A Resident evil Christmas

Well here you are the last chapter of A Resident evil Christmas! Hurray!!!

"GUYS!" Chris suddenly exploded from within the bickering.

Everybody turned to look at him.

"Look arguing isn't going to solve anything alright? We need to see how bad this…infection is and figure out what we're gonna do about it"

"Well I'm not going to do anything about it…I'm retired" Barry sighed.

Chris glowered at him. "Well if you want to carry on with your retirement then you're gonna have to help us get out of here, right" Chris turned to Ada. "How bad is the infection? And how far away is your agency?"

Ada stared at the BSAA agent in disbelief for a while before chuckling. "I'm not telling you where my agency is!"

"But we need the antidote!" Chris growled.

Ada shrugged. "You're not getting it from me"


Ada turned to see Leon, he grabbed her hand. "Ada" He whispered. "This is life or death, the lives of everyone in New York depends on this antidote"

Ada stared at him for a second before smirking. "So what? Every other situation we've been in has been life or death, besides my agency is stationed in Africa"

"Africa?" Chris and Sheva repeated incredulously.

"Yes but there's gotta be some type of outpost stationed in America right?" Leon persisted.

Ada stared at the floor considering before sighing. "Fine" She snatched her hand out of Leon's. "Alright I'll go get the cure"

"Nope, you're not going by yourself" Chris shook his head.

"Chris…" Leon began.

"Not listening Mr. Floppy Fringe" Chris retorted. "Ada's betrayed you about a million times right? That's what it said in your report"

Leon went silent; he went cross-eyed to check out his fringe.

"Right so we're coming with you" Jill agreed.

Ada glowered at Chris. "It's gonna be dangerous, you'd be safer staying here"

"We're not retarded toddlers here" Jill sighed. "We've dealt with things like this before, things like this and things that were way more dangerous"

Ada groaned. "Fine"

Chris grabbed her arm and tied a piece of tinsel tightly around her wrist before tying a piece around his bulging arm.

"What the hell are you doing?" Ada demanded staring down at the shiny green tinsel with disdain and shock.

"Making sure you don't run off" Chris shrugged.

Ada sighed heavily before glancing over at the door. "Well are we going then?" She demanded before pulling Chris as much as she could to the door but as they reached the door Chris stopped dead. "What are you doing!?" Ada hissed.

"Everybody get your coats on, it's probably freezing out there" Chris declared.

This took another five minutes accompanied by the annoyed tapping of Ada's shoe.

"Right lets go!" Chris declared before pulling Ada out into the stairway.

"Keep it quiet guys, we don't know if there's anything down here remember" Leon hushed the murmuring of the group as they descended down the stairs.

"Whose the boss of your operation?" Chris whispered to Ada as they reached the bottom of the staircase.

"You're insane if you think I'm going to tell you that" Ada growled as she pulled the massive man towards the front door, she turned to look at him and smirked. "I'm sure you know him very well though" she added, Chris stared at her in confusion as she yanked the door open and ventured into the small room inbetween the doors that led into the building and the door that led into the street, the door clicked softly shut behind them all and the gang turned to regard the outside world:

The dark snowy street outside was lit in parts with the lampposts and bright neon lights shining from Christmas decorations, dark shadows flitted around- hundreds of living dead.

"We're gonna need a distraction" Billy remarked.

"I'll do it!" Claire piped up.

"No you won't!" Leon and Chris shouted in unison turning to the small red haired woman.

"I'm not a little girl!" Claire hit back.

"You're my little sister and you're not doing it" Chris hissed.

"Who put you in charge of this!?" Claire retorted.

"The fact that this is my apartment and I live in New York!" Chris replied.

"If the chick wants to do it let her do it" Billy shrugged.

"How about we throw her out then?" Ada enquired pointing at Rebecca.

"No fucking way!" Billy shrieked as Ada smiled smugly.

"I'll go with Claire" Jill offered.

Chris smacked himself in the forehead.

"Is there a back way out of this place?" Ada suggested.

"Hey…yeah!" Chris grinned; his whole face lighting up, he rushed through the door back into the bottom level and towards the janitors room. "He's got a wi…argh!" Chris jumped back just in time as the once living janitor leapt out at him, followed by a deceased party goer. Ada kicked the janitor in the stomach forcing him back before Leon promptly shot him in the head, Jill tripped the party goer to the floor and Sheva shot it through the eye.

"You need to be more careful Chris, we don't know how many of them there are and where they are" Sheva reminded him.

"Yeah be more careful Chris" Ada hissed.

Chris glowered at her before flicking the lights on a figure became obvious to the gang, bullets ripped through the head as the whole gang unleashed their wrath.

"Shit…it's a mannequin" Barry murmured lowering his gun.

"Haha you all shot at a mannequin!" Claire cackled.

"Don't start! I saw you shooting too!" Leon smirked, nudging her.

"I think everyone shot at it…though not everyone hit it" Jill glowered at Sheva.

"Not the time!" Chris butted in as Sheva opened her mouth.

"So where's the exit? I can't see any doors" Ada remarked as she pulled him in.

"Yeah, we'll have to use that window" Chris agreed pointing at a tiny window the size of a small cat flap.

Ada stared at it incredulously.

"Christopher, I think I'll have trouble getting through that, let alone a big guy like you" Claire remarked.

"I'm sure I can get through it!" Chris hit back before climbing up some shelves to reach the window, he pushed it open and stuck his head out. "See!?" He whispered.

"Yeah but what about your massive shoulders?" Leon enquired.

"Shut up Leon Scott Kennedy!" Chris shouted.

"Chris! Keep it down there's horrible monsters out there remember!?" Jill commanded.

Chris extracted his head from the window and turned to the gang. "Yeah I'm not sure how we'll get through that really…"

"What about this?"

Chris turned to see Billy holding a giant mallet.

"Billy I don't trust you with that mallet, now put it down very slowly an…" Chris began.

"Stop being so stupid Chris!" Jill silenced him. "Billy! That's a brilliant idea!"

"I don't get it, what are we doing?" Barry murmured from the back.

"We'll smash the wall around the window to bits!" Billy declared.

"Won't that be extremely loud?" Rebecca remarked meekly from next to him.

"It doesn't matter babe" Billy grinned. "We're all well equipped to handle any of those things"

"Not if they overflow us" Jill pointed out. "Look me and someone else should slip out of the window and hide somewhere so we can pick off any monsters that come towards the noise"

"Good idea" Chris agreed. "Sadly that can't be me"

"I'll…" Claire began but Leon muffled her with his hand.

"I suppose I could do it" Sheva suggested.

"Excellent, Sheva and Jill" Chris agreed enthusiastically.

Claire bit Leon's hand. "Count me in too!" She sang.

Chris stared at her worry and concern written all over his face. "Ok but be careful Claire…be careful all of you"

Jill and Sheva nodded before heading to the window.

"Ladies first" Jill told Sheva before hopping onto the top of the shelves and slipping out.

Sheva glowered at her before following her lead and then Claire went after her.

"Jesus it's freezing out here!" Claire complained as she hit the ground.

"Over there!" Jill instructed rushing to a compost heap in the corner of the tiny garden.

The three woman rushed to the compost heap and leapt in, covering themselves in it, so that all you could see eventually was the eyes of the woman.

"Lets go!" Billy cackled before bringing the mallet against the wall.

"Le…t…s go!" Billy huffed brining the mallet against the cracking wall tiredly for about the millionth time, again Billy brought it down and the wall shattered away, Jill, Sheva and Claire shot another curious zombie as the gang inside exited the building.

"Good job!" Sheva called.

"Quick over the fence!" Chris instructed before leaping over the fence forcing Ada smack bang into it. "There's an alley over here, come on!" Chris commanded.

Ada followed him over muttering to herself that the tinsel was causing a rash as the others leapt over.

"Ok whereabouts is your headquarters?" Leon asked once they were all over.

Ada took in her surroundings. "About an hours walk from here I would say…but there's quite a few main streets we'll have to take to get there"

"Great, of course" Barry huffed.

"This is making me uneasy" Claire muttered as the gang crunched through the snow on a usually popular street that was completely deserted. "Where are all the…things?"

"Ada?" Chris said turning to Ada. "Any particular reason they aren't here?"

"If you're implying this has something to do with me I have no idea" Ada retorted glowering over her shoulder at him.

Suddenly a giant crash sounded from the darkness in front of the gang.

"What the hell was that?" Billy growled, cocking his gun towards the noise.

Suddenly a massive tentacle hit the floor in front of them and a giant mutated…thing entered the gangs eye line. It's giant tree trunks of legs were connected to each other within a gooey mess, tentacles writhed from it's face, a long mane of hair sprouted from its back and it gurgled as it shuffled towards them, dragging itself with it's tentacles.

"What the fuck is that!?" Leon demanded, his eyes wide with terror just has his phone beeped.

Claire who had also been staring at the giant beast in terror shot him an annoyed look but he didn't notice.

"I want to know what it was" Barry remarked.

Screams of infected called from behind it and around twenty zombies dressed as Santa rushed to them.

"How are we supposed to handle all of them and that giant thing!?" Claire shouted as she shot a running murderous Santa flying.


Leon (who was closest to the buildings nearby) looked up.

"Merry Christmas!" Said the Father Christmas chucking him a bazooka.

"Father Christmas?" Leon asked bewildered.

"No you tosser!" The man on the roof bellowed, ripping down his beard to expose a gristly chin.

"Why do you have a bazooka?!" Leon demanded.

The man on the roof pointed down, Leon looked down to see it was an army outpost.

"I'm a general…I raided the weapons cabinet, now kill that thing!"Father Christmas shouted.

"I still don't get why you're dressed as Father Christmas!" Leon called back as he leant down on one knee and aimed the bazooka at the giant mutated thing shuffling towards them.

"Leon? Where'd you get that bazooka?" Claire demanded but there was not time to answer, Leon unleashed the rocket inside and it flew towards the giant thing. The mutated thing let out a screech of pain and began melting, acidic blood swamped some of the slower Santa's and they began melting. Jill kicked one Santa that was dangerously close in the face; smashing its nose before stomping on its head. Chris and Ada both shot the last one and the street became silent apart from the heavy breathing from the gang.

"Thanks!" Leon shouted, his face the epitome of glee as he turned to the Santa only to see he was gone, Leon scratched his head.

"Where's your agency?" Sheva asked of Ada.

"There" Ada replied, pointing blindly into the darkness.

The gang began moving again, Chris occasionally stomping on the dead Santa's heads just to make sure.

Claire winced as they passed the corpse of the giant dead thing. "What was that?" She enquired.

"A higher dosage of the virus" Ada replied. "Pretty lethal"

"Yeah just a tad" Claire whispered.

"Here we are" Ada announced stepping around the end of the body and pointing at the massive white building.

"Hmm surprised I never noticed that before" Chris remarked as they entered it, the foyer was completely empty.

"Did you tell them we were coming?" Chris demanded.

"Nope" Ada replied before pulling him up some stairs the rest of the gang in their wake.

Sheva stopped short of the door at the end of the stairs and gasped.

"Why…why are there pictures of Josh Stone here?" She stuttered.

Ada turned and grinned at her. "Didn't you know your 'friend' had begun a whole new agency? Working for the good guys is such a bore" Ada smiled at Leon. "Hopefully one day you'll realise that" She added before ripping out her knife and cutting the tinsel, then before any of them had a chance to react she kicked the door open, rushed across the empty room and through a window.

Chris ran after her but she had already gone. He turned to look at Sheva as the rest of the gang followed him in.

"…Josh" He whispered.

"I had…no idea" Sheva murmured.

Suddenly the sound of gates opening sounded, looking up the gang saw small gates all around them walls, as they opened, and strange infected dogs rushed out….

"Merry Christmas guys!" Claire called before kicking a dog in the face.

Josh Sheva thought before turning to face the oncoming dogs…

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