I own nothing to do with The Forgotten. Title is from a song by Neil Young.

Tell Me Why

Imagine you had a life like mine.

A wife that you loved, adored. A son that looked up to you as a hero, as his hero, that ran to the door with a smile on his face as soon as he heard your key in the lock. A job that made you feel like you mattered, that what you did was important.

I wish I had a life like that.

My wife doesn't notice me. Doesn't care whether I'm in the house or out having dinner with another woman, even if she is homeless. Even if she did notice, I think it'd just give my wife another reason to despise me.

My son...my son just wishes I was a character on a television show. At least then he could switch me off when he was finished with me. All I am to him is a way to order fast food. As long as I kept him fed, I could be any one. I cant even buy him a dog.

And my job...dont even get me started on my job.

I'm useless.

Except for...

Except for my other job.

I matter there. Or I try to. I can make a difference. Make things right. Make up for everything else that is wrong and messed up in my life. Make up for everything else!

I know how they look at me. I know they think I'm a joke, and sometimes I act before I think, and I end up making as big a mess of this as I do of everything else. But they never hold it against me. They forgive me, and they welcome me back. Give me another chance, time after time, and all my other mistakes are gone, forgotten.

I know I'm not dynamic. I'm not important or talented or beautiful. I'm not even notorious. But I'm there, and I help, and we bring people home and that's what matters.

They bring me home. Make me feel like I belong.

Alex. Candace. Lindsay. Tyler. Detective Russell.

I am Walter Bailey and these are the people that bring me home.

End of Tell Me Why