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Pairing: AizenXIchigo

SUMMARY: Instead of Momo, Ichigo is the fifth division lieutenant and Aizen's lover. After Aizen's betrayal, Soul Society executes him. 100 years later, a much stronger Ichigo takes over the captain title. But he discovers by chance that Aizen was reincarnated as a human and has absolutely no memories of before. Despite the warnings from his friends, he falls for the man again.

Prologue Part One

Seireitei, Fifth Division. One hundred years prior.

Fresh snow fell softly outside the warm room. Ichigo smiled contently from where he was sitting, his fingers tracing absently along the handsome face lying in his lap. Aizen's thick brown hair was thrown carelessly across the lieutenant's lap. And Ichigo ran his pale fingers into the thick soft locks. He smiled when his lover didn't show any signs of movement and carefully eased Aizen's glasses off his face. Then, checking of anyone was walking by; the fifth division lieutenant leaned down and quickly pressed his lips against Aizen's.

"How cute, Ichigo-chan." The soft chuckle made Ichigo gasp in surprise as he drew back and glared embarrassed, at the man smiling in his lap. Aizen smiled and buried his face against the other man's stomach. He sighed and breathed in deeply. Ichigo turned his eyes back to the window again and Aizen threaded their fingers together. The moment didn't last long.

The knock at the door made them break apart. Aizen put on his glasses again and made his way over to the door. The sight of Ichimaru's smiling face made Ichigo frown. But Aizen turned around and smiled at his lover in assurance.

"I will be back soon, Kurosaki-kun. No need to worry. You can finish the paperwork tomorrow. Goodbye." He smiled again as he left the room, shutting the door with a soft click. Ichigo sighed as he clutched the warm robes Aizen had just been wearing and breathed carefully. The soft scent of his captain was comforting and he tried not to think about Ichimaru's sinister smile as he fell asleep.


He was roughly woken from his sleep as the door to the study banged open and the sight of Renji's flaming red hair danced into his vision. Ichigo blinked sleepily and yawned. The redhead didn't hesitate as he yanked the other lieutenant onto his feet. Ichigo felt his confusion grow as Renji pulled him out the door with a word.

"Abarai-kun, what's the meaning of this?" he demanded as he stopped and refused to go any farther. Renji's face was unusually pale and sweaty, his eyes unfocused. The redhead gulped and spoke.

"You gotta come right now…something…something happened to Aizen taichou." He said as he began to drag Ichigo toward the main hall again. Suddenly the carrot top felt his legs grow weak underneath him. Renji wiped at his forehead anxiously as they neared their destination.

Then Ichigo saw it.

The blood was everywhere. It was smeared roughly over the pale white walls and over the freshly fallen snow. His brown eyes followed the red tracks frantically and Ichigo's legs finally gave out as his eyes met Aizen's. Only they were glassy and dead looking. His taichou had been dragged bodily up the wall and pinned there like a bug with his own zanpakuto stuck roughly though his chest. The dark glasses frames were cracked and hanging loosely, Aizen's white captain robes stained red with blood.

The lieutenant felt bile rise in his throat as he fell to the ground, tears of shock and anguish mixed with disbelief brimmed over his eyes and dripped onto the snow. Ichigo clenched his fists and gagged dryly. He couldn't hold it back anymore and turned to puke out the contents of last night's dinner. Last night's dinner he had spent eating in Aizen's study. Another wave of nausea washed over him and he threw up again, his shoulders shaking.

Warm hands gently wrapped themselves around his trembling shoulders and he leaned into Unohana's warmth. The captain sighed sympathetically as she soothed him. "I know this is painful but you must tell me if you remember anything last night. When was the last time you saw Aizen taichou?"

Ichigo struggled to think past the haze of pain. Yes, last night he had been with Aizen doing the paperwork. But then Ichimaru had come and… Ichigo gasped and looked up, his eyes widening as they connected with Ichimaru's slit-like eyes. The third captain's smile widened and he winked.

"It was you! You killed Aizen taichou!" the carrot top felt anger rush through him and he pushed Unohana's hands away, drawing his sword. Ichimaru's smile never wavered as Ichigo came at him with his zanpakuto drawn. Then Kira stepped forward and blocked his blow. Their swords clashed together and Ichigo growled in anger.

"Step aside Izuru! I won't say this again." Ichigo shouted. The blond steadied his grip and shook his head stubbornly.

"If you want to hurt Ichimaru taichou, you'll have to get though me first."

Ichigo started forward. A shadow flashed as both swords were stopped in mid-air. The breeze swept through Ichigo's thin night clothes and he suddenly felt cold.

"Enough, Kurosaki, Kira. You can't accuse someone of killing Aizen taichou without evidence." The serious voice of Hisugaya taichou made both lieutenants stop in their tracks. The small boy captain pulled his sword back and nodded as Ichigo let go of his own zanpakuto.

Ichigo sagged to the ground and felt his world blacken as he crumpled onto the snow. Voices faded around him and he never felt more grateful for it.

0000--0000 Two months later

The door to the fifth division was thrown open as Renji marched in, Rukia scolding behind him. The two shinigamis smiled at Ichigo as he lifted his head from the table, blinking in the spring sunlight. Rukia sighed as she saw the wet lines running down Ichigo's face. She rushed forward and pulled the other shinigami to her, ignoring Renji's indignant cry. Ichigo tried to smile as he wiped at his face.

"I'm alright. I was just sleeping, that's all." He said softly.

Rukia shook her head and pulled him to his feet.

"Come on; let's go to the training grounds. It'll take your mind off of things if you train a bit." She offered and Ichigo nodded as Rukia took his hand and led him out of the room. Renji pouted when the girl didn't even look at him as she brushed past.

After several hours of hard sweaty intense training, Ichigo made his way back to the fifth division carefully. His body was aching from exhaustion. Ichigo pushed the door to the office open and sighed, letting his eyes wander over the empty… his eyes fell on a shadow standing in the corner of the room. For a moment, Ichigo just stared, unable to say the name on the edge of his tongue. He was afraid if he broke the silence, the figure would disappear and break his heart again. Then the man turned around, the light reflecting off his glasses and hiding his eyes. Arms rose slowly in a gesture of welcome.

"Ichigo-chan." The familiar voice was deafening in the silent room. Tears formed in Ichigo's eyes as he clutched at his robes, nails digging hard enough to draw blood.

"Aizen taichou?" his voice was shaky as he spoke the name he had carefully avoided for two months and ran forward, throwing himself into the warm embrace. For several wonderful moments, the brown haired captain held his sobbing lieutenant and patted his head.

"I'm sorry, Ichigo-kun. I'm sorry…" he murmured as he drew Ichigo's face up to meet his eyes. For a moment, deep brown pools met Ichigo's lighter amber brown and Ichigo stared into Aizen's eyes. A flash of sorrow appeared in his eyes and Aizen caressed Ichigo's wet cheek with a warm calloused hand. The lieutenant closed his eyes as he leaned forward, sealing their lips together. Ichigo's eyes widened in surprise as something desperate appeared in Aizen's eyes and the man deepened the kiss, their tongues and teeth clashing together with a desperate passion.

The orange haired shinigami drew back wit ha groan as his glazed eyes focused on Aizen's face. The feeling of fuzzy warmth disappeared almost immediately when he saw the white figure reflected on Aizen's glasses.

Ichimaru's smile widened as their eyes connected.

"You…" Ichigo began, hands tightening in Aizen's robes. Then a searing pain erupted in his body and the younger shinigami gasped his body stiffening in pain. Ichigo looked up at his lover in shock and disbelief. Aizen's eyes were cold brown marbles reflecting his own pained expression. The zanpakuto concealed in Aizen's robes twisted harshly, burying a few more inches into Ichigo's stomach. something crunched as ichigo took a step back.

"Sosuke…" he whispered, his eyes tearing up as he clutched at the wound. Aizen pulled off his glasses and crushed the black frames in is free hand. He smiled as he dropped the shards of glass and ran a hand through his hair, a smile on his face. Then the ex-captain leaned forward, his hands wrapping around Ichigo's neck and drawing the lieutenant to him.

"Kurosaki-kun, do you love me?" the whisper made Ichigo stiffen and Aizen moved closer, holding Ichigo like a delicate flower, his zanpakuto still impaled through the boy's stomach. Ichigo's tears slid down his pale cheeks as he nodded slowly. Aizen's smile grew wider as he traced the bloodied lips. He leaned forward and kissed the soft pale flesh, licking at the blood.

"Well, I don't love you…" he whispered, the sword pulling free of the body with a sickening sound. Aizen watched impassively as his lover's eyes turned glassy with pain and Ichigo collapse to the ground, his hands on his stomach. Blood seeped out on to the ground and Ichimaru clapped.

'Well done, Aizen-sama. Shall we go?" he said with a smile. The other man stood for a moment, his eyes hidden by his brown bangs as he watched the fallen form. Then Aizen looked up and nodded.

"Yes. It's time Soul Society fell. And it will be by my hands." He said calmly as he left the room, not sparing a single glance at his fallen lover behind him.


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