Minerva McGonagall was alone in her office. The war that had seemed endless had ended. Finally. And now there was going to be peace. Yes, peace… for everyone but for her. She was just going to remember the thoughts which she had tried so hard to forget.

She leaned to a wall. When had she started to be so irrational? When had she started to break down so openly? But now, now that the war had ended, all the sadness which she had managed to keep for herself until that moment started to become too much. She couldn't, just couldn't go on.

A single tear escaped her eyes.

How long had it been? Yes…how long? Since the last time she had seen him. Since the last time he had smiled to her, one of his smiles which were worth the gold of the entire world, one of his smiles for which she would have willingly done anything…

Hogwarts, a lot of years before

Minerva McGonagall heard the Sorting Hat say to her: GRYFFINDOR!. Happy, she went towards her new House members. She had heard it was a very respectable house. She was excited, it was her first school day. She wanted to be a great witch. She glanced up at the staff's table. She met the eyes of one of the teachers, who seemed to be quite young. He was clapping hands in a polite manner, and he smiled at her, looking at her with a glance over the half-moon spectacles. It was a limpid ,twinkling, light-blue gaze.

Minerva McGonagall decided right away that she liked that eyes very much. She smiled shyly and sat down.

"Do you know what's his name?" she asked, a little afraid, to the girl who sat next to her, pointing to the teachers' table.

"The one with the glasses, you mean? No… I believe he's a new one. He's quite young… I think he's going to teach us Transfiguration. You know, I've heard he's one of the most brilliant young minds who came out of Hogwarts in the last decades or even more…" answered she.

Minerva nodded briefly.

"Nice to meet you, anyway, I'm Augusta" said the girl again with a smile. "I've just been sorted, just like you, but I know a lot about Hogwarts. My brother kept telling me everything about it, and I just listened to him, so that's why I think that Professor is new. He isn't like any of the descriptions my brother told me… but I could be wrong, of course"

"Hi… I'm Minerva."

"That's a very nice name! Did you know that it is the name of a roman goddess? The goddess of wisdom.." she smiled again "Well, you seem to be a quite clever person, so I don't doubt that the name suits you"

Minerva McGonagall smiled again, but before she could say anything else, the Headmaster stood up.

"I would like to welcome our new Transfiguration Professor… Albus Dumbledore!"


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