It was a good day at the NCIS agence. No murder case, no kidnapping... So they work on some cold case. Well, "they", not really. Gibbs went outside for drink coffee, and Tony... Tony had just come out from the elevator with his stupid and happy smile.

He arrived in the bull-pen, swung his bag on his chair, and passed his hand through his wet hair.

"Hello everybody ! How are you in this beautiful sunny morning ?"

He looked out of the window. It rained.

"Wait, sunny morning is maybe a bit exagerated, but... well, I suppose that I just brighten your day, right ?"

Ziva looked at him with an amused gaze and rolled his eyes.

Tony glanced to McGee's desk. His partner was focus on his computer, typing frantically. Obviously he was too concentrated for seeing him.

McGee was wearing another turtleneck... Tony laughed to himself- ''God, why does McGee do this to himself... doesn't he know I have enough to tease him with already?''

Tony grinned again, today was going to be a good day.

Tony has already a lot of jokes about that. He picked one of them.

He glanced Ziva with a victorious smile. She already know what he is going to do. She know him too much...

He walked until McGee's desk. He was placed behind him. Then he pulled his mouth beside McGee's ear.

"Hello Mc Turtleneck. Forgot how to say "hello" this morning ?"

McGee jumped, then look at Tony with an angry face.

"And you, forgot that you can just talk to me ?

- Oh come on Mc Grumpy !"

Tim sighed.

"Bad sleep this night ?"

Tim rolled his eyes. Oh yeah, Tony knows exactly why he doesn't sleep enough this night...

"Not enough sleep if you see what I whispered."

Tony raised his eyebrows, a face falsely surprise for Ziva who looks at them. He sat on McGee's desk. Now Ziva can't see anything of what's going on.

"Why do you wear a turtleneck ?

- We both know why, Tony, just remember last night. Tim blew.

- Really I...

- DiNozzo, McGee, grab your pack, dead marine in Norfolk. And, McGee, next time tell to your girlfriend that biting his boyfriend's neck is not a good thing."

Ziva laughed, Tim blushed and Tony took her bag.

This day would be so long...