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Pairings: Edward/Jasper/Harry

PoV: Harry

Loves of my Life Part Two

"Where are we going now?" I asked a little confused as Edward seemed to be rushing us.

"We're claiming you. I can't wait any long and I don't think Jasper can either." Edward said in a rush.

"Oh." I replied before somewhat speeding up. "Lets get going then!" I was sick of waiting and I seemed to be getting the only thing I have ever wanted. I wasn't wasting any more time. Whats that expression? Never look a gift horse in the mouth or something along those lines. I wasn't going to question this, I didn't want to. I just let myself go along with what I was feeling. And I felt wonderful.

Edward dragged me out of the cinema complex ignoring the questioning stares we were receiving from all directions. Jasper was following behind us and when I looked over my shoulder at his face I seen he was wearing a predatory, gleeful expression. He caught my gaze and gave me a lascivious smile wiggling his eyebrows at me. I returned a somewhat timid smile and turned back around noticing that Edward already had us by his car and opening the back door. He tossed the keys and Jasper and said "drive".

Edward then picked me up off the ground and practically tossed me into the back seat and I let out a very manly squeal of surprise and glared up at the taller godlike creature. He just smiled at me and hopped into the backseat with me.

I tried to sit back up but Edward just pushed me back down into the leather seats and pushed my leg off the side and settled himself kneeling back on his legs and between my legs, his face a mere inch away and licked his lips at me seductively. My eyes couldn't help but follow the pink tongue wetting his lips.

Edward brought his face closer to mine and pressed his lips against mine. I immediately respond and Edward sucks my lower lip into his mouth gently nibbling on it before releasing it and running his cold tongue over the worried lip. I opened my mouth and felt Edwards tongue quickly slid into my mouth playing with my own battling and stroking in a fight for dominance.

He released my mouth leaving me panting for breath and moves down kissing and nibbling my jawline to the junction between my neck and collarbone where he begins to kiss, nibble and suck with vigor. While recovering my breath I realized my shirt was open and my chest exposed and Edwards hands were at my hips. That and the fact that the car was moving.

I don't even remember Jasper opening the door let alone closing it behind him and starting the engine. I suppose I was distracted though. He was watching us in the rear view mirror with lust clear in his gaze. I couldn't help but moan when Edward's ministrations on my neck increased in sensation.

Edward kissed his way back up to my lips taking them into another lust filled kiss. His hand trailed from my hips down lower and lower before it rested on the erection I had been sporting ever since he tossed me into the car. He stroked me through my pants making me moan into his mouth. I break away from his kiss needing air and Edward shifted his position in the tight space and he nibbled and sucked his way down to my nipple biting down and I let out a loud groan. His cold tongue circles around my hardened nipple soothing it before he sucked in into his mouth and continued manipulating it wonderfully.

The door behind my head opens and I freak out and scream thinking I'm going to fall out of a moving car or something equally terrifying but there stand Jasper grinning down at me with a dazzling smile and a very prominent erection . I hadn't even heard the car stop let alone realized we were already at their house. He tugged on my arm releasing the hold my hands had in his hair. I can't even remember fisting my hands into the wild messy hair.

Jasper drags us both out of the backseat without a word closing the door behind us. I found myself once again on the receiving end another kiss from Edward who's hands now have free reign to move wherever they feel like. They slowly move down my back before settling on my ass giving a firm squeeze and pulling me against him where he grinds his hips into me, making me feel his desire.

From behind me another pair of lips attach themselves to the opposite side that Edward had been attacking earlier.

I groaned when I felt Jaspers hard cock press into my back and I was suddenly in the air over one of Edward's shoulders.

"I think we've had enough of this," I heard Jasper make some sort of humming noise that must have been his agreement because Edward continued on. "good then. Let's go."

Everything turned into a blur around me as Edward must of ran at his top speed because in less then a second I found myself in their room. Edward through me down onto the bed and I bounced a little. I had never realized before just how big the bed was. Plenty of room for three.

I propped myself up on the headboard and just watched as Edward and Jasper tried to devour eachother at the foot of the bed.

Jasper came up behind Edward with that predator glint in his eyes I had seen before, snaking his arms around the eternal teens waist pulling him into his chest. Jasper bit and sucked and Edwards neck while his hands wandered all over the planes of Edward chest. Moving up to where his nipples are and giving them both a pinch, making the bronze haired teen moan loudly.

I was slightly concerned about being overheard by the rest of the family. It was something I really didn't want them to hear and I really didn't want to be thinking about their reactions.

"Don't worry," Edward breathlessly says before moaning Jasper's name as the blonds hand had moved down to Edwards cock. "they left ... before we even, god Jasper,... got here." He groans loudly again at something Jasper did to him.

Jasper's hand leave Edward's groin and I hear him whimper in disappointment. They made their way up and under Edward's shirt and I could the sound of the fabric ripping as the shirt vanished from Edward's body leaving his glorious chest open for my viewing pleasure.

I started to palm myself again for the second time tonight as I got to watch Jasper's hands trail over Edward's chest following the outlines of his abs, pecs, and the well defined V pointing down at the hidden treasure below.

Jasper's hand fisted in the cloth that was Edward's pants and he ripped them off completely tossing them ontop of the ruined shirt somewhere off to the side. I was happily surprised to find out that Edward was going commando tonight as his hard cock was released from its confines.

Probably wanting to move on Edward turns them around and pushes Jasper over the foot of the bed. Jasper' head settles between my feet and I could feel his hair tickling my foot. Edward made quick work of Jasper's clothes tearing them off the blonds body. He looked at me his eyes darkening as he watches my hand moving on my cock through the jeans. He gives me a look the promises good things to come and knelt down at the foot of the bed and positioned his head between Jasper's legs which were hanging off the bed.

I watched with rapt attention as Edward kissed and nibbled his way along Jasper's thigh to his groin avoiding the cock that twitched as he got closer. Jasper's breathing got heavier and heavier as Edward got closer and closer to his cock. After teasing Jasper for a short time Edward grabbed his cock and placed a kiss at the base before taking Jasper's balls into his mouth and slowly stroking Jasper with his hand.

Jasper's hands fisted in the sheets of the bed as his balls disappeared into Edwards awaiting mouth. I couldn't help myself, I got up and crawled down to Jasper. I kissed his forehead moving down his nose before settling on his lips. I kissed him with all the pent up lust I had from watching them both. Jasper gasped involuntary and I slid my tongue into his now open mouth.

I looked down at Edward who was looking at me with greedy lust filled eyes. He had Jasper's cock in his mouth moving up and down on it as he looked me in the eyes. Occasionally he would release Jaspers cock from his mouth and his tongue darted out swirling around the tip causing Jasper below him to writhe and moan into my mouth.

Slightly satisfied from kissing Jasper I move back to my previous position to just continue watching the two beautiful people loving eachother.

Jasper's hands had situated themselves in Edward's hair tugging every now and then making Edward moan around the cock in his mouth. I watched with undisclosed lust as Jasper's strong legs wrapped around Edward as he took all of Jasper's impressive dick into his mouth repeatedly.

Jasper's panting and moaning grew louder and louder till he started mumbling Edward's name over and over again. He was getting close and Edward could tell because he began working Jasper's cock faster and faster till he was almost a blur to my eyes.

I watched as Jasper's hips raised of the bed and he moaned out.

"Unnggh. Fuck Edward! So god dam good baby."

Edward made a humming sound around Jasper's cock who cried out and thrust his hips into Edward's face and shot his cum into Edward's awaiting mouth who swallowed greedily. I watched in fascination as Edward licked Jasper's softening cock cleaning it up a little and causing it to harden again almost immediately.

I must of made some sort of noise or maybe thought something because Edward's head snapped up from between Jasper's legs and looked me straight in the eyes. The look he gave me was amazingly intense. It was predatory, it was lust and O the things that looked promised. There would be no love, this was all about making me his. Theirs. No mushy feelings tonight, no 'I love yous'. They were laying their claim on me, possessing me, owning me.

I didn't care one bit. I wanted to be theirs more then anything I had ever wanted, well maybe on par with the Viper.

Edward started growling threateningly then, he must of heard that last thought.

"We better not be on par with a fucking car after this." He growled at me.

"I suppose it depends how good you are then doesn't it?" I teased back.

"Oh I'm very good and I assure you the only thing on your mind will be me, Jasper, our cocks, your ass and your mouth." God. I was a goner.

He climbed over a post-coital Jasper onto the bed, slowly, then tortuously stalked his way closer and closer to me like a predator stalking its prey. I watched as his powerful body made its way towards me, his hips were swaying slightly and I could see his hard cock moving from side to side mesmerizing me.

It was probably the hottest thing I had ever seen in my entire life. This powerful, dangerous, deadly, graceful, ridiculously beautiful and naked creature stalking and growling its way to me. I was trapped in its powerful black gaze. I was helpless and I could not care less.

Edward crawled his way to me till his face was a mere inch away from mine. He captured my lips in a rather tender kiss, not at all like the previous possessive ones I had been getting. I felt his cold hands move under my shirt rubbing against my sides as he broke out of the kiss and lifted the shirt off my body.

Once my shirt came off a blur of movement caught my eye and Jasper appeared lying down beside us. Edward tossed my shirt on the floor and swooped in to chastely kiss me before kissing and sucking his way down my chest to my nipple where he flicked his tongue against it making it pebble immediately. While Edward licked and nipped on my nibble Jasper leaned into me stealing my breath in an exhilarating kiss. I let my hands roam Jasper's hard defined chest brushing against his nipples making him shudder and moan a little into my mouth.

I had to break the kiss as Edward moved down my body going lower and lower, his hands went to my jeans and peeled them off my body. I was left almost nude and completely hard in my red boxer-briefs. Edward kissed his way back up my legs to the place I was most looking forward to feeling his mouth. He nuzzled his head against my cloth covered cock, giving it a kiss and a suck through the thin fabric causing me to shiver and groan a little.

Edward began removing my boxer-briefs and I the bed shift I turned my head to the side and was greeted by the magnificent sight of Jasper's cock. I grinned and wrapped my hand around him, slowly pumping him. I felt a cold tongue lick its way up my shaft slowly making it twitch. His tongue made its way to the tip of my cock and licked the pre-cum leaking out of me. He licked the slit of my head and swirled his tongue around the head of my dick then I grunted as Edward's mouth enveloped my cock to the base hitting the back of his throat. It felt so fucking good.

I picked my pace up on Jasper's cock and leaned in his direction opening my mouth at the same time taking the the into my mouth and swirling my tongue around it savoring his taste. Jasper moaned loudly as I sucked on his cock trying to swallow more and more of him. I relaxed my throat and managed to take him in a little further.

I whimpered a little around Jasper's cock as I no longer felt Edwards mouth around me. Before I could really complain though the mouth was back and his hand was playing with my balls. I did the same to Jasper, learning from Edward that it felt fucking wonderful.

A cold wet finger pressed itself against my ass and I tensed up. Edward hummed around me cock effectively distracting me. He pushed a slick finger into me slowly and I groaned into Jasper's cock who then fisted a hand in my hair and began moving my head and thrusting gently into my mouth going a little further each time.

I fought against my gag reflex and Edward's finger began moving in and out of my ass with his mouth still greedily sucking on my cock. I was bout ready to die of the sensations he was causing me. Edward added another finger into me stretching me further, I distracted myself by focusing on Jasper's cock and his hand tugging lightly at my hair. I managed to relax my throat enough to take Jasper to the hilt.

"O fuckin hell Harry." Jasper groaned. "So good baby."

I repeated the action a few more times and rolled Jaspers balls in my hand. He was getting close and was tugging my hair somewhat painfully. I took him all in again and squeezed his balls and I felt him twitch in my mouth before moaning my name loudly and coming. I quickly started swallowing everything Jasper released marveling at the salty and slightly sweet taste. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I licked him clean before it was no longer in my reach.

Edward's fingers move up to three and without Jasper's cock in my mouth I was a panting mess slowly sinking down the headboard and further down into the bed till I was perfectly flat on my back with my hips slightly raised and Edward's mouth no longer on my cock, replaced by a tortuously slow moving hand.

His fingers moved faster inside me and I was writhing at his ministrations, His fingers changed their angle a bit and hit a spot inside me that had me screaming in pleasure.

"Edward right there! O god more, more please!" I wiggled my ass a little into his fingers as they found that spot again.

He continued fucking me with his fingers before deciding that I was sufficiently stretched. Edward's fingers slide out of my ass a final time and I whimpered at the loss before quickly shutting up as his lube covered cock pressed gently against my opening.

He pushed in slowly and I tried to relax against the invasion with difficulty. Edward leaned over my now sweaty body and pressed his lips against mine softly, running his tongue against my lips before I opened my mouth to him and his tongue slipped in doing all sorts of wicked things in there. He continued to press himself slowly into me and before long he was completely filling me and he stilled letting my body adjust to the new sensation.

He continued to kiss my softly and Jasper who had pretty much forgotten about came up behind Edward and started preparing him with his fingers. Edward moaned into the kiss before breaking off and then slowly moving his cock out of me then pushing gently back in.

"Oh god Edward." I moaned.

He leaned down into me and whispered in my ear. "How does it feel Harry to have my cock pressed into you? Filling you, making you mine as Jasper's fingers fuck me?"

I could do nothing but moan and grunt at him as he thrust in me again and again. The feeling was indescribable, I could feel every single inch move slowly in and out of my ass. I was a whimper, moaning and groaning mess.

Edward's thrusting continued and both his hands moved to my hips leaving my cock completely abandoned. I moved my hips in time with his thrusting taking Edward in even further. The sound of skin slapping skin grew louder and louder with each thrust.

He leaned over me and suddenly moaned loudly.

"Jasper so good. Fuck me baby." Edward said. I could only assume Jasper had finally pushed his cock into Edward who had now stopped moving. Just thinking about Jasper fucking Edward's ass as he fucked mine was going to make me cum.

Edward was panting and moaning above me when he started moving again. Everytime he moved out of me he pushed himself deeper into Jasper. He continued to fuck me into a state of abandon, I could not get enough and I never wanted him to stop, and impale himself onto Jasper's cock.

He must have been going to slow for Jasper because suddenly Jasper pushed on Edwards back making him fall onto me and grabbed Edwards hips and began thrusting into him with surprising force. I could feel it as Jasper fucked Edward harder making Edwards cock press into me harder and deeper.

"O god... Yes... Fuck me Jazz..." Edward moaned into my neck and began kissing and sucking anything in his reach. I heard the sound of Jasper's breathing pick up as he began moving faster and harder. I heard the sound of skin slapping against skin come faster and faster until it was almost one constant sound.

I craned my head around Edward and watched as Jasper continued to pound into Edward. Jasper's face was contorted in pleasure and his muscles rippling at the force of his thrusts. I couldn't look away if I wanted to. I watched as Jasper's cock disappeared into Edward's ass. I moved my hands to Edward's back and ran them down his spine till then settled on his cheeks. I gave them a squeeze, loving the feel of them, and pushed him down into me.

I tried to reach Jasper with my hands but sadly failed and returned to Edward's ass running my fingers all over his ass stroking and pinching which elicited a surprising, for me anyway, loud grunt. I decided to explore this new found knowledge and slapped his ass as hard as I could. The result was what I had hoped. Edward groaned loudly and his cock twitched in my ass. I did it again on the other cheek getting the same glorious result.

Jasper's thrusting was turning Edward feral, he was moaning, groaning, whimpering and hissing as Jasper pushed himself harder and faster into him. The force of his thrusting was increasing still and I watched as Edward was turning into a wanton mess above me.

I was on fire, every nerve in my body was blazing ignoring the cold body pressed ontop of me. It was overwhelmingly hot and I could smell my sweat getting stronger. I wasn't going to last much longer and when Edward propped himself up again when Jasper's movements slowed down he wrapped a hand around my cock and began moving in my ass again under his own power. He picked up my legs and put them on his shoulders and bent over and started fucking me at a new angle. He hit that spot again that turned me into a pleasured puddle of moans and whimpers. My cocked twitch in his hand as he picked up the force and speed of his movements hitting that spot over and over again.

"Cum for me Harry. I want you to cum and tell me who owns you." Edward said.

"Unngh Edward you do. You both do." I moaned back.

I came with a scream and Edward's name on my lips.

Jasper behind Edward groaned and bit down on his shoulder which caused Edward to moan loudly and shiver slightly. Jasper collapsed backwards onto the bed looking throughly spent and satisfied and Edward thrust a few more times into my ass before biting down on my neck and twitching in my ass.

"Your mine, your ours!" He growled.

"Yours, both your yours." I moaned.

I could feel his icy cum spurt into my ass before he slowly stopped his thrusting and slipped out of my ass rolling into a heap beside me looking disheveled and ravished, probably much like me except I was coated in sweat and my own cum still on my body.

"Urg, I'm all sweaty and sticky." I lamented.

A damp towel was tossed at me from somewhere and I assumed it came from Jasper. I wiped the cum and of my stomach and threw the towel on the floor. I relaxed into the bed in post-coital bliss sighing happily.

I suddenly realized that Edward had seen my car in my thoughts. I heard a groan escape from near me.

"How could you be thinking about your car now!" Edward demanded. I had to chuckle.

"I don't know but you've seen my car with your unworthy eyes!" I practically shouted.

"Technically I haven't seen it with my eyes yet. And I'm unworthy?" He asked incredulously. "I had hoped I had proved myself worthy of you but I guess I failed."

I pretended to think for a little bit. Forgetting that he could read my mind. He chuckled.

"Fine so maybe your not entirely unworthy. You might still have to try convincing me. I mean you've only gotten my off once so far."

It also suddenly occurred to me that out of all of us Jasper got to orgasm twice more then me and Edward and that just did not feel right to me.

I heard Edward chuckle softly beside me. "And what do you have in mind to fix that my little Harry?" He asked. Something inside me swirled when he referred to me as his.

I tilted my head towards him and he copied the movement. I gave him a lascivious grin.

"O I just have no idea what to do." I said though with my thoughts I was telling him exactly what I wanted to do.

I suddenly found myself being straddled by the vampire. "Lets get started then." He said seductively and grinding into me.

The End.