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Shirosaki turned out to be a lanky pale white haired teenager with an appearance so similar to Ichigo it made him uncomfortable to look Shirosaki in the eye, not that the boy could see him. He also took in the detail that Shirosaki was thinner than any other kid in his class and the kid also took medication. So Ichigo came up with the conclusion that Shirosaki was probably an outcast in his school.

It had been the second week of following the kid around when a hollow decided to attack. Ichigo had been bored out of his head when the kid walking in front of him suddenly flew sideways into a small alley and Ichigo immediately went alert and flash-stepped to follow him. When he had managed to find the boy, the hollow was gone and Shirosaki was hunched over on the ground. Ichigo stepped closer out of curiosity and froze when the boy spoke in a deep voice that certainly didn't belong to him.

"How long do you plan to follow me?"

He looked up and Ichigo stared in horror at the golden pupils and the deep black irises. The left side of Shirosaki's face was covered in a white hollow mask, long white hair trailing behind him. The boy screamed and pounded his fists on the ground, leaving tow deep dents. Ichigo pulled himself together and tried to speak calmly.

"Since when did you know?"

The pale teen slumped against the ground and groaned, his hands shakily grabbing for the bottle of pills. Ichigo watched his hands shake as he unscrewed the bottle and poured a few out and stuffed them into his mouth. For a moment, Shirosaki kept his eyes closed and breathed carefully. Ichigo watched as the color returned to his cheeks and he opened his eyes. Ichigo felt relieved that they were back to their dark brown. The boy groaned as he stood and stared directly at Ichigo. A look of sadness passed briefly.

"You're not fucking welcome in my life so get out before I kill you too." He said warily and wiped at the bruise on his face. Ichigo sighed as he watched the boy stumbled off and turned to head back to Kisuki's shop, his mind racing.

Three days later, Ichigo sat in the principle's office as the old man looked over his records. He had been forced into a gigai and was currently applying for a job in Shirosaki's school.

"Well your records are impressive…" the old man murmured as he flipped the pages, his bushy brows rising in amazement. Ichigo really regretted letting Grimmjow and Renji write his resume now. He coughed and looked up. "Well young man, we don't have any other positions open except for the gym teacher, but it would be a waste if your talents were…"

"No, its fine! I would love to be the gym teacher!" he said suddenly and offered the most charming smile he could muster. The old man smiled back slowly and nodded.

And so that was how he managed to secure a job near the curious boy. Ichigo worked hard to find out as much information about Shirosaki as he could. And the boy dodged him as much as he could. So Ichigo decided to pay a visit to the boy's house and meet the parents.

The next day, Ichigo skipped work and found himself standing on a very neat porch and knocking on the door. A few moments later, a pretty woman in her thirties opened the door. For a second, a look of shock crossed her face before she smiled.

"How can I help you?" she asked.

Ichigo cleared his throat and introduced himself. The woman smiled and stepped aside to let him inside.

"Sorry for the mess, I was in the middle of cleaning up…" she said as she closed the door. "Shirosaki has two younger sisters."

Ichigo nodded absently and the woman cleared her throat. "I'm Masaki, Shiro's mother. Would you like anything to drink?"

"Just water, please." Ichigo replied absently, his eyes traveling to the glass case near the TV. There were dozens of pictures in frames and two girls smiled out from the case. There was only one of Shiro's. The boy looked a lot younger than now and he had a sheepish smile on his face. Ichigo stepped closer, noticing another photo facing down. He glanced around, noticing that Masaki had gone off to get his drink. He reached forward and flipped the picture up. His eyes widened as he took in the two boys in the picture.

Shirosaki was arm in arm with a boy a bit taller than him, both in their early teens, Shirosaki smiling at the camera. But Ichigo's eyes fell on the shock of orange hair and the exact replica of his face grinned out at him from the photo. He looked a bit younger but that didn't matter. The boy looked exactly like Ichigo. The shinigami captain felt a shiver run down his spine.

"Oh, I see you've found our family photos." Masaki's voice made him almost drop the picture and Ichigo stepped back with a small embarrassed smile.


She shook her head with a small smile and set the glass down in the living room. Ichigo walked over to her. "Who is this boy?" he pointed at the picture and a sad look crossed Masaki's face. She took a deep breath and sighed, pushing back a brown curl.

"That was Shiro's older brother…my eldest son died in an accident." She said softly and ran her finger over the smiling face. "He was only fourteen…my Shiro missed him so much…"

Ichigo patted her shoulder uncomfortably. "Did Shirosaki ever say anything about him to you, like after his death?"

She smiled through her tears and sighed. "This may sound a bit crazy but Shiro insisted his brother never left. For a while, he kept saying that and wouldn't believe us when we tried to reason with him. I guess he probably doesn't want to be around you because you look so much like his brother…"

Ichigo felt his discomfort mounting by the second. "so, how did you convenes him that his elder brother died in the end?"

Masaki's smile faded for a moment. "At first, we didn't want him to be hurt so we just left him alone but a few weeks after, the school called and said Shiro tried to jump…jump off a building because his brother told him to… after that we had to do something so we took him to the hospital and a doctor proscribed a bit of medication for him."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow in disbelief. "So you think the pills helped him?"

Masaki nodded. "Dr. Sosuke is the best in the hospital and he is ever so patient with our son."

Ichigo choked on the water and set the glass down with a loud clank. He leaned forward and stared at the woman, his heart suddenly pounding in his chest. "Come again?"

She frowned and said the name again. Ichigo felt his heart fall in the deepest cavern over ice once again as he heard the name.

"Dr. Sosuke. Aizen Sosuke."

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