Wow! So Shugo Chara: My Would Be Self has finally come to an end! *celebrates* I decided to compile all notes about my Chara's and also about myself to help anybody reading just to know about me and about my Chara's, so... here goes!

About Me: (I tried hard to narrow my desirers down to less than three eggs but I found after I narrowed it down to three I just couldn't narrow them down further, I know only Amu had three and everyone else had two or one but... I just couldn't narrow it down any more!)

Without further ado meet me, Aquen, I am a shy reserved girl (don't be fooled if I don't seem shy over the internet, behind all my reviews and straightforward actions and comments I spend a ton of time thinking out every single word I put down and I get very nervous when sending the messages/reviews) who would much rather spend my time cooped up in my room than being out in public. I'm very tomboyish but I'm also very afraid (something I'm trying to work on) and when it comes to fears... well... it's hard for me to ignore my feelings. I am a very doubtful girl who is always struggling with my inner thoughts and feelings.

I've laid three eggs (Again, I couldn't narrow it down to one or two...) that reflect three of my greatest desires.

1st egg-

Name-Brena (pronounced with a short e and a)

Born from- My desire to be social, more girly, cute, and sure.

Egg Color-A vibrant red color with soft pink designs of circles

Guardian Chara- A very outgoing, social, carefree, girly and sure Shugo Chara, she loves spending time with others and doing things outside of her home, she is very sure of where she stands and feels about things and has a firm faith.

Dress- She has curly dirty blond hair that is let loose and held out of her face by a light pink headband with a small bow. She has a blue form fitting sweater that cuts off at her elbows and a light pink undershirt; she wears a dark pink skirt.

Chara Change- A light pink headband identical to Brena's is the Chara Change item, when I chara change with her I become a social, brave, girly and sure girl

Chara Nari: Valiant Wonder- A light pink quarter length shirt with a light red flower on the side, form fitting, a dark pink (sort of maroon) vest type thing that hangs in the front and curves upward in the back, a light red short skirt with white leggings with pink flower designs. I have dark red fingerless gloves with the finger parts covering only my middle and index finger before curving away leaving the other fingers bare, and red and white sneakers. I have a light pink head band with two pony tails.


Loyal Shield- I get a red baton with a long white ribbon attached if I twirl it around it creates a shield and anything I touch with it a shield forms between me and it.

2nd egg-

Name-Mena (pronounced with a long e and a short a)

Born from- My desire to be better at art and writing and to work harder at it, and also to be calm and relaxed

Egg Color- Dark blue with light blue swirls

Guardian Chara- A very hardworking, artistic and relaxed girl, she is very good at art and loves to write, practicing all the time, she never gives up and never looses hope. She is somewhat shy and doesn't talk much, to focused on her work.

Dress- She has long dark brown hair which she pulls up into a messy bun, keeping stray hairs away from her face with two teal hairclips. She wears a loose grey jacket, open in the front that stops at her elbows with a dark blue tank top underneath, she wears loose fitting kaki shorts.

Chara Change- I get her teal hair clips and I become much more artistic and relaxed.

Chara Nari: Artistic Favor- Khaki capris tied at the bottom with a dark blue belt around my waist twisted together and hanging down with individual threads. I have a light blue quarter length form fitting shirt and around my neck and lying lightly over my shoulders is a grey shawl with a turtle neck; it ends just above my elbows. My hair is pulled into a bun with two teal clips keeping the hair out of my eyes. I have light blue sandals on.


Imaginations Borders- I get a normal sized pencil and if I draw a trail of grey sparkles is drawn, I can block things from going different directions with this, but I can only use so much of the pencil before I can no longer use it.

3rd egg-

Name- Erilo (The Er is pronounced like air and then add an ilo like the illow in pillow)

Born from- My desire to have adventure and have fun, and also be competitive and brave

Egg Color- Light blue with light green vines winding around it

Guardian Chara- A feisty, brave, warrior girl, excellent at many forms of fighting, she is very brave and courageous and won't let anything stand in her way, ready to show anyone and everyone what she's good at, a very competitive Shugo Chara.

Dress- She has long blond hair with light blue tips pulled back into a long braid. Her dress is a form fitting light blue dress that is slightly bunched at her side. On her right arm, going from her wrist to just below her elbow is a leather cover. On her left wrist is a bracelet the bracelet is brown leather with two diamond shaped jewels at the bottom, one blue and the other light green. She has small round wings of a dark blue with light green swirls.

Chara Change- I get her bracelet on my right wrist and I become competitive and brave.

Chara Nari: Mythic Fairy- A light green dress that parts in the front and reveals tight fitting light blue pants that go to just below the knee and light blue slippers with green beads shaped like flowers. The sleeves stop at the elbows where they part and curve downward after being tight fitting, there are some ruffles on the skirt, the top is tight fitting, with a neckline that lays gently on the shoulders. A dark green bow is wrapped around the middle, a loose bow hanging down, the laces going down to the ground, the bow has threads of blue running through it. I have butterfly like wings granting me the ability to fly, they are light blue wings with thin membranes of green.


Magical Rapier- A saber appears and if it cuts through the x-eggs part of the sword turns to blue sparkles and wraps around the eggs, stopping it from being able to move, when it goes through the egg the sword becomes shorter, some of the blade having been turned into sparkles, the sword can dust over a total of 30 eggs before it can't do anymore.

That's it! The final posting for this story! I may go back and tweak the story later on, maybe add honorifics, check spelling and grammar, maybe fix up the writing a bit... maybe but not for a while xD So for now... see ya later!