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THIS CHAPTER HAS BEEN EDITED!!! Here are the changes:

*In the third paragraph (Akiza's POV), she's six and a half months pregnant, not three and a half.

*The start of the story takes place in April.....not March.

I believe that's about the only changes I made, there might be others.....I doubt it but sometimes I can be oblivious.

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Oh, btw, I kind of got the age of Akiza mixed up. Now I know she's actually seventeen in the series. Here's how old everyone is IN THE STORY to clear up the confusion:

Yusei: 24

Akiza: 23

Jack: 25 (I guess I learned he's actually older than Yusei....weird, but true....I guess.)

Crow: 24 (I don't know if that's his age. Let's just pretend it is......)

Carly: 24

Luna: 17

Leo: 17

Suzuki: 17

Dexter: 17

Kalin: 24 (Like I said above, I have no idea how old he is. Just go with the flow.....)

Sam and Demi: 23

Welcome To MommyHood

Summary: (Sequel to Rose By Another Name) AU. It's been two and a half years since Akiza and Yusei married and baby number one is on the way. The two come to grips with finishing school, working full time, and planning the arrival of their child. Will the strong be successful? Yusei x Akiza, Jack x Carly, Luna x Dexter, Leo x O.C.

Chapter 1

Akiza's POV

It's been two and a half years since Yusei and I have been married. Besides us being married, a lot of things have changed in the process. We moved out of Luna and Leo's mansion about a year ago and bought a very cozy home in the Tops.....we like to call it the Fudo Manor. Yusei is now a pro turbo duelist and I'm now a model, duelist, and an author. I published my first book Beyond a Rose a few months ago and it finally made the best-seller list in the Neo Domino Times and City Weekly.

Speaking of fame, Luna got a record deal after she and her band decided to break up. Not that they didn't get along but their dreams all changed. Ever since, her first album has sold at least 2 million copies. Jack and Carly are engaged and moved in together about four months ago.

The most important change of all is that I'm six and a half months pregnant and I'm really excited to see my child. I haven't really prepared to buy anything since my cousins, Sam and Demi said they wanted to throw me a baby shower. I wonder what that'll be like....

Normal POV

It was a very chilly April day. At the moment, Akiza and the girls were looking through old photo albums. One that Akiza made a few months ago, when she was really into scrapbooking and had the time. Everyone was amazed and what Akiza looked liked when she was younger, long before they all knew each other.

"Oh my gosh, look at her baby pictures. You were so cute." Luna commented, smiling. Being seventeen years old, Luna had a much better outlook on life than she did when she was a preteen. Having a full time job of an artist and songwriter taught her that.

"Wow, I remember that. It was my first day at Duel Academy. I totally hated that school." Akiza added, looking at a picture her mother took.....of her scowling.

"You must have been really mad, huh?" Carly asked, giggling.

"At that point in my life, I was always angry because of how my parents never had time for me and just wanted me to be away from them. I'm happy that we made up." Akiza replied, flipping the page.

"I really like this section with the pictures of you and Yusei." Suzuki said, looking at the solid hot pink and zebra patterned pages, with little stickers with stars and peace signs.

"I like the one with the idenitical glasses." Luna added, flipping to a page with a green plaid pattern.

"Did you guys purposely get the same glasses?" Carly questioned, looking on both pages.

"Actually, they're not really the same glasses. The look almost the same, but not quite." Akiza told her, smiling at the memories of when she and Yusei were dating. It was one of the best times of her life, though there were more to come from their marriage.

"Awww, this is the picture everyone took before prom last year. I was so happy that Luna won junior prom queen." Suzuki said, looking at the picture of Yusei, Akiza, Jack, Carly, Luna, Crow, herself, Leo, and Dexter before their junior prom.

While Akiza was looking at the pictures from the kids' prom, she glanced over to the one of her and Dexter, "I love this picture of you and Dexter. I can't believe how tall he's gotten."

"I know, I'm like a midget to him." Luna laughed, looking at Leo and Suzuki's prom picture, "You two are so cute, even though Leo's my annoying older brother."

"Remember sweetie, he's only older by ten minutes." Suzuki muttered, rolling her eyes, "Those were memories of when I had my hair."

"I don't know why you're complaining....I love your hair cut." Luna told her, sincerely.

As the girls continued to look through old photos, Yusei walked in with Leo and Jack helping him carry groceries.

"Hi, honey." Akiza said, cheerfully.

"Dude, I'm so not used to her saying that." Leo commented, putting the bags down, "I'll get the rest out the car."

"What are you guys doing?" Yusei asked, putting his car keys down.

"Looking through old photos. What did you get at the store?" Akiza asked, as everyone went in the kitchen.

"The things we need in the refrigerator and the things that you crave." Yusei told her, yawning.

"It's not my fault. I'm pregnant." Akiza mumbled, blushing.

"I still can't wait to see if it's a boy or a girl." Luna said, rubbing her friends' stomach.

"This is like the tenth time you've rubbed my belly today, Luna." Akiza responded, sliding her laptop closer to her, "But yes, I'm anxious to know too."

"Let's hope that your baby won't have short hair like me." Suzuki said, reminiscing the days before Jack made her cut her hair.

"Are you still complaining about that?" Leo questioned, feeling a little annoyed, "You hair looks fine. I actually like your hair short. It looks sophisticated."

"Awww, you're so sweet." Suzuki cooed, hugging Leo.

"Really? I said that when I took you to get it cut and you called me an ass hole." Jack complained, not understanding his cousins reaction.

"That's only because you felt bad when I was crying the whole time." Suzuki told him, glaring at him.

"Okay, seriously, your hair was so long it started shedding like dog hair." Jack pointed out, helping Yusei put groceries away.

"That's not true." Suzuki whined, defensively.

"Actually......," Yusei mumbled, not finishing what he wanted to say.

"Oh shut up." Suzuki growled, while Leo held her.

"Anyway, have you guys finished unpacking?" Akiza asked Carly, while typing on her laptop.

"We finished the living room and the kitchen. We haven't unpacked the other stuff because we haven't finished painting." Carly explained, yawning.

"Ugghhh, I'm so fucking hungry." Akiza groaned, dialing the pizza place on her phone.

"I just went to the store." Yusei told her, shocked at what his wife was doing.

"I want pizza with mushrooms and sausage." Akiza said, waiting for the pizza place to answer the phone.

"Yup, your wife is for shiz prego." Jack muttered, sighing, "Did you buy some tea?"

"Shut up, Jack." Yusei laughed, cutting him off.

"I gotta leave in 30 minutes to pick up my food." Akiza muttered, going back to her laptop.

"What are you doing?" Luna asked, sitting on one of the bar stools near their counter, "I swear, I love your guys' house."

"It was Akiza's idea, except the living room. That was my idea." Yusei replied, taking a can of soda out the fridge.

"I'm trying to sort out my monster of a schedule." Akiza told Luna, sighing, "I have a duel in two days, an autograph signing two days after that, and then I have my book signing, and then I have my ultrasound in a few weeks."

"I'm looking forward to it." Yusei said, rubbing her stomach.

"Have you guys come up with names for the baby yet?" Carly asked, smiling.

"Well, if it's a girl we want to name her Kimberly, Kourtney, or Charlotte. If it's a boy, we went with Xavier or Hayden." Akiza replied, plainly, "We're hoping for a girl."

"I think you should name your child Jack if it's a boy." Jack commented, smirking.

"Shut up." Yusei said, shaking his head.


A few days later, Akiza was getting ready for her duel in the Star Cup finals against a girl named Mackenzie Justice. This girl was a little weird, but she was focused on winning.

"I came to wish you good luck." Yusei said, pecking her lips.

"Thank you." Akiza smiled, trying to hug him but her belly got in the way, "I'm not used to this yet."

"You will eventually. I love you." Yusei told her, kissing her forehead.

"Love you too." Akiza muttered, grabbing her duel disk.

"We'll be rooting for you." Yusei said, just before shutting her door.

"Thanks." Akiza muttered, making sure her makeup was done.

"We're ready to escort you, Mrs. Fudo." The security guard said, as him and his partner walked Akiza down to the Kaiba Dome stadium.

I'm still not used to people calling me Mrs. Fudo....it just has a ring to it sort of, Akiza thought, smiling to herself.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the final round of the Star Cup finals is about to begin. Now introducing, the woman married to the champ himself, she looks like a butterfly but can sting like a bee, Akiza Fudo." The MC announced, while everyone started cheering, "Her opponent, the teenage master mind, Mackenzie Justice."

(A/N: Akiza's opponent's cards are made up....just as a fair warning....they are not real cards. Oh and this is pretty much the only duel I'm really including in this story since the focus isn't dueling.)

"Wow, I like how you're rocking the baby bump, but that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you." Mackenzie said, shaking Akiza's hand.

"Good luck, kid. You'll need it." Akiza told her, walking away.

"All right then, let's duel." Mackenzie smirked, drawing, "I'll summon Ocean Goddess in attack mode and activate the equip spell, Ocean Amulet. With this spell, not only does it keep her in attack mode, Ocean Goddess can gain three-hundred attack points for every ocean attribute monster in my hand, and since I have three, she can gain nine hundred attack points."

Ocean Goddess: ATK-2500, DEF: 1400

"I'll set a face down and end my turn." Mackenzie said, still holding a confident smirk.

"Looks like Mackenzie has started with a strong offense. Will Akiza be able to tear down that wall of power?" the MC asked.

"My move. I summon Twilight Rose Knight. When my knight is summoned, I can special summon a level four or lower plant type monster from my hand. I'll summon Lord Poison in attack mode." Akiza said, summoning her witch, "I tune Twilight Rose Knight and Lord Poison to summon Black Rose Dragon."

As her dragon was summoned, it made Akiza happy that people weren't afraid of her powers or her dragon anymore. It was good to hear people cheering instead of people leaving.

"I equip Thorns of Hatred with Black Rose Dragon to increase her attack points by six hundred." Akiza continued.

Black Rose Dragon: ATK- 3000, DEF: 1800

"Black Rose Dragon attack her Goddess." Akiza said, as her dragon attacked.

"I activate my trap, Ocean Breakdown Current. As long as this trap remains face up, if any of my water attribute monsters is an attack target, I can send one water monster to my Graveyard to set the battle damage to 0." Mackenzie countered, sending a monster to her grave.

"Doesn't that mean your Ocean Goddess' attack decreases?" Akiza questioned, crossing her arms.

Ocean Goddess: ATK-2200, DEF- 1400

"It's a small price to pay, but totally worth it." Mackenzie replied, smirking.

"I'll set two face downs and end my turn." Akiza finished, waiting.

"Let me show you how it's done. I summon Deep Sea Crab in defense mode." Mackenzie said, confidently, "I'll set another face down."

Deep Sea Crab: ATK- 2000, DEF- 2200

"Why were able to summon your crab? It has five stars." Akiza pointed out, feeling very confused.

"Due to it's special ability. If I have at least one water monster in my grave, I can summon it to my field without releasing any of my monsters." Mackenzie told her, smiling.

"Can Akiza stop Mackenzie's strategy?" The MC questioned, gasping like he was actually shocked.

"My turn. I summon Wall of Ivy in defense mode. Black Rose Dragon attack her Goddess once again." Akiza shouted, pointing at Ocean Goddess.

"I'll activate the effect of my Ocean Breakdown Current by discarding another water attribute monster to my grave, in order to block your attack." Mackenzie countered, not noticing what was happening.

Back in the stands, the gang was watching Akiza's duel as if it had been a football game instead of a duel.

"I get it. Her strategy is to decrease the number of water monsters in her hand so she can destroy her trap and render her spell useless." Luna chirped, snacking on her popcorn.

"I don't know what's your deal but it's my move again. Deep Sea Crab, attack her Wall of Ivy." Mackenzie commanded, watching her crab destroy Akiza's wall.

"You just triggered Wall of Ivy's special ability. When it's destroyed, it special summons an Ivy Token on your field, which happens to trigger my other trap, Rose Flame. Every time a plant type monster is normal, special, or reverse summoned on your side of the field, I can inflict five hundred points of direct damage." Akiza explained, watching a whirlwind of flame roses inflict damage on Mackenzie.

"Yikes." Mackenzie muttered, as her life points decreased, "I'll end my turn."

Akiza: 4000

Mackenzie: 3500

"I draw. I summon Phoenixican Seed in attack mode. Due to it's effect, I can send it to the graveyard to special summon Phoenixician Cluster Amaryllis." Akiza said, sending her other card to the grave.

Phoenixician Cluster Amaryllis: ATK- 2200, DEF- 0

"Phoenixician Cluster Amaryllis, attack her Deep Sea Crab." Akiza muttered, knowing what Mackenzie's next move would be.

"I'll discard another water monster to my grave to cancel your attack." Mackenzie mumbled, as Akiza interrupted her.

"And I knew you'd do that." Akiza smiled, watching her monster's attack cancel, "Since you set my monster's battle damage to zero, it still remains on the field and I'm guessing you don't have any water monsters left to use your trap and your goddess' attack goes back to sixteen hundred."

Ocean Goddess: ATK- 1600, DEF- 1400

"No, my trap is destroyed." Mackenzie gasped, sending her trap to the grave.

"That leaves Black Rose Dragon to destroy your Deep Sea Crab." Akiza finished, watching the crab shatter to pieces.

Akiza: 4000

Mackenzie: 2500

"I'll end my turn." Akiza muttered, hearing Leo cheer for her from the stands.

"I activate my face down spell, Undersea Gate. This let's me special summon a water monster I sent to my graveyard, and I'll summon Tsunami Genie in defense mode." Mackenzie said, making it clear her turn was finished.

Tsunami Genie: ATK- 1200, DEF-1500

"Mackenzie has no more strategies up her sleeves. Can Akiza pull this duel off?" the MC said, cheerfully.

"The duel ends here. Phoenixician Cluster Amaryllis, attack her genie. Oh, you should also know that when Amaryllis attacks, though it's destroyed and sent to the graveyard, it inflicts 800 points of direct damage." Akiza explained, as her genie crumpled to ashes.

Akiza: 4000

Mackenzie: 1700

"Now I'll activate Black Rose Dragon's special ability. By removing Wall of Ivy from play, I can set your Goddess' attack to zero. Black Rose Dragon attack her goddess and end this." Akiza finished, watching her opponents life points decrease.

Akiza: 4000

Mackenzie: 0

"Wow! She won the duel without a scratch to her life points! Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Star Cup is Akiza Fudo!" The MC shouted, while the crowd starting screaming.

After changing her clothes, Akiza was being escorted to her car in a private garage. While being escorted, she took the time to sign autographs to her fans. She was still adapting to the friendly atmosphere that she was now constantly in. To her, it was relaxing to know that people weren't booing her and saying horrible things about her.

"Oh gosh, that was so tiring." Akiza sighed, resting her head on the steering wheel, before getting a call from her cousin, Demi, "Hey, what's up?"

"I just wanted to call to tell you your autograph signing is in two days." Demi said, in a friendly tone.

"Okay, thanks. Listen, I was thinking about publishing another book soon about being a mother, since I'm having my baby soon." Akiza said, pulling out of the parking lot.

"I think that's a great idea. Are you coming up with any ideas?" Demi asked, cheerfully.

"A little bit. I mean, I can get a little far with the pre-birth but nothing major until I've had the baby." Akiza replied, plainly, "I'm almost home, I'll call you when I get there."

"Bye." Demi responded, hanging up the phone. Akiza had to admit, Demi was actually quite good at being an agent. She knew that Luna was a pro at it, but Demi was different than Luna in a ton of ways.

Once she pulled into the driveway of her home, Akiza grabbed her purse and headed for the front door. She noticed that Luna's car was sitting out front, so she assumed she was there.

"I'm back." Akiza said, as it echoed through the foyer.

"Hey. You did really good this afternoon." Luna commented, while she and Suzuki were watching T.V.

"Thanks. I don't feel like making dinner and my feet hurt really bad." Akiza sighed, taking her shoes off.

"That happens when you're pregnant. Yusei and the bastard who made me cut my hair started dinner already." Suzuki told her, plainly.

"I wish you would stop already! I love your haircut, it's pretty and trust me, it'll grow back after a couple months." Luna pointed out, calmly.

"I agree. I like short hair on you." Akiza added, putting her feet on the foot rest in front of the arm chair, "Where's your boyfriends?"

"In the kitchen helping cook dinner." Suzuki mumurred, going back to watching television.

Leaving the two teens to go on about their business, Akiza went into the kitchen to see Dexter and Leo helping make lasagna.

"Oh my God, I love you two. You know exactly what a pregnant woman needs. That whole thing is mine right?" Akiza asked, watching the two boys share the same look.

"Yusei gave us the impression it was for everyone." Dexter spoke up, feeling awkward.

"I'm sure we have enough noodles to make another one." Akiza commented, making Dexter blush.

"I think you're freaking out Dexter." Yusei intervened, gently pulling Akiza out the kitchen.

"I didn't mean to, I'm just starving." Akiza sighed, gently.

"I know. Come on, you go upstairs and lay down and I'll take care of things down here." Yusei said, rubbing her stomach, "We don't want any problems for the little one."

At that moment, Akiza felt something. That one thing made her start to smile, "Yusei....the baby's kicking."

"Where?" He asked, moving his hand around.

"Here." Akiza responded, moving his hand, "It's our baby."

"Hey, what's going on?" Jack asked, coming from the backyard with an apron that said "Kiss the cook", "Am I missing something?"

"The baby's kicking." Carly said, happily walking in from the other room.

"I heard baby and kicking!" Luna exclaimed, running in from the living room. She quickly put her hand on Akiza's belly, "Awww, that's so sweet."

"This is the first it's ever kicked." Akiza replied, smiling.

"Come on now, she needs to rest." Yusei added, as everyone went back to what they were doing.

"That brightened my whole day." Akiza said, grabbing ahold of the rail to the stairs.

"No, I got it." Yusei muttered, picking her up.

"No, you're going to hurt yourself. Stop." Akiza told him, as he started to ascend the stairs.

"Really, you're not heavy." Yusei replied, putting her down once they were upstairs, "But yeah, that made me happy too. Now go lay down."

"I will. I love you." Akiza whispered, pecking his lips.


In just an hour or so, dinner was finished and Akiza was on her way downstairs. The aroma of the food was getting to her so bad, it took a little more inner strength to keep her from running down the stairs.

"Luna texted me and said dinner was done." Akiza mumbled, yawning from her nap.

"You are such a cute pregnant person." Carly commented, walking in the kitchen.

"I don't know how you can take it sometimes, Yusei. It must be really hard to have such patience." Leo commented, helping him set the table.

"Well, when you love someone a lot, Leo, it's worth it to have patience." Yusei told him, setting everything in the center of the table.

"Everything looks good." Suzuki said, as Leo pulled out her chair, "Thank you."

"Mmmmmmmm." Jack mumbled, glaring at Leo.

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with showing respect to a lady." Leo said, standing up to Jack.

"It takes a real man to stand up to me, but now I'm going to have to get you back later." Jack whispered, sitting down with Carly.

"Be nice." Carly muttered, kissing his cheek.

"Now we can start eating." Luna said, passing the bowl of taco salad around, "So I'm having my recording session soon. I'm so excited."

"We know, you've been talking it about it non-stop, sweetie." Suzuki told her, rolling her eyes, "I can't even find a place to get a gig."

"I can find you a place." Luna offered, sweetly.

"No, I want to do it on my own, just like you did." Suzuki said, politely.

"Why did your band break up?" Dexter asked, forgetting that the two girls used to be in a band.

"Well, Tabias' parents want him to be a business major and he's the heir to their hotel business. So they pretty much made him get out of the band." Luna explained, sighing.

"I could never be in a band." Yusei commented, taking a bite of his lasagna.

"You were in that gang back in the Satellite. That's pretty much what being in a band is like." Carly pointed out, matter-of-factly.

"Except in a band, we wear decent clothes, not tacky vests." Luna added, making Yusei and Jack glare at her.

"Anyway, I think you'll get discovered, Suzuki. You're pretty talented." Carly interrupted, focusing the conversation back to what it was.

"Thanks, Carly." Suzuki chirped, going back to eating.


After the wonderful dinner was over, everyone left the Fudo Manor to head home. After cleaning the dishes, Yusei was worn out. He remembered back in the Satellite he cleaned all the time, but never for a large group of people.

I need a break. Good thing I get to go to sleep, Yusei thought, plopping himself on the bed.

"Awww, someone's tired." Akiza said, stroking his cheek while holding her book in her other hand.

"Can we not have people over here next weekend?" Yusei asked, groaning.

"That's fine. It'll just be you and me time." Akiza replied, going back to reading her book.

"Is that another baby book?" Yusei questioned, taking his shirt off.

"It's about this lady's experience of being pregnant. I'm on the part where she and her husband have sex for the first time since she got pregnant." Akiza said, making Yusei turn around.

"Why is it you're always reading something about people getting it on?" Yusei asked, sighing at his wife.

"Are you trying to insinuate that I'm a creeper, Yusei?" Akiza inquired, gapping at him.

"You know I'm kidding." Yusei laughed, kissing her affectionately.

"Goodnight." Akiza told him, shutting the light off.

The following afternoon, Akiza and Yusei returned home from another autograph signing Akiza had that morning. There were hundreds of people she had to sign autograph's to that by the end of the entire thing, Akiza's hand started to cramp up and wouldn't move. At the moment, she was just trying to relax with a warm hand towel on her hand and eating ice cream, while Yusei was taking a shower.

"Nothing like a good shower.....why is a tub of ice cream sitting on your belly?" Yusei asked, raising a brow.

"I'm hungry." Akiza responded, plainly, "Have you not noticed what's happened in the last three and a half months?"

"No, I've just been totally oblivious." Yusei said, sarcastically.

"Can you go get me pizza?" Akiza asked, yawning.

"What? Are you serious?" Yusei questioned, in complete shock.

"Yes, I'm starving." Akiza replied, stressing her point.

"There's stuff downstairs." Yusei told her, still gapping at her.

"You know I can't get up." Akiza argued.

"I'd be nice enough to go get it." Yusei muttered, sighing.

"Fine, go get me some cheese cubes." Akiza told him, starting to text.

"Why me?" Yusei asked, jokingly.

"I love you." Akiza cooed, happily.

"I love you too." Yusei said, wiping the leftover ice cream off her face, "You know....the doctor said we could still....you know, while you're pregnant."

"No. I'm too tired. Just go get my cheese cubes," Akiza mumbled, patting his cheek, "You're right, these cravings are making me crazy."


A few hours later, Akiza, Yusei, Carly, and Jack stopped by the recording studio where Luna was recording her new album.

"Hey, guys." Leo greeted, watching his friends come in.

"What's up shrimp?" Jack asked, making Leo glare at him.

"The sky." Leo muttered, snickering with Dexter.

"Hey guys. I'm glad you could make it." Luna said, coming from the recording room, "They let me take a break."

"I wanted to hear you sing a little bit. What kind of music do you actually sing?" Carly asked, curiously.

"Rock. I'm sorry. I didn't know exactly when everyone was getting here." Luna mentioned, listening to the producers go through the song she just recorded.

"That sounds good." Akiza said, happily.

"Thanks." Luna chirped, noticing that the staff was giving her five more minutes, "Sorry I didn't have much time to sit and chat. I'll be back home later on."

"It's okay. We'll see you later." Yusei told her, smiling.


That evening, everyone met up at Luna and Leo's place to chill and hang out. While everyone else was busy doing their own thing, Akiza and Yusei remained in the living room.

"I remember when we used to live here." Akiza said, looking around, "The same place we got together."

"It's also the very same place you told me you were pregnant. I can't wait until the ultra sound." Yusei told her, holding her.

No matter what may happen in the next two and a half months, I'll always love our child, Akiza thought, looking down at her belly.

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Next time: Luna finally starts her world tour in Miami and is very excited when she's able to invite Suzuki to her concert in Paris. What happens when Suzuki finally gets discovered by the same record company as Luna? Will sparks fly and tensions come to a head?

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