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"Mike"! - exclaimed Cameron as she opened a door and saw House with her brother sprawled together on the couch.

"Hey, sis – it's so good to see you" – said Mike wrapping his arms tightly around her waist.

"You too. So I guess you met House" – she stated, still a little bit worried whether she should expect a major crap coming her way. Mike was her brother and he has always kept her side, no matter how stupid she acted. He has also kept telling her that she is too nice for her own good and that she should stood up for herself, at least a little. After a few futile attempt to make her more alike himself, Mike told her that since she didn't seem to be able to do it herself – he decided that making sure she was happy was his job. And he really tried to do it well, even when they had grown up and he left the country, her big brother made sure to be au courant with her life. Both professional and personal. She knew that she could count on him, no matter how deeply he disagreed with her. This was the case with her first marriage, actually this was the case with both her marriages. It was hard for him to accept that she was marrying a dying man but he knew how to recognize a lost battle when he saw one. And this was one of those… He did all that he could – helped her with their medical bills, made sure she ate appropriately and finally he stayed by her side when she widowed. After that drama was over, Mike Cameron believed that she had learnt, that next time she would offer her heart to someone who wouldn't have crashed it. But then of course she met House and fell for him hard. When she admitted to have a crush on her boss, he patiently started to explain that a relationship with once own boss wasn't actually the best idea. But when she told him crying that it wouldn't matter cause this jerk didn't feel this same – right then he knew that this wasn't some fling on her side and he hated the guy deep in his guts for not wanting his sister. She should have something going her way finally. She should be happy.

He decided that only one explanation was acceptable - Greg House had to be gay, cause no sane heterosexual man with working blood flow would refuse his little sister. Or maybe his blood flow wasn't working – he had wandered. Anyway he thought that probably it was better for Allison that nothing could come out of it right from the beginning than to wait for something that just wasn't meant to be. But then he watched his sister longing for that guy for so long that he wanted to shout at her for doing this to herself. Now she had what she wanted – and she seemed to be happy. For him it was more than enough.

Mike looked at her eyes and smiled warmly:

"Yeah I met him and I got to tell you sis, he is something, he really is"

"I know, but I like him this way" – she said reassuringly.

"I can see that, sis. But you know – I had the "big brother" talk with him, so he was warned that if he ever hurts you…"

"Thank you – she said – but I think you don't have to worry"

"Well, he would be really stupid if he ever lets you go" – he said just loud enough for House to hear it.

"Mike - I thought that the "talk" was over" – House interrupted. "And as for you" – he said looking slyly at Cameron – "you're late and right now I'm thinking about the most appropriate way to make it up for me".

"Of course you are" said Cameron kissing him sweetly. She couldn't believe how happy she was.