This is the sequel to the story called "The beginning of Love" and you should definitely read that one first. Anyway – I hope you'll enjoy this one!

Chapter 1

This was amazing! You would have never thought. Somehow you actually were in a relationship with House and you were finally happy. Actually, 'happy' wasn't even close to what you felt. No, this was not the appropriate word – you were 'ecstatic'!
It wasn't maybe the easiest life, the one usually little girls dream of, but you were not a little girl from quite some time. You got only this one shot in happiness with him and you had every intention to use it properly. He was exactly what you expected him to be. Not the one who cares until your eyes pop out type, but the one who knows exactly what you need and makes sure you get it. The one who is there for you. You would have never guessed that he would be there, but he was and you just loved it. The first six months into your relationship went by like a speeding train. After that night in the blues club when you gave him a final push, he scolded and you have started dating. And it wasn't much different from the time when you were just hanging out as friends, except for the sex of course. Lots of it, actually... and, well let's just say that not only quantity was amazing. This shouldn't surprise you, after all the guy was extraordinary good in everything he did. So it was only natural that he was a wonderful lover. Yes, his observation skills could be very useful, not only in the work place. To be perfectly honest it wasn't the quality of your sex life that puzzled you, but his tenderness and attentiveness both in bed and in the everyday life. Despite his accusation of looking at him through the rosy glasses, you always accepted the fact that he wasn't a nice person. You knew that he was a selfish, lazy bastard who would always put his needs over yours. That was the fact and you had learned to deal with it long time ago. You were not in this to change him – this one was obvious for you. Actually, you had always found his childish behavior oddly amusing, although frustrating from time to time. But after that night he showed you his very well hidden softer side and you enjoyed it immensely.

You were spending lots of time together but somehow you haven't fought too often. It was more like constant banter, in which you have tried to ask him serious questions that he has tried not to answer. Then again those verbal matches were incredibly stimulating, he challenged you every single day and it was something you always needed in the relationship. Being with him was a constant battle to keep things interesting, and maybe that's why it was so awarding. Of course that it was a hard work, but it was so worth it. You usually went home together, even if he had a patient he insisted on returning home with you. Actually, those evenings were your favorites - you both sat on the couch, the patient file opened on the coffee table, while he was conducting your very own, personal DD session. Several times he found one of your suggestions worth checking immediately and then he would call to the hospital to make sure that one of his team members performed the needed tests right away. Although you cherished those moments when you felt once again the thrill of working with him, you enjoyed your new job as the Head of the Immunology. Actually, working in the separate wards of the hospital was good for your relationship. It gave you both some space and distance. This was your chance to miss one another, since you have been living together from quite some time. Yeah, life was good. You caught yourself few times thinking that it was actually too good and in those moments you had to pinch yourself in order to make sure that you hadn't been dreaming.

And just then when you thought everything was so perfect...

You knew that that night House was having a drink with Wilson, so instead of waiting for him in the hospital, you decided to go home alone. This was your chance to spend some girly time. You wanted to take a long, relaxing bath and read the novel you had no time to finish in weeks. However, your plans were slightly changed when you heard a pitiful meowing, coming from the bushes next to the entry to your apartment building. When you came closer, you saw a very scared and almost frozen tiny little kitten. It was mostly read with a very few milky white dots on its back and the tail. You just couldn't help yourself although the moment you picked up a doleful creature you knew that the troubles were on your way.

It was already eight o'clock when you heard House opening the door.

"Honey, I'm home!" he hollered from the entry.

"In the kitchen! Come here quick, I want you to meet somebody"

"Huh?" he murmured and headed toward the kitchen but stopped abruptly the minute he saw a furry hank curled on your lap. "What the hell is this?"


"Don't 'Greg' me. Just answer the question Cameron"

"So, I'm Cameron now, huh? Last night it was rather 'oh, my god, Allison' if my memory serves me right..."

"Last night was a long time ago, right now I would like to know what it is this 'thing' and what it is doing in my kitchen or actually what it is doing on my girlfriend's lap? You do remember that I'm the only one entitled to lie there, right?"

"Oh, you poor baby – you said smiling sweetly – you are not jealous of our cat, are you?"

"Of course I'm not especially since I don't own a cat" he sated matter of factually.

"Well, I guess you do now, meet 'Sparkle', 'Sparkle' this is Greg. He is going to be your annoying owner who refuses to give milk or, well actually the one who refuses to have anything to do with you at all" you said, your eyes silently pleading with him. Your unsaid request must have been really strong because he still didn't say 'no'. He just came closer and placed a yawning sweetly kitten in his arms.

"And who are you?" House asked still patting Sparkle but looking expectantly at you.

"I believe it is obvious. I'm the love of his life! I feed him and scratch him. I'm the one who takes him to the Vet when he is sick and I bathe him from time to time".

"So, if I agree to keep him – you will do all those annoying things and I wouldn't have to worry about a thing concerning this little damn thing?"

"Exactly, unless you want to?"

"Nah, I think I'll pass"

"So – does it mean that we have a cat?"

"Under two more conditions"


"His name – you have to find something less fluffy, I can't have a cat named like that..."

"OK, anything else?"

"Oh, yeah...about that" he said with a sexy smirk leaning down to kiss you.

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