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Chapter 1

A sharp jab to my snout rudely jolt me awake, my vision still blurry from my deep- but unexpected- slumber.

:Arrgh! What was that for?: I growled painfully, shaking my head clear.

As the fogginess in my sight cleared out, I saw several humans standing before me. The one closest to me was a burly man with a thick black moustache and a mohawk. In his hands was a menacing sledgehammer as he glared into my golden eyes with pure hatred.

I know I'm going to be in a world of pain.

"Nice going, Bunto. You've woken it up," a man in formal uniform spoke out from behind.

The man named Bunto snorted and mocked, "What's wrong? Scared of the big clumsy beast?" He continued, "Besides, it won't be going anywhere with those reinforced chains on."

I tried to protest despite the language barrier but all I got was another hard smack in the jaw, courtesy of the sledgehammer.

"What do you all think we should do with it?"

"I say we kill it!" a voice suggested from within the small gathered crowd.

"No, I say torture first. Then we kill it!" another voice spoke out, as the crowd began suggesting various- and painful- ways to deal with me.

While the crowd was occupied, I tried to inspect the bonds that held me down to the ground. There were many chains strung about here and there all over my body; from my neck all the way down to my tail- all of which were rooted to the ground by massive steel stakes as big as a human's arm. The steel bondings were particularly unforgiving to my powerful wings, compressing them forcefully against my back like a cattle in an overcrowded cage.

"I say we let our elder decide."

The crowd (and my eyes) turned to the source of the suggestion. Unlike the gathered people, I could only catch a glimpse of a man in short black hair standing before the crowd.

"You have no authority to decide the fate of our prisoner. All of you."

The crowd, especially Bunto, grumbled their displeasure at the newcomer's assertion.

"Leave at once, unless you want my men to do it for you." The crowd dispersed halfheartedly. "Same goes for you, Private Bunto."

The big man grumbled and stomped off, away from my sight. "If that dragon was fated to die, I hope it'll be in my hands."

End of Chapter 1

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