Collection of drabble, I suppose. Probably won't be chronological unless I organise it later. Ok? Ok.

(ps All Remus/Lily)


Remus' eyes flicked lazily open. "Yes, Lily."

"How on EARTH can you sleep when you and I are mere miles away from the most important year of our life? For heavens sake, I feel as if I'm going to jump out of my skin and onto your lap"

Remus gave up on sleep for the third time during the long train ride.

"It's only second year, Lily. Nothing any more important than last year, and certainly less consequential than next."

"How do we know that, dearest? How can we ever know that maybe, in an hour or a week or a month, something dreadfully important will happen, that will change everything?"

"You and I are everything, and nothing will ever change us, Lily"

"Can you honestly promise that to me? Can you promise that you'll be the only one who knows me, exactly and perfectly?"

Lily's feet in their brown leather shoes tapped Remus' knees impatiently. He took one slow look at her as she sat, lovely and waiting and lit up in the sunset.


And then James Potter and his wretched mates stumbled, laughing, into the privacy of their sunlit compartment.