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Good morning. The Golden Witch is unable to receive you. Even so, trapped between magic and mystery, you won't have the time to worry about it.

Without love you can't see the truth. Unless you know the true meaning behind that phrase, you'd probably be crushed by the witches' world of magic and delusions

By now, you'd probably won't fall for small tricks. Because of that, the difficulty for this game is the highest possible.

Bold means red

Bold+ parenthesis means blue

Easy, right?


Beato is no longer here…

"I was an idiot… She was an idiot… I solved everything, I finally reached the truth you were trying to show me… But why?? Why you didn't wait for me? Why did you have to…?"

"Oh, shut up… As the new game master you are doing a pitiful job. Want me to relinquish that title for you?"

"Battler-sama, please keep calm."

"That's right, Battler. That child wouldn't have wanted you to suffer like this. Please don't lose heart. You are the one who wields now the title of 'Golden Witch'"

"But I… If I'm now the… That means I have to…"

"Just once, Battler. Defeat that witch in this game, and you'll be able to end your fight with Beato. We will help you. So don't worry."

"Oho so the witch's side needs help… What a pitiful sight. You are still a human after all."

That's right…

I am now on the witches' side…

*cackle cackle*

The laughter Beato always used to taunt him.


"I can do now everything that Beato could… I can't lose heart like this."

"Ahh! It's useless, it's all useless!! Witch of Truth, no… witch's furniture!… (Now I will crush you and your pathetic attempts to frame my family… I'm taking over the game Beato left me.)"



"Uu. Faallll Faaalllll Uu-uu."

"Return here you brat!"

"Ha ha ha… Battler-kun. Have you thought about your future? Maybe you could become a fine pilot. Want Aunt Eva to introduce you to one?"

"Mom, Battler is still scared, Maria-chan, stop teasing your older cousin." George tried to stop the turmoil.

"Uu… Battler… scaredy cat? Uu?"

The little girl stopped teasing Battler. But not for the right reasons.

"No, no you're wrong Maria-chan..." Battler tried to explain "You see, Battler onii-chan was a little uneasy in the plane. But I'm not a coward."

"Uu-uu Battler is not a coward. Uu." she repeated happily.

"That's right" he replied smiling

"Battler-kun is truly the son of Asumu-san. She also was no good with anything that moved more violently than a car" Kyrie said amused.

The Ushiromiya family was reunited in the dock, ready to hop on the boat which would take them to Rokkenjima.

"Battler? Is that you Battler?" A feminine voice asked in a somewhat tomboyish manner.

"Jessica. How many times do I have to tell you? Behave as a lady fitting of wearing the one winged eagle. You're a proud Ushiromiya."

"Jessica? Whoa, you've really grown, specially THERE!." said Battler surprised.

That's not what surprised him. It was the fact that she was wearing black clothes, the same as both of her parents who were chatting with his old man, and his aunts Eva and Rosa.

"So… Who died?" he asked jokingly

"Grandfather" she said in a low voice.

"Wait… what??"

That cooled his desire to play.


"Hey! What are you doing??"

"There is no use to pretend the old geezer is still alive, don't you think so, witch's furniture?"

"Hmph! If you wish. But aren't you giving me a huge clue by clearing that fact straight away?!" she cackled.

"That's interesting. Indeed Ushiromiya Battler, why are you doing this?" A black figure appeared in a storm of golden butterflies. The witch Bernkastel made her apparition.

"Isn't that obvious Bern? He already gave up and wants to be reunited with his dear Beato… What a boring piece." Lambdadelta appeared in the same fashion.

"Lady Lambdadelta and lady Bernkastel… have you come to disturb us in this game?" he asked abruptly.

"My, you're rude. I merely came to check the progress of my cute little piece."

"Good for you that your master cares so deeply for you" he said sarcastically. He knew that would enrage her, as he had forced her into a stalemate in the previous game.

He was in Beato's place now. He couldn't afford to make a mistake. Finally being in her place made him realize the overwhelming advantage he had in the first four games. What feeble mysteries she had to protect herself… to stall for time for him to realize the truth.

It was too late now, and now Battler was in the same pitiful situation. Even worse, this witch, unlike him, showed no remorse in linking the murders to his family.

And Lambdadelta spoke.

"But you know? As long as you play here in the witches' side, you hold the same responsibilities as her. I'll be helping you if you are losing, so your duty is to defeat Bern's piece over and over again… If you can, that is. " Then she addressed to Bernkastel. "But of course if he is about to corner her, then he'll have both of us as enemies." Then she faced Battler again, smirking "So you better try your hardest or I'll pu-nish you!"

The three witches cackled.

"So, let's start the game… You'll be the one to open the curtains of this sixth game. What will be it's name?"

It was Battler's turn to cackle.

"It's useless… It's all useless!"


"You're not qualified to be my opponent. Therefore this isn't a game! This is just my opportunity to slaughter you and take revenge for Beato and humiliate your master for what she did to Ange. Hell I'll say it in red. You won't be able to win! It's useless! I'll make you know your place, you sad excuse of a detective!"

Without love you can't see the truth… He understood the true meaning of those words now… Those words were the source of his red truth. This so called detective had tried to frame his aunt Natsuhi in the last game. She doesn't love. Therefore she wouldn't be able to solve the mystery Beato left him.

"You have asked me why did I state in the beginning of the game the status of the old geezer. In the last trial he was declared dead, so it's useless to try and pretend otherwise. I'll say it in red. Ushiromiya Kinzo is dead. In all games he died before the beginning of the game. But that doesn't change the fact that he might have left some kind of will or order to be executed in the moment of the family meeting. You don't win anything by knowing that the geezer's dead beforehand. Even if you did, I'm 100% sure you won't be able to figure it out."

"Arrogant, aren't we?"

"Kyrie-san said it once. I'm arrogant because I know you won't be able to solve it, so I can leave you some clues lying out there. To prove it further. There is no need to turn the chessboard over this time."

Risky, but he wasn't just doing that just for arrogance. He had to lure her, lure the three of them into a false security. Then he would strike. In that moment he wished he were half as good an actor as the witch who deceived him in their third game.


Battler did not do his usual "FALL, FALL I'M GONNA FALL" screams in the boat to Rokkenjima. Even though he would have liked to do it, terrified as he were with the boat's speed, he wouldn't dare to break the tacit mourn for his lost grandfather. True he wasn't as attached to him as those western family TV shows he used to see, but still his death was shocking for him. The image he had of Ushiromiya Kinzo had been strength and perseverance despite the difficulties of having to lead a family in harsh times. The atmosphere was heavy and nobody in the boat tried to talk, aside from Maria, who was still too small to understand why everyone was silent.

"That's why we didn't wait in the island" Jessica whispered to him. "Only dad, mom, Nanjo-sensei and the servants knew of that. Dad tried to hide it, you know. We've troubles with money and the inheritance would have helped us a lot. Mom didn't want though. She convinced dad to tell Rudolph oji-san, Eva oba-san and Rosa oba-san. But it seems he hadn't done it till now."

In the other side of the boat, George sat silently with his hand in one pocket. He couldn't give the ring to Shannon in this situation. His disappointment was mistaken as grief by Eva, so she didn't mind about it.

The adults were arguing silently about what to do regarding the inheritance.

"I can't believe the old man died. You knew anything, aneki?"

"Of course not! Krauss nii-san and Natsuhi nee-san hadn't told us anything about it till now." Eva replied. "Did you want to hide it from us to keep the money all for yourself, Krauss nii-san?"

"My husband wouldn't do something like that!" Natsuhi said offended. "He is the next head of the Ushiromiya family, we'd never…"

"Enough." Krauss silenced his wife. "I admit that was my intention in the beginning. As you well know we, the four siblings, have financial issues. In the light of Father's death, I thought it would be dishonorable not to share Father's assets equally."

"But I heard that, of the four, Krauss nii-san's debts are the worst. Just a quarter of the wealth of the family wouldn't suffice to clear them."

"That's right. So I have a plan. And I need the help of my brother and my sisters."

"What is it?" asked Rosa excitedly. "You aren't talking about the…"

"Yes, the ten tons of gold Father hid in the mansion."

"Are you crazy aniki? That's only a myth, a story the old man used to explain our money. There is no thing such as the hidden gold."

"Are you sure?" said Krauss smiling as he showed Rudolph a gold ingot with the one winged eagle, the emblem of the Ushiromiya family engraved on it.

"The gold is real?" the three siblings asked in unison trying to hide their joy.

"Of course it is, Krauss said proudly. But this is the only ingot I was able to find. It was in Father's study room."

"Then… the gold is real and is hidden in Rokkenjima?"

"Yes. If we join forces, we will be able to find the gold in no time. But let's talk about this later. For now, let's mourn for Father."

"After all, no matter how strict he was or how insane he became… The old man was still our father…"


"What's with that crappy show?" Erika demanded.

"This is my game... In the last game I realized life hasn't been fair for the geezer, so I wanted to send him off properly." Battler said. "And having said that…"

He pulled out his golden sword and called. "Gaap! Goldsmith! Appear!"

Golden butterflies appeared and Battler's grandfather appeared with his usual mad smile.

"My grandchild! Have you set up that moving family reunion just for my sake? Hahahaha! I'm touched! But if you're still that naïve, you won't last long against that witch!"

"Don't worry." Battler replied calmly "I'll show you how coldblooded I can be. Are you two willing to help me to defeat that witch and to save Beato?"

"Do you even need to aaaskkkk???!!!"

"If a man ask me to help with that cool pose and those forceful words, of course I'll become his slave and do anything he wishes! Ah, but only if they're hot!" Gaap agreed.

"Right then, all the pieces are assembling. Now I'll start the new game" said Battler confidently.

"Last time it was Natsuhi. I wonder which member of your family will be the culprit this time?"

"Bern, it's starting. Ah, the wonderful punishment game… Don't worry. It won't be that bad. Not like Ange at least."

Battler clenched his fists and glared at Lambdadelta. The golden butterflies surrounding him began to flap their wings furiously

"Please don't interrupt the game between those two." Virgilia asked, appearing behind Battler.

"That's right. If you can't comply, then I would have to ask you to leave." Ronove said respectfully

Both Virgilia and Ronove appeared to support Battler. The three of them had a plan, and they needed Erika to make a blunder. That wouldn't grant Battler the victory, but at least will diminish his disadvantages.

"Okay, okay… How boring" Lambdadelta said and sat on a chair.

"I agree. A game must be played without interferences from outsiders, don't you think so Lambda?" Bernkastel smiled wickedly as she sat.

You damn witch.

"Battler-sama, please calm down."

"Ah, you're right. Now ladies, as I've promised, this is my game… This is just an intermission between the fifth and the sixth game, but since you have asked me so nicely. I'll put it the name you wished to use for the sixth game. It'll be appropriate, since I wield the powers of my predecessor, Beatrice the Golden who also was called the Endless Witch."

"Could you stop blabbering and start once and for all?" Erika said bored.

Battler rose from his chair and pointed with his finger towards Erika.

"And undoubtedly it will be me who will say 'Checkmate' in the end!"


Here we go again. The release of the EP 6. Dawn of the Golden Witch will be in one or two weeks. 30... 31... Aarhg, who cares? It's translation might be released next year for all we know. So for the time being... Please do enjoy.

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