He had just been too ingorant to face the reality that he feared, and now it hurt even more.

He should've known better; Kiku would never lend him something that was impared or broken. And yet he put himself in denial from the very start by believing so.

It took a moment for Yao to notice him, and as he expected, his older brother hesitated before approaching.

"Yong Soo?"

His fingers twitched, but he brought the lenses back up to his eyes again.

'I'm in no luck again aru. This guy keeps popping up when I don't want to see him. Aru~, I so unlucky. What wrong with hims this time?'

It wasn't concern or love that got his brother to approach. Just a bit of curiosity.

He said nothing when Yao questioned the lenses, but put them down on his lap.

"Aniki, I think you should go home now." He said, catching the brother by surprise. He expected to hear footsteps eargerly jogging away from him. Instead, he felt a warm hand press itself against his forehead.

Immediately he swatted it away.

"Don't touch me!"

Yao was taken aback.

".... Yong Soo, is something wrong aru?"

The Korean bit his bottom lip. "Aniki, please, just go away. I, I want some time to think."

The Chinese man huffed at this and took a seat next to him. "Yong Soo, you know you tell me anything, and I no laugh aru."

"It isn't anything like that."

"Is it about girl?"

"No. It's about you Aniki."

He could feel the other grow rigid.

An uncomfortable silence hung in the air.

"Me?" Yao asked, Yong Soo nodded.

"Aniki, I love you way too much, and you hate me for it." He said in an empty voice. "That fact doesnt hurt me though, cuz, well, it won't stop me from thinking about you, but," His hands began to shake. "I just know what you're thinking, and the part of me that knows that you'll never love me grows. And that hurts."

Yong Soo was shaking. There were no tears that were hanging on the brink, but his now pallor face was lined with agony that struck a chord of guilt. The other nation wasn't sure of what to do. Pat his shoulder and say something, or to walk away. His trail of thought was interrupted when Korea suddenly stood up.

"I-I've taken enough of your time. Aniki, you won't have to worry about anything anymore." He said as he walked away.

"Ah! Wait aru!"

It was done without thinking when he grabbed for the white sleeve, but the was snatched away violently.

"Yong Soo! You need to listen aru!" He said, making his way in front of the nation. Gripping both shoulders, Yao forced him to stop.

"Yong Soo, I... I don't love you the way you love me, but I still love you. Don't look so sad aru."

The warm embrace that his brother wrapped into him didn't help. And even without the binoculars he could see what his Aniki was saying.

Aiya~h, troublesome country to look out for

The tears finally came, and each droplet burned the back of his eyes before falling. He managed to pushed the other away, but before he made his way back home he put the binoculars into Yao's hands.

I love you Aniki

But I hate it when you lie


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