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Chapter 1

"Come on! Come on!" Haley sighed as she tried to speed up to towards the football field. She already sensed that she was dawning on strike three as far as her relationship with the squad was going. Especially team captain Holly Shaftman. The only thing that kept her from getting booted from the squad was her was her contribution to the choreography in their routines. It helped them build their reputations in the world of cheerleading competitions and even got them state championships two years in a row. Now it was her last year and she and the other seniors had made it their mantra that they were going out on top.

Senior year was proving to be the craziest and exhausting year yet. She could not afford the luxury of senioritis that some of her friends had indulged in. Aside from keeping up with classes, maintaining her GPA, applying for college, attending debate class, other extracurricular that she believed would look good for college and cheerleading she still had to worry about monsters. She, Jake and Felix were part of a secret nationwide institution that hunted and locked up monsters. This year of all years there seemed to be an unexplained resurgence of monsters that were thought to be contained and controlled in their area. She had to quickly leave school to help Jake and Felix in the woods right before coming to practice. It took them longer than usual because there were so many of them.

If someone told her at 13 that she would get down and dirty to hunt monsters she would have laughed and brushed them off saying she hated ever getting her hands dirty…literally. She had to get over that quickly a year later when she joined the Troop. Even now four years later she still laughed, laughed at how crazy it all would sound, but then she remembered all the monsters locked up under their school gym because of them. However after four years she had definitely grown to love the thrill of adventure. It was just an annoyance that it took away from her much needed time on other things.

Principle Stockley who was also the head of their troop made sure that school ran as smoothly as possible for them, making excuses for the teachers who noted their absent from classes and tests, and arranged make-up exams which Haley was wholly grateful for. Although there were times when Jake did not seem to care if he missed a class, and Felix had this uncanny ability to do well on exam after battling a Maniuosple monster the night before. Haley on the other hand had to make sure she arranged extra time to study for a test, finish a project etc. Which was why she appreciated this part of Mr. Stockley's job so much more.

She spotted Demi, her closest friend on the squad as she got to the stadium. They were already practicing a routine with Holly supervising. With Holly's back facing her she was hoping she could sneek in stealthily. If she could not use one of her skills from the Troop missions in her real life, then really why bother. Unfortunately she did not spot Demi shaking her head vigorously, because she was eyeing Holly to see when she could sneak in. She noticed the opportune time when Holly started shouting at one girl to keep up with everyone on one side of the squad. She ran to the opposite end where Demi was and joined for the rest of the routine.

"What are you doing! Why are you so late? She knows you were gone the whole practice!" Demi exclaimed as they just finished hurling someone in the air.

"I know, I know, but I had some other business to attend to, and I got here as fast I could after, I'm so sorry!"

"Don't apologize to me, I'm okay I tried to keep her distracted as long as I could by asking her questions about the routine, giving suggestion in choreography, I mean I even went as far as to suggest Jazz hands! But when we came down to the actual practice, well you can say she noticed" Demi rushed out as the caught another of the girls.

"I'm so sorry and I do have a good excuse for-" Haley continued.

"- Oh and what was that?" It was Holly. "I'm sure it is as good as your last one right? You needed to tend to your dog's stomach, hmm..didn't he eat something that didn't agree with him, what was that again? Oh right the plastic mustache from your Mr. Potato Head" Holly interrupted.

Haley closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Holly had crept up behind her while she had been talking with Demi, and did notice that the whole squad had stopped what they were doing as well. When she opened her eyes and turned around to face Holly all eyes were on her. If it was one thing Mr. Stockley did not do, it was give excuses for extracurriculars. He appreciated what the squad had achieved for the school, however did not believe that it was necessary to provide excuses for non-academic endeavors. She was on her own on these things.

Haley gathered her thoughts as she prepared for another confrontation with Holly. She was amazed at herself that with all the things she had seen being she in the Troop that her imagination was limited to that of a seven year old when standing in front of the ever intimidating Holly Shaftman. Mr. Potato Head, really??? She thought to herself.

"Well I had a dentist appointment" She rushed out. Simple and believable.

"Just when state championships are right around the corner, you decide to schedule your self a dentist appointment?" Holly asked glaring down at her.

"Well I wouldn't say it was right around the corner we have three months and-"

"-Which I believe we need every bit of to remain on the top! I am really in no mood to hear any of your whimsical excuses today, because your actions clearly speak for themselves, tardiness, and absences since the beginning of the school year show the lack of commitment as well as respect for the squad us, your friends since freshman year!" Holly screeched with each sentence getting higher.

"I know you are good Haley, You are one of our best! But if you do not care enough about our work and the time and effort we put in, then there is no reason for you to be here! Talent is not enough to be a member here, time and effort equates that, there are hundreds of talented girls that would kill to be where you are!" Holly exclaimed. Haley started feeling guiltier by the second.

"Come talk to me when we become you undivided attention, but I'm sorry Haley, as of right now, you are off the squad!"

"No! Wait!! It won't happen again. I won't miss any more practices! I'll help you with whatever you need. You don't understand I love being on this squad. We have all made it this far together! I've just been really busy, but I'll manage my time better! I do respect you all! We have been through so much" Haley could feel her knees getting weak by the second. She looked around at everyone. She could see the look of sadness and sympathy in their eyes. They knew they could not do anything. What Holly said goes, because she was usually always right when it came to the team. Haley knew that if anyone else was in her shoes she would regrettably side with Holly. They all had to be in it together or it would all be for naught.

"I'm sorry, please come see me though, when you get all this straightened out" and with one last look she turned to the team and told them to start over with the routine.

Demi who looked shocked mouthed a "I'm so sorry" and made a hand gesture saying she would call her later and went back to the group.

Haley nodded and turned around. She could not believe what had just happened. It was just a dream she tried to convince herself. However after watching her team that she was part of for more than three years practicing without her, the image finally set in. Stunned and devastated, her legs kicked into autopilot after collecting her bag and left the stadium. She suddenly realized strike three.

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