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Pairings: Edward/Jasper/Harry

PoV: Harry

Loves of my Life

If you told me that in four months time I would find love and happiness in an isolated small town in America I would of laughed in your face. Things like that do not happen to me. Never have and never will. Alone and miserable is how I would probably spend my life. I'm a murderer, I killed a lot of people and not felt a thing. Sure they were all beyond evil, killing, torturing, raping and stealing. But nobody has the right to take a life and being told for the entire of my wizarding life that it was my duty to murder the murderer's, that the only reason I'm alive is to kill others and nobody else could kill or capture these people it does not make it right in anyway.

Infact it was probably worse. I switched off emotionally. I was a living zombie bent to the will of its masters. I didn't care, I didn't feel. I was the perfect weapon. No complaints from the zombie. Just don't ask him to hurt or kill anyone remotely innocent or you would face his wrath. It was probably the best defense mechanism I could come up with. I didn't want to feel so I didn't. Worked wonders.

I killed and killed and then killed some more without feeling one ounce of anything at all. I was praised for my commitment to the war. I was revered, feared, hated, loved, trusted and many other things but I felt none of them. I was the arrogant savior to the masses but for the very few who knew me knew it wasn't arrogance it was just nothing. A lack of any feeling at all. It scared them.

I killed the big bad guy at the end of the road. The monster was dead but was another one created in the process? A person who couldn't feel was surely a monster.

The wizarding world loved me after I killed the Dark Lord. Celebrations in my honor, offers of marriage or casual sex, people begging me to adopt their children. Hell I even got two public holidays in my name, the day I was born and the day I defeated Voldemort.

During all this I was sinking into a depression, and I was slightly happy it was my first feeling in a long time. With the depression came a feeling of being trapped and confused for some reason. I had no idea why and that confused me more.

Weeks passed without me noticing and it did not take long for things to change. I was starting to slowly feel again and the reverence the wizarding world had for me slowly disappeared and replaced with a growing fear and hatred. Reports of their hero going 'dark', as if I wasn't 'dark' already, came with increasing speed. Hate mail arrived, curses sent to me in envelops and howlers sent to me at any time of day.

It came to the point where I couldn't walk down the street to the bank, atleast the goblins liked me, without getting attacked, cursed and hexed. I defended myself and that lead to even more reported 'facts' I was going dark. I just had to get out of there or I would end up killing someone or maybe myself.

I don't know why I hadn't done it yet, killing myself would be beneficial to everybody involved but there was something in the back of my head telling me not to. That I still had something to live for and that thought always made me snort in laughter, I had nothing at all so what would I be living for? Still I did not kill myself instead I moved away from the magical world that was turning on me, with probable reason I might add. All this at the age of seventeen. It was to much.

I did some research and found a small town in America that had no magical community for miles. It was overcast and rainy most of the year so would suit my mood perfectly. I did not want sunshine and beaches. That would just not do. I packed my things, bought a house in the town that was called Forks. I didn't know then that that was where Lady Fate and Lady Destiny were going to continue messing with me and giving me a reward for putting up with their crap.

If you told me I would find love in this tiny town I would of laughed. Tell me that the person I was to love was male I wouldn't of battered an eyelash. Tell me that that male isn't human and was a vampire I wouldn't of cared. But tell me that the male vampire that I'm to love is infact two vampires thats where I tell you to stop taking whatever drugs your on.

I remember the day when I first seen them together. It was at school, I had wanted some sort of normalcy and routine and school sounded like a perfect idea at the time. Stupid of me to forget that the only education I've had in years was magical.

I had moved to the small town only three days ago and already I was falling in love with the seclusion of the place. My house was surrounded by trees in every direction and was about a mile or so off the road. It was a beautiful large two story house with four bedrooms three bathrooms, separate kitchen and dining room, spacious lounge room with a seventy inch plasma TV screen with surround sound. I have no clue as to why I got it when I have no real use for it but when I seen it in a catalog I had a feeling I had to have it so I just got it.

The house came with an attached garage that was large enough to fit four cars in comfortably. Currently its only holding two, but I have another feeling that will change sometime soon, my baby and my everyday car. It seemed that I was slowly discovering a side to myself that I never knew existed. A slightly snobbish side it seemed. Only expensive, rare, antique or beautiful things were capturing my attention and my baby got my attention easily. I was searching for cars on the net when I stumbled across this one and just had to have it.

A 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 'Super Snake'*. It was a weird looking car and there was just only two in the entire world and I happened to own the only original one in existence. It cost me a pretty penny, but god was it worth every cent. When I first saw it I was positive my heart stopped and my mouth was agape, there was nothing I could do but stare at it dumbly. I could only think that it was blue and the most beautiful piece of machinery on the planet. I had to have it, it was mine I had never been possessive of anything in my life and was stunned at the emotion coursing through me. It was mine and mine alone to drive.

But there was no way I could drive the beast around here. Not only would it raise many many questions I had no answers to at the moment but I was scared for the thing. Even though I placed a hundred few charms on it to protect it from anything and everything, the Snake could collide with a comet and would drive away without a scratch, I still worried constantly something could happen to it. Thats why I had my backup car that I wasn't as fond of. There was no way I could be fond of any other car then my Snake, but this one worked for my purposes. A sleek black Volvo that did not come anywhere close to the price of the Snake. I could of bought several houses and still had enough left over for the Volvo.

I couldn't admire the Snake anymore, I could still only describe it as blue and a beautiful beast, it was time to leave. I sighed and got into the Volvo wishing with all my might I could take the Snake.

The school was tiny. I managed to drive past it once and only when I turned around did I realize what the collection of buildings were. I pull into the parking lot noticing that my car was probably the shiniest thing in the parking lot of trucks and vans. I drove around till I finally found an open spot next to a car that was almost identical to mine except for that fact that it was silver instead of black.

I got out and then was completely confused as to where to go exactly. I had called ahead and told them to enroll me, I had thought it would be harder but it wasn't, a few fake details later I was told Harry Potter was enrolled and would start today. I spied a building with the word Office on the side and assumed thats where I should go.

I entered the tiny office and walked up to the desk where a small fat red headed woman with beady eyes was typing away on a computer. I cleared my throat and her eyes narrow at me.

"Who are you and what do you want!" she practically screams at me. Jesus what did I do to her?

"I'm the new kid Harry Potter." I replied venomously. Where did she get off screaming at me!

"Great, here!," She throws some papers in my direction and I pick them up off the floor. "Thats your class schedule and a map. Get out of my office go to class get signatures off the teachers and bring that piece of paper signed to me after the day is over." She hissed at me, I stood still glaring at her, usually I have to of done something do deserve this kind of treatment and I don't even know the woman!

"Leave now!" She screeches. Well fuck her!

"Listen here you bitch. I don't know where you get off treating me like that. I never did shit to you so I don't deserve your fucking bitchiness to start of my day of school. So shut the fuck up and apologize to me." I gave her the look that had scared people a lot more dangerous then her.

She cowers under my gaze and mumbles a hesitant apology. I storm out of the office cursing the bitch in my head. Fuck her probably her time of the month or something.

To say I was totally confused in every class till lunch was an understatement. I had no idea what the hell most of the teachers were saying. Why the hell did I think this was a good idea? I'm a moron it seems. I knew nothing in Government, History, Trig and I knew a little in English. I introduced myself in every class then headed for the back and never said a word. The whole thing made me feel stupid.

Several people came up to me, asking where I was from. England. What was it like there. Cold. If I was single. Yes. Doing anything on the weekend. Not with you.

A persistent girl, Jessica, I think was here name managed to get me to agree to sit with her group at lunch. She was in English with me, which was my last period before lunch, and practically dragged me to the cafeteria giving me a tray and tossing stuff that looked like some sort of food onto it. She then pulled me to a table and introduced me to several people. Angela and Ben who were a 'thing'. Mike who was hers. Lauren and Tylor she announced as the school tramps and a Bella who had a thing for the unattainable.

I sat down and picked at my food ignoring the chatter around me occasionally looking around at the other tables. It wasn't till I seen the table in the far corner that I saw them. By far the most beautiful things in this place and completely out of place sitting in this cafeteria. They aren't looking at me so I can safely analyze them.

A statuesque blond with curves in all the right places and none in the wrong, she looks like she could get whatever she wanted with just a suggestive smile and a wave. She was wrapped around a thick muscle bound guy that demanded you feared him contrasting with his jovial smile and atmosphere I could see even from here. A small black haired, pixie like girl on the end of the table who wore a knowing look and seemed to be shaking in anticipation. I thought of Luna, she would get alone with this girl famously I just knew for some reason. She seemed alone and was muttering something to what had to be the most perfect looking couple in existence.

It didn't matter that it was two guys. They were approximately the same height from what I could see from a distance. A honey blond haired piece of perfection and a bronze haired godlike creature. They were both well muscled, not like the bear of a man with the blond, but that of runners or maybe fighters. The bronzed haired teen laced his fingers through the honey blonds hand and gave a squeeze. A look of utter satisfaction and content crossed his face and I felt jealous. Of who I was not sure the bronze one who wore a perfect smile or the seemingly satisfied blond.

"Who are they?" I whispered. Jessica must of heard me for she responded.

"O they are the Cullen's." Her voiced held awe in it.

As soon as she had said Cullen's the bronze haired one looked at her briefly before his eye's settled on me. Widening a little then giving me a sexy smirk before turning back to his partner and whispering something to him leaving me completely confused. The blond looked over at me and seemed to assess me with his gaze before giving a small smile then leaning in to kiss the bronze god. Watching them I could only think how hot and perfect it looked.

"Th- the two that j-just kissed they are Edward Cullen and Jasper Hale." Jessica stuttered, completely flustered. I nodded slowly I could imagine my voice being just as controlled.

"The blond girl is Rosalie Hale, Jaspers twin, shes with the big one, Emmett Cullen, and the small spiky black haired girl thats Alice Cullen. She's weird and doesn't have anyone. The others are together obviously and they live together with the doctor and his wife." She prattled on.

While she was talking I was sorting through their features to figure them out I'm pretty sure I know what they are. It would be the logical choice all things considering. Vampires. The fact that there sitting surrounded by a few hundred students and a couple teachers with blood pumping and pounding hearts all around them without sending them into crazy bloodlust I could only think that they were from the infamous vegetarian coven. The only coven in history that fed from animals exclusively. Atleast I didn't have to kill them should they try to feed in the area. It would be a shame to kill such beauty and I really really don't want to be killing anybody ever again.

They probably already know that I'm a wizard. I was told we smell different to them then normal humans, something to do with the magic. Either way we should probably talk. Vampires were after all famous for hating wizards, sure these were the vegetarians but I didn't know there stance on wizards.

I stood up leaving my tray and a confused table behind and made my way to the table housing the dangerous predators. Well hopefully the not to dangerous predators. I plopped down into the only available seat, the one next to Edward. I looked around at their faces to gage their reactions. They didn't seem hostile at all. Infact they seemed quiet happy at the fact I sat with them.

Alice had a massive grin on her face and something in her eyes that scared and confused me a little. Rosalie looked me up and down before sighing and leaning into the big guy Emmett who like Alice had a shit eating grin and a playfulness in his eyes. Edward and Jasper I noticed were looking at me with matching facial expressions. Curiosity, expectation, maybe a little caution but with and underlying happiness that seemed to radiate off them causing me to smile despite myself, then leaving me feeling confused.

"So." I said feeling funny at the stares I was getting from not only the Cullen's but the ones I could feel burning holes into the back of my skull. Alice spoke up.

"So what is a wizard of all things doing in this little town, going to public school no less." She asked.

"What are a coven of vampires doing in a school surrounded by beating hearts?" I asked back.

"O you know looking for potential people to take the occasional sip from. I hear donating blood is all the rage now. School makes for a good place to find potential donors." She licked her lips at me and flashed her perfect white teeth at me. I could only imagine my look of horror that spread across my face. Maybe I got it wrong and these weren't the vegetarians.

The table erupts in laughter and I do something I haven't done in ages. I blush. Edwards head was on Jasper's shoulder as they both shook with laughter. Rosalie was laughing quietly and leaned over and gave Alice a hug who was sporting a dazzling smile and Emmett was doubled over as his entire body shook.

The laughter died down and in its place was a silence so profound you could hear a pin drop from the other side of the cafeteria. I turned around and looked back over at the students all staring at our table with eyes bugging and mouths wide open. Eventually they get the hint and resume their whisperings.

"God that was just to easy." Alice said with a grin.

"Yes yes scare the crap out of little wizard. Congratulations. Now I came over here to talk. I'll shut up about your family and if anyone finds out what you are ill fix their memories. In exchange your going to be silent about what I am and hold your tongue to any you may talk to in the magical community. You will not tell them that I'm here. OK. I think thats all." I said getting straight to the point.

Alice had a sly smile on her face when she replied. "Sure sounds good we can all agree to that. But your going to be coming over our house on a regular basis."

"I don't think so." I said back.

"O I think your are." She said knowingly. "If you want to continue going to this school your going to need tutoring. I imagine learning to become a wizard doesn't include learning American History or biology or,-"

"Fine, dammit. I know nothing about that crap I could probably use all the help I could get. So who's volunteering to waste their time teaching the ignorant wizard what he needs to know to not looked like a dumbass?" I looked at Alice figuring she would be the one as she seemed to have started all this and probably had the most time out of them to spare as she didn't seem to have anybody. But to my surprise Edward and Jasper gave me brilliant smiles and announced that they would be the ones to waste their time with me. I nodded hesitantly and smiled in thanks.

The rest of the time till the bell rang was spent in relative silence, from what I could hear anyway they could all be chatting without me none the wiser. I watched the two couples unable to keep their hands away from eachother, always touching sometimes subtly sometimes not, kissing whenever they seemed to feel like it. Admittedly I watched Jasper and Edward the most.

I had never cared for relationships in the past, I never really cared about anything at all. but watching the perfect pair I felt envy and maybe a little bit of jealousy I would have to deal with later. Dealing with emotions was still somewhat new to me.

I looked over at Alice who was watching them with a wistful smile. I caught her eye and gave her what I hoped was an encouraging smile then the bell went.

As it turned out I had Biology and gym with both Edward and Jasper. I followed behind them to Biology finding myself staring at their clasped hands. Unfortunately or fortunately, I'm not to sure, all the students already had partners and I was sent to be paired up with Edward and Jasper who both grinned happily when I sat down beside them.

I had absolutely no clue as to what the teacher was going on about. The word chromosome was mentioned a few times, something about pairs. It was all confusing and I just wrote down whatever the teacher said down in my notebook dumbly. The period went with me completely frustrated at my lack of any knowledge, cursing myself in my thoughts, Edwards quiet chuckling and something that could only be called amusedly frustrated looks from Jasper.

The bell went and Jasper leaned in to kiss Edward, who seemed to expect it, briefly before standing up together and walking hand in hand to the gym with me following behind staring again, wondering whats going on with my brain. Maybe its finally beginning to snap?

Gym arrived and the coach told the class it was a free day, do whatever you want. Edward and Jasper went off somewhere and I pulled a book out of my bag, I had recently started to read and found myself enjoying it. I had never had the time to read a book before that wasn't about learning spells or battle tactics or anything like that.

The book I'm reading now, Across the nightingale floor, is really enjoyable. I find myself somewhat sympathizing with the main character, Takeo, as he's being turned into an assassin. It was a fascinating read and I immersed myself into the book.

I started to lose the feeling in my legs as my elbows rested on my thighs as I had leaned forward totally captured by the book. Sighing at the uncomfortable feeling I stood up, stumbling slightly and took turns in shaking my legs, trying to force the blood back into them.

Smiling in satisfaction when I felt feeling return I sat back down leaning against the wall. It was then that I caught sight of a scene that made me forgot pretty much everything.

Edward and Jasper were rolling around on the floor of the gym, playfully throwing punches at eachother and shoving the other off when he got the advantage of being on top. My eyes probably bugged out as I continued to stare at the playful fighting, helpless to look away. My thoughts turned dirty and I would be disgusted in myself later but right now then ran wild at the scene before me. I could feel myself becoming uncomfortably hard and I bit into my lip.

Edward finally pinned Jasper to the ground and grinned victoriously as he had both Jasper's hands pinned, who didn't seem put out at all, and leaned down to absolutely ravage Jasper's mouth in the middle of the gym with every pair of eyes staring directly at the pair.

They went at it for about two minutes before Edward pulled back panting slightly with a crooked smile then standing up with a hand down to help Jasper, who looked amazingly disheveled, to his feet. They looked around at the students and staff that were staring at the pair as if they had witnessed something beyond comprehension. They both shrugged and gave them all a look that clearly stated what and walked towards me and sat down on either side of me.

Neither said much and for that I was grateful. I don't think I could of handled a conversation at all. My thoughts were still perverted and having both of them next to me wasn't helping at all. I needed a distraction so I shoved myself, with difficulty, back into my book.

The bell rang thankfully, I had to get away from them before I lost control of myself and did something stupid. I shoved my book in my bag got the coach to sign the stupid piece of paper I nearly forgot to ask him to sign and fled the gym into the office. I chucked the paper at the bitch behind the desk and all but ran out of the office to my car.

The silver version of my car was already gone and I was thankful. I had a feeling who that car belonged to and I don't want to run into them at the moment. I hopped into my car and sped out of the school carpark and raced home.

That was the first day of school. The second day went pretty much the same except at lunch I sat next to Alice rarely speaking a word as she talked to me. Edward and Jasper told me to follow them after school as they would start tutoring me in everything I would need to know. Biology was the same as the first day and gym was thankfully nothing like last time. The coach had us playing dodgeball. Edward, Jasper and I were all on the same side and we beat the other team easily. When you have reflexes like mine and well being a vampire its not hard to dodge a ball heading your way.

We changed out of our gym clothes just before the bell sounded and left the gym heading to our cars. I was right there car was the silver Volvo. Apparently it was Edwards so he said and commended me on my pick. I laughed and told him he should see my other car, thinking about my baby. I heard Edward gasp and his eyes went wide for a moment before a smile graced his face and he said he couldn't wait.

I followed them to their house and was stunned. It was nothing like I expected but then again I was totally unsure as to what to expect but this certainly wasn't it. A large three story house, painted white with windows everywhere. An entire side of the house was just large panes of glass. The house was so open, there was even a large tree growing in the middle of the house that I could see through the side wall. It was magnificent and something completely unexpected for vampires.

I followed the group into the house completely in awe. Apparently their parents were out. The father was at the hospital and the mother was there with him. I asked why and they told me I probably didn't want an answer. The group split up. Rosalie and Emmett went out to hunt, Alice went up to her room to do some online shopping or something and Edward and Jasper dragged me over to the dinning table that was probably never used for its purpose. Immediately they launched into trying to teaching me the things I should already know if I had an actual education. They started off with trig and I was completely confused about everything they told me.

They also couldn't keep there hands from eachother. I knew vampire's had basically only two predominate feelings, lust for blood and lust for there mate but this was ridiculous. They should have more control than this, sneaking kisses and caresses at every opportunity they had. They were acting like newly mated vampire's. I knew for a fact that they had been together for about forty years now, Alice had mentioned it in an off handedly manner. It was slightly disconcerting watching them and it was also majorly distracting.

Weeks passed in the same manor, I woke up went to the bathroom. Brushed my teeth and showered ogled my Viper I still haven't had the chance to drive properly. Well I've had the opportunity to but I'm still way too paranoid to consider driving it yet. Hell I haven't even let anybody even lay eyes on my beautiful beast. I couldn't have there unworthy gaze marring my car. After the ogling I drove to school dejectedly in the Volvo to school where I ignored everyone bar the Cullen's who I found myself starting to think of my family even though I didn't love with them at all. I met Esme and Carlisle at the same time and immediately fell in love with Esme warm smile and just the motherly presence and love she seemed to ooze wherever she went. Carlisle had merely shook my hand and said 'Welcome to the family.'

After school I went back to their house and Edward and Jasper would lead me off to the dining table or up into their room, whichever they felt like. After the tutoring I would find myself staying longer and longer before I would head home. I would talk to both of them about random things. Sometimes I would mention things about the wizarding world and my part in it. I was sure they already knew judging from the looks they sometimes gave me but I was thankful that they kept quiet and didn't hassle me. Other times I got them to talk about themselves and what it was like for them. Jasper being a southern gentleman and Edward coming from the sexually repressed early twentieth century where everything was a sin and be sent to hell for the stupidest things.

Edward couldn't remember his preferences when he was human, apparently memories fade, but seeing as he was raised a gentleman by his mother he assumed he was probably straight. He didn't give a shit that he turned out gay, he was a vampire if he was going to hell for a reason it would be because of that and not because he worshiped Jasper's cock. His words not mine.

Jasper on the other hand knew he was entirely straight before he was turned and after, he never slept with anyone after he was turned but he certainly did notice other women. He said he never even looked at a man like that before he Alice had brought him to Edward all those years ago. He blamed Edward for turning his previous straightness into the cock loving southern boy infront of me. Again Jasper's words not mine.

On the days that Edward and Jasper went out to hunt I usually stayed and talked with Alice, Esme, Carlisle or Emmett. Rosalie rarely talked to me. I don't think she hated me but she seemed impatient with me, like she was waiting for something. For what I had no idea at the time.

The weeks continued to pass and eventually two months passed. I had started to begin freaking out. I found myself falling in love and it scared the crap out of me. It wasn't just Edward and it wasn't just Jasper. It was both of them and it scared me to death. I dreamed constantly of both of them sometimes it was the three of us or just two of us while the other watches. The dreams, while totally arousing, were freaking me out. I didn't know what as going on with me and why I was falling for both of them but I just couldn't stop myself.

They were vampires for Christ sake, overly protective of their mates from everything I had previously read before. Surely they would kill me because of the things I can't help imagining. I didn't want to die yet so I kept my mouth shut and tried to convince my mind to bloody stop whatever its doing. I was scared they would find out and their reaction towards it.

Alice's knowing smiles when she looked at me at times were frightening the hell out of me. Combine those with Edward and Jasper's constant smirks when they caught me out when I slip into one of my fantasies and the innuendo they constantly spew in my presence and the times I had walked in on them in compromising positions every now and then, even though I was sure they knew I was coming. This had me worried and on edge. Something was happening and I wasn't sure what.

It was during the third month things changed. Edward and Jasper invited me along wherever they went. It started out innocently going out for walks occasionally, then going to Portland for some shopping. They started getting more... touchy feely with eachother and me. Grabbing my hand sometimes or pulling me into a hug for some reason, it confused the hell out of me. Vampires are known for their possessiveness so why are they both hugging me and touching me?

Then they started asking me to come with then on their dates together I refused going but then they started pleading and begging with the cutest faces I found myself agreeing even though it would probably only mean trouble for me.

It started with bowling one night, something I had never done before. We went to the closest bowling alley which was located in Portland. They dressed well in matching jeans and black silk shirts that made their pale beautiful skin to seemingly glow. Meanwhile I was in my well worn jeans and blue button up t-shirt with a black leather jacket draped over me. I had to worry about the cold.

We arrived at the bowling alley where I, like what seemed normal now, had no clue what to do or how to play. They payed for a lane and came back with some shoe we had to wear and explained how to play and the rules and scoring. In there words, knock down all the pins at once and you win. Sounded simple.

But when I picked the ball up and stuck my fingers in the ball and and bowled the ball down the lane it was anything but simple. I released the ball from my grip and it flew into the air and landed halfway down the lane where it then bounced then rolled directly into the gutter.

I dropped my head ashamed as Edward and Jasper laughed at me. I pouted at them and they got up and hugged me and told me they would teach me how to bowl.

The night was spent with either Edward or Jasper pressed up against me instructing me how to place my fingers into the ball, how to swing the ball and when to release and where to aim. Their teachings were filled with playful innuendo and overemphasis on the word ball.

Eventually it was called a night and they dropped me off at my house and Edward begged to see my car. I told him no, I was still the only person who I would let look at it, he pouted at me and I just grinned back and sauntered off into the house.

After the bowling... date... it was then to the movies. I remember the movie being Saw something, it lacked any story at all and was just torture devices killing people and a stupid voice playing games. Throughout the movie Jasper would lean over and start kissing Edward. I tried hard to ignore them and failed miserably when Edward started to moan softly as Jasper started to move down his neck and sucking on his collarbone.

I couldn't stop myself from watching the pair as Jasper continued his work on Edward's neck. It was probably the hottest thing I had ever seen. But then Jasper trailed his hand down Edward's chest down to his jeans then disappeared beneath the fabric. Edward released a low groan as Jasper's hand wrapped itself around him.

I watched as Jasper's hand began moving up and down slowly under the fabric. I was bitting my lip so hard I feared I was about to bleed, probably a bad thing to do infront of vampires. Edward's moaning got more consistent and Jasper's hand sped up. Edward leaned back further into the cinema chair with a groan. Jasper's mouth never left Edward's collarbone and I was sure he bit into him when Edward let out a particularly loud moan and Jasper moved a free hand over his mouth to keep him quiet.

I continued to watch wide eyed and with an embarrassingly large amount of lust. It was just so damn hot watching those two go at it. I couldn't stop myself as I started to palm myself through my jeans.

Edwards hips began to rise of the chair alittle bit and he groaned behind Jasper's hand almost inaudibly before he fell back into the chair looking thoroughly satisfied and ravished with a grin on his face.

I realized what I was still doing and immediately stopped and stood up and walked out of the theater trying to hide the massive erection I was sporting and fled into the cinema's toilets.

I sat down in one of the stalls and closed the door trying to collect my thoughts. Why the hell did they have to do that infront of me in the back of a dam cinema for gods sake? Why the hell did it have to be so god dam fucking hot? Why the hell couldn't I control myself? God dammit I can't stop thinking about it. Jasper's mouth on Edward's neck. Jasper's hand trailing down Edward's chest. Jasper's hand disappearing from my sight under the jeans. Jasper's hand stroking Edward's cock out of sight. Edward's low moans and groans. Edward lifting his hips of the chair as he comes.

And god I wished I could have that. Both of them, I want them I don't know why I tried to deny it. It was a doomed effort. But I would never have them, I'm just a fucking weapon who has been used and has nothing left in his life.

A loud growling sound broke me from my thoughts and the door was ripped open and I was face to face with a furious looking Edward with a pissed looking Jasper behind him.

"I can read your thoughts." He hissed at me. O shit. He's going to kill me I just know it.

"No. God damn it I'm not. Your not a fucking used weapon with nothing. You have my entire family. You have Jasper and I especially. Your fucking amazing. Caring, loving, funny, intelligent and just fucking wonderful. And your taking to god damn long to figure this out so I'm just going to show you." With that he gripped my face between his hands and kissed me. I was completely stunned as his lips attached themselves to mine in a demanding, possessive kiss with Jasper just inches away looking slightly pleased and not the murderously pissed off looked that I expected. Jasper smiles at me and I felt Edward run his tongue along my lower lip and I gasp in surprise.

He snaked his tongue into my mouth moving it along my own until it started moving on its own accord against the cold tongue that was now battling with it. Edward seemingly reluctantly breaks the kiss and looks into my eyes with frighteningly intense eyes.

"Your my mate, just as I'm Jasper's and hes yours. I had hoped you would figure it out eventually, that we wouldn't have to spell everything out for you since you were a wizard and theres probably books about vampires and mates. I had thought if we ease you into this slowly that you would figure it out. It seems I was wrong and I decided a more direct approach would be more appropriate. But then I find you here with your depressive thoughts. I just had to tell you. To get you to see whats happening infront of you." He stepped back leaving me stunned and Jasper took his place infront of me.

"We want you Harry. Both of us have been waiting for you for a long time now. We just knew we weren't yet complete, we were missing something and that something was you. We need you. We aren't us if your not there. Your our mate and we are going to claim you." A leaned in trapping my face just like Edward had and kissed me softly, sweetly. Completely different from Edwards commanding possessive kiss but still left me breathless nonetheless.

I was shocked. Completely utterly shocked. My brain seemed to stop functioning on most levels except the one that repeated the thought. They want me. ME! They BOTH want me. I stood stock still and brain function began returning and I begun wondering how this could possibly be happening to me. How choosing to move to this rainy little town had changed me so completely, from the person who rarely felt anything at all to this person who was in love. Not with just one person but two. Not only in love with them but also had a loving family, something that he never had. I had it now I had everything that I had begun dreaming of. An amazing car I still was worried about to drive, I was in love with the two most amazing beings on the planet and I had a family. A real family for the first time in my life.

"I think he gets it now!" Edward cried out and grabs my hand pulling me out of the toilets.

"Where are we going now?" I asked a little confused as Edward seemed to be rushing us.

"We're claiming you. I can't wait any long and I don't think Jasper can either." Edward said in a rush.

"Oh." I replied before somewhat speeding up. "Lets get going then!" I was sick of waiting and I seemed to be getting the only thing I have ever wanted. I wasn't wasting any more time. Whats that expression? Never look a gift horse in the mouth or something along those lines. I wasn't going to question this, I didn't want to. I just let myself go along with what I was feeling. And I felt wonderful.

To be Continued

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