A Resident evil Christmas

Chris invited his younger sister her friend Leon, Jill, Barry, Rebecca and Sheva down for Christmas, nothing could go wrong right? Wrong! With people like these there's sure to be a class of egos, plus a few uninvited guests. Full of enough social mishaps and zombie slaying action to help you through the boring wait till Christmas; Let the games begin!

"Yep, yep, that's an awesome idea. Claire my sister and her friend Leon are coming down for Christmas too so it should be a right laugh" Chris enthused. What he didn't mention to his partner Sheva was Jill was coming to his house for Christmas too…well ignorance was bliss right?

"Cool, awesome" Sheva agreed down the line. "It's just I don't really have anything left in Africa, so I just thought…hey y'know why not give Chris a call?" She giggled slightly the nodded -though of course Chris couldn't see this- "Right I'm at the airport now, see you then!" And with that Sheva clicked off.

Chris put the phone down just in time to hear the doorbell ring. Sighing he padded to his apartment door; upon opening it he was wrapped into a massive bear hug which took the breath away from even him, gasping as he broke away he regarded his younger sister Claire with warm but reproachful eyes.

"Jesus Claire you nearly burst a lung!" He complained.

"Oops, sorry, guess I don't know my own strength" Claire grinned, she turned to look at the handsome man behind her and ushered him in. "Chris this is Leon" She smiled as she introduced them, pushing the bodyguard forward into Chris's wake.

"Uh hey" Leon murmured smiling slightly.

"Hey" Chris replied, smiling warmly at him- he had after all basically saved his sister's life all those years ago.

"So I heard Jill was coming to stay" Claire said breezily as she dragged Leon through into the living room, leaving Chris to drag in their bags.

"Dear God news travels fast" Chris groaned, as he hauled the bags inside.

"Nah, Jill told me herself. She sounds pretty excited" Claire gave Chris a pointed look.

"Yeah the house is gonna be pretty full" Chris murmured in agreement.

"Nah you've got enough room right? Me, Leon, Jill…"

"Rebecca, Barry, Sheva…" Chris continued for her, wringing his hands gingerly. Claire whose nose had been wrinkling at the amount of guests arriving, turned to give her brother a harsh look at the sound of Chris's most recent partners name.

"Sheva's coming? All the way from Africa?" She gasped.

"Y…yeah…problem?" Chris muttered, while Leon flicked a glass bauble on the tree.

"Urgh Chris come here!" Claire growled as Leon began scooping up the glass that the now smashed bauble had spilled everywhere, feverishly.

"What?" Chris demanded.

Claire glowered at him then sighed; her fringe fluttered delicately onto her forehead. "You know how you and Jill have this little…thing going?" She pressed.

"What little thing?…I don't…" Chris began but he was interrupted by his little sister.

"Don't give me that crap Christopher, everyone knows you fancy the pants off each other" Claire sighed as Chris blushed deep red. "But everyone including Jill also knows that she has some heated competition from Sheva, and before you say anything, everyone knows you like her a lot too"

Chris shut his mouth and stared miserably at the floor.

"Don't you think that'll cause a bit of tension?" Claire demanded.

"Nawh it'll be fine I mean…" Chris was interrupted by the sound of a phone ringing, he and his sister turned to see Leon gingerly flipping his phone up, his eyes widened at the caller ID then he shakily lifted the phone to his ear.

"Hello Ashley" He murmured, Claire's eyes widened with annoyance, and she watched Leon talk with a frown. "Yeah…yeah that's great Ashley…how'd you get my number?" Leon pinched his brow and squeezed his eyes shut as Ashley's voice buzzed excitedly over the phone.

"You did what!?" Leon's eyes snapped open. "Look…look ok I appreciate the concern but Ashley it's illegal for me to be talking to you when I'm not on duty…" Leon paused for the response. "I don't know; dereliction of duty I think, look Ashley I'm your bodyguard not your friend" Leon paused again. "No I'm not that either" He groaned. "Yes, yes I do like you…No, no not that way, loo…look ok yes Merry Christmas to you too, no don't text me lat…" Leon groaned and hung up the phone.

"Ashley's a bit obsessive" He explained when he met Chris's eyes.

"Yeah just a tad" Claire huffed as Leon sheepishly clicked his phone off. "Anyway" Claire turned back to her brother.

"Look either way it's too late now" Chris shrugged. "Both of them are already en route, I can't exactly tell the to turn around"

Claire sighed then shrugged. "All well, it's your funeral" She grinned patting him on his shoulder. Just then the doorbell rang. "I'll get it!" She shrieked and ran like an excited child to the door, yanking it open, she uttered an excited yelp before engulfing Jill Valentine into a hug.

"Hey Claire! Long time no see!" Jill enthused as they pulled away from each other; the pair had became solid friends since Jill's rescue from Africa and were always happy to see each other, because of this Claire was firmly on 'Team Jill'.

"Woah, woah any chance I could get in on the action?" Barry joked, earning a slap over the head off Jill.

"Shut up Scrooge" She retorted, she turned back to Claire and rolled her eyes. "All the way down here he was bawling about the 'commercialization' of Christmas" She sighed and Claire giggled.

"It's true though!" Barry grumbled as he followed Jill inside.

"I'm sure it is" Claire reassured him as he planted a greeting kiss on her cheek.

"So? Where's my partner in crime?" Jill asked, her eyes flickering around the hall as she took her pale blue coat off.

"Here I am" Chris mumbled shuffling into the hall.

"Chris!" Jill grinned, she grabbed his hand into a vice like grip before pumping it up and down, when Chris was returned his hand it was smarting.

"Urgh you girls are too strong for your own good" He complained, rubbing his hurt hand.

"Come here" Jill grinned, enveloping her once partner into a hug. "Merry Christmas Chris!"

"Woah don't get ahead of yourself it's still four days till Christmas yet" Claire chuckled, taking Jill and Barry's coats and hanging them up before leading them all into the living room.

"And whose this?" Jill asked with interest as she noticed Leon flicking a bauble back and forth in his boredom (plastic this time), Leon turned to regard her before standing up and sticking out his hand.

"Leon Scott Kennedy" He introduced.

"Ah, you're the president's family's bodyguard, Chris told me about the 'Ganado's' you had to deal with when you were sent on that rescue mission, scary stuff" Jill remarked, looking impressed.

"Yeah well I'd rather forget it…and Ashley" He added as an afterthought.

"Ooh I've always wondered what the president's daughter is like! Go on" Jill enthused.

"Uh…she's alri…"

"She's a needy, petulant child that can't take no for an answer" Claire interrupted. "Besides it's Christmas lets forget about crap like that!"

Jill nodded, slightly taken aback and Chris flashed Leon a wan smile. Suddenly the doorbell rang again.

"God you're all coming right after each other!" Chris mumbled, he opened the door to see Rebecca smiling shyly at him, a tall figure stood behind her.

"Hey Rebecca and…and is that…" Chris faltered.

"Hi Chris…would you mind if Billy stayed too?" She whispered.

"But Billy's dead!" Chris exclaimed.

"Am I?" Billy drawled from behind his tiny partner.

"I couldn't kill him….it just didn't seem fair after all that he'd done to help me out…we've decided he's been 'dead' for long enough for people to just forget and he doesn't have anyone else to celebrate Christmas with" Rebecca explained.

Chris shook his head in amazement. "I can't believe, you've been able to fool everyone!" He exclaimed. "Uh yeah…yeah come in then…I'm sure we can find more room"

"Actually" Rebecca murmured.

"Hmm?" Chris turned to Rebecca who burnt bright red.

"Uh me and Billy would like to share a room" She blurted.

Chris's eyes widened and he choked back a splutter of amazement. "You're an…an item?" He demanded.

"Problem?" Billy asked.

"Nope no problem, just surprise that's all" Chris amended. "Look it's Christmas, tis the season to be jolly and all that, so you go in and meet the others, they're in the living room"

Chris watched them leave and then sighed; with more guests than he'd been expecting and Sheva arriving in around a day already he could tell it was going to be an eventful Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of this Christmas epic, lol :p More eventful in later chapters, love you, R&R