I walked up the hallway toward the biology lab. I tripped and stumbled and my books fell out of my arms to the floor. I knelt down and picked up my things; nobody stopped to help. Not even Mike.

I glanced up at Mike as he passed by. My eyes followed his back as he approached the classroom door. He hesitated, just outside the threshold, turned, and walked away. I frowned; where did he think he was off to?

I started to get back to my feet when I saw two more classmates approach the door. They too hesitated, before entering, and then turned away.


Slowly, warily, I approached the door, hesitating as the others had done before me. I glanced at the blackboard expecting to see a class cancellation notice or a message redirecting me to another room, but there was nothing. So I did what the others hadn't: I walked in.

The room was empty with the exception of one seat.

"Hey, Butch," I greeted.

By now I realized that I was dreaming, but even in my dreams I couldn't resist Emmett Cullen.

He looked up and smiled is big, dimpled smile.

He stood up, shook his head at me, and stepped away.

I stretched a hand out to him. "Emmett, what's wrong?"

He just smiled again and stepped another step away from me.

I leaned forward--

"Ow!" I yelled out in surprise.

"Bells?" Charlie called my name from down the hall.

"Son of a--" I muttered.

The door was thrown open and the lights flicked on.

"Bella! Are you okay?" Charlie kneeled beside me and helped untangled my from my sheets.

"My wrist hurts," I moaned.

Charlie hauled me upright -- a part of my brain stored my father's surprising strength away for later evaluation -- and pushed me back into bed.

"Let me see," Charlie grunted, reaching out a hand.

I hesitated, put blind faith in the hope that Charlie's first-aid knowledge was better than his culinary skills, and then held out my wrist. I glanced down at his calloused hand and where it prodded my -- Oh, God, I really shouldn't have looked! -- swelling wrist.

"Bells," he sighed. "Only you."

"I know," I concurred.

"Can you move your fingers?"

"Mmm," I murmured and gave them a wiggle. "Yeah."

"I don't think its broken, but maybe we should get it looked at."


"Hospital policy," Nurse Bloodsucker replied to the expression of refusal on my face.

No wonder she got stuck on the night shift. They wanted to limit her patient interaction. This bitch is more unpleasant than the nurse who has to say, "Please, bend over…" while she waves a frighteningly invasive looking hose.

When she admitted me, she actually didn't believe that I had done this to myself by accident. Apparently, its not a common occurrence for the Forks ER to admit people for falling out of bed in the dead of night and breaking a wrist. She asked if someone was threatening me… Charlie was right there! If she suspected that it was Charlie… I mean, we know it wasn't, but if it was, did she really expect me to say so right in front of him?

Then when she did the standard procedure admittance crap, she got sidetracked and left the blood pressure cuff on my arm. It wasn't one of those pump-by-hand blood pressure cuffs either, it was one of the automatics… So of course it got tighter and tighter until it pinched uncomfortably, then she took down the information and became all "Oh, look, a butterfly…" Then when I brought her attention to the fact that I was getting blood pressure cuff burn, she asked me to stop being hostile. Hostile?

I got in the wheelchair and allowed her to push me up to radiology and did my best to ignore her.

The x-rays were taken in seconds, no muss, no fuss, been there, done that. Charlie lurked about in a mother hen fashion and I prayed he would not feel the need to call Renee about this.

The nurse from the greenest hell on earth then pushed me into an exam room to wait for the doctor.

I waited.

And waited.

Waited some more.

And then…

In walked the doctor.

And may I just say, Hot. Damn. And add on top of that, How many more are there?

"Sorry to keep you waiting," the famed Dr. Cullen, in all his blonde, not-old-but-older-than-me goodness, apologized.

"Chief Swan!" Dr. Cullen seemed a little surprised to see Charlie here and his golden eyes flashed back to my face. "You must be his Isabella," Dr. Cullen guessed with a smile, without even looking at my chart. I nodded in confirmation while cringing at the use of my full name. "I'm Dr. Cullen."

"It's Bella," I corrected. "I know who you are." I flushed red as I realized how rude that sounded and rushed to cover it up. "I'm friends with Emmett."

"Emmett? One of your boys?" Charlie asked as Dr. Cullen flicked on the lighted board to look at my x-rays. The suspicious look Charlie shot me, did not go unnoticed. I rolled my eyes.

What was I supposed to tell him?

Hey dad, guess what? I inadvertently molested Emmett Cullen in the parking lot my first day of school, but given the chance I'd probably do it on purpose. Oh! That reminds me, I currently spend a lot of time passing notes to him in class when I am supposed to be hard at work learning so I can do things like get into a decent college and get a career…

"Yes, one of my elder sons," Dr. Cullen answered.

Charlie grunted and glared at me, which I ignored.

"Alright, Bella," Dr. Cullen turned to me with a smile. "Its not broken."

He came closer and took my wrist in his cold fingers -- doctor's hands -- and gave me a quick look over.

"You've just strained it, I'm going to give you a brace and you should put some ice on it to keep the swelling down but you should be fine in couple of days."

He opened a drawer and took out what I assumed was the before mentioned brace.

"So how do you know Emmett?" Dr. Cullen asked. I'm sure he was just trying to distract me, but really, he didn't have to worry. I had no desire to look.

"He's in my biology class and in my gym class. We just kind of hit it off," I murmered, flinching as I felt the pressure on my wrist.

He nodded and pulled away.

"Go home and try to get some more sleep in before school," he gave me what I'm sure he thought was an encouraging smile. Little did the good doctor know, that sleeping is what got me into this mess.

But when in Rome…

"Um, Dr. Cullen?" I asked, getting off the gurney and to my feet. "Is Emmett back from his camping trip?'

"Yes," he informed me with a smirk that made me think I wasn't being as blasé as I hoped I was. "I'll tell him you said hi."

I walked out of there slightly numbed with horror.

I didn't want Emmett to know I'd asked about him, did I?

I couldn't very well explain to his dad that I had a crush, especially if I wasn't even going to tell my dad, could I?

I cheered up by reminding myself that Emmett would be back and Lauren would be ready.