Title: Pirates for eternity

Type: Drabble

Timeframe: the end of/after At World's End

Rating: PG (just to be safe, savvy?)

Character(s): Barbossa, mention of Jack

Genres: General

Warnings: Pirate's thoughts. Highly toxic in selfishness. ;)

Summary: Barbossa is annoyed: both at Jack and possible situation the man has created. And maybe there's something more to this than that?

Disclaimer: I'm getting tired of writing this; it's like rubbing salt into your own wounds. I know I ain't gonna own any of them. They belong to Disney *goes off to sulk*

"Pirates for eternity"

Barbossa is annoyed.

Barbossa is annoyed and wary of the future life he's going to get, because the past awakens in him and smiles fiendishly.

He has a disturbing vision of himself and Jack, drinking from the Fountain, for eternity locked in fight, or commanding his ship together again, for the whole eternity of the world.

The world changes, but not enough to make this acceptable.

He waits in sleep to see if other visions come, skeletons and a numb void of nothingness, so empty of life that not even death can fill it.

Barbossa ignores the past and goes searching for that fabled immortal life, bent on getting there first, as always.

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