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Rating: Teen

Author: Touch of the Wind

Pairings: None at the Moment

Summary: First of a 9 Part Series. Connor and Illyria are trying to move on after NFA- a trip to the hospital reveals some startling news though. Connor has another Father!

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Finding Out

Hardison sat typing as he heard the phone ring in Nate's office. They had just moved to Portland after reuniting- they all wanted a fresh start. Sophie was at an audition while Parker was testing some of her equipment on the roof. Nate was in his office looking for potential clients while Eliot was doing his own job out of town- though Parker said he was visiting his sister.

A crash in Nate's office mad Hardison jump and look at the closed door of the office a few moments later the door was pulled open and Nate stepped out looking pale.

"Nate, man, are you ok?" Hardison asked.

"The police just rang- I need to go to hospital," Nate answered while trying to pull his jacket on.

"Hospital? Why? Is it Sophie? Eliot? Parker?" Hardison questioned quickly feeling his heartbeat thudding in his chest as nausea rose in his stomach.

"No- the police said they have my son there," Nate replied stopping Hardison in his tracks. Hardison eyed Nate curiously wondering whether his boss had finally lost it.

"Nate- Sam is dead…and I didn't think you had any other children," Hardison said softly.

"No- I don't know this kid…but they said they ran his DNA through the system because he had no ID on him. They managed to get a hit for a parent- me," Nate explained as he grabbed his keys and headed towards the door, "from what they said the kid has been hurt by a suspect who was trying to flee custody so he is in the hospital."

"Ok, what do you need me to do?" Hardison inquired.

"Hack into the police records- the hospital records and find out if this is true. If it is- try and find out more about this kid," Nate said as he pulled the door open and walked outside leaving Hardison staring after him.


Connor breathed steadily as he raised his arms, ignoring the twinge of pain that shot through his ribs. He felt fingers touching his now stitched up forehead. Connor's eyes were fixed on 'Fred'…after the battle in LA Illyria had come to Connor stating that he would be her guide now. Everyone else was dead.

They had travelled together for six months- fighting demons while Connor taught her about things…though he was still convinced he was a bad choice for this whole guide thing. Connor had two lives- one where he was raised in a Hell dimension and another where he was tossed around the Foster System after his Mother had died.

Connor was 17 now and had run from the Foster family (the Reilly's) he had been placed with when his real memories had appeared. Connor had gone to LA to confront Angel and stayed for a while- until the Senior Partners attacked. Angel had forced him to leave before the battle. Connor had run till he ended up in Portland and shortly after Illyria had shown up.

Connor and Illyria shared an apartment which had roof access. Connor suspected that she threatened their landlord to get the apartment for such a low price. When Connor was at work she would research the History books and surf the web finding answers to her questions.

It appeared that when LA fell no-one remembered Connor in his 'new' life…any records of Connor Reilly in the Foster System didn't exist…and the only record of Connor Angel was his check-up at birth…it wouldn't fit. Illyria had acquired some fake IDs stating his name was Connor Stephen Angel who grew up with his older sister Illyria Winifred Angel.

It turned out the day he had forgotten his wallet was the one day he needed to ID which lie inside it. He had been walking to work to help with the moving of the old furniture so that the new furniture could be moved in without any problems. Out of no where Connor had been hit by a man in a van who was been chased by the police. Connor had been surrounded by officers as he lay on the sidewalk with his head bleeding and his arms wrapped around his broken ribs.

Sometimes Connor thought Earth was more dangerous than Quor-Toth.

Connor had eventually blacked out before the Ambulance came and when he woke they had already taken some DNA to find out who he was. They had seemed surprised that he had woken up so quickly but sat silently as they stitched his head wound up. They had just washed the blood off of his face when Illyria had stormed in.

Her human appearance was no longer exactly like Fred- Connor had convinced her to cut her hair- it came to the nape of her neck now- and wear something more dangerous and less sweet when in the shell form. She tended to wear black jeans and a white shirt with a black leather jacket and her eyes were no longer brown but a natural blue which often shifted to the cerulean gaze when angered. She reminded him of Fred still but her appearance now differed so much he was able to separate the forms…it was like Illyria was Fred's twin or something…she had also stopped using Fred's mannerisms as much which helped.

Connor gave a shaky smile at the police man who walked in as his ribs were bound and he lowered his arms.

"Have you caught the miscreant yet?" Illyria barked making the officer turn to her.

"He is in custody," the officer assured the petite yet formidable woman.

"He should be killed for hurting Connor," Illyria stated while the police officers looked over her with nervous eyes.

"Lyri, calm down, I'm fine," Connor said weakly at the Goddess. He couldn't calm her down if she got angry in this state.

"Fine! You have broken ribs! That is not fine," Illyria replied turning her cold (now blue) gaze onto her pet.

"I will heal," Connor said firmly and looked at the demon with truth in his gaze. By tomorrow he would be healed.

"You shouldn't have to," Illyria said and walked over to him gracefully and placed a hand on his shoulder. He understood her feelings- Connor was all she had left. Her only tie to Wesley, Angel, Gunn and Spike. She tended to treat him as a cross between a pet and her own child. A scarily protective parental unit coming forth in the God-King.

"There will be no need to follow this up with any trails- there were enough witnesses of your accident," the Officer spoke up but Connor could still tell that he was weary of the woman standing with the brown haired teen.

"Your Father is on his way," the officer continued while looking at the pad he held in his hand and not noticing the shock on Connor's face.

"My what?" Connor choked out.

"Your Father- we did a DNA test when you first arrived. It brought up your Father's information- we contacted him," the officer said while looking over at the pale teen.

"My Father is dead," Connor whispered as he felt Illyria's grip tighten slightly.

"Your Father is Nathan Ford isn't he?" the officer looked shaken hoping they hadn't contacted some random man about a boy who wasn't related to him.

"My father's name was Liam Angel; he died when I was young. My sister and I were placed into the care of relatives," Connor said.

"Leave us," Illyria barked out at the officer and nurse.

"I need to-," the nurse started and jumped as Illyria moved in front of her and stared at her.

"Leave, my brother and I wish to talk alone," Illyria commanded, "Officer- you will inform me when this Nathan Ford arrives."

The nurse and Officer backed out of the room with gulps wondering why they were scared of her- she was a few inches shorter than he r brother who at first glance was much more intimidating but the woman was dangerous- they both knew that deep down. They could also tell she cared for her brother deeply.

As soon as the door shut behind them Illyria looked down at the teen that was frozen looking blankly before him.

"Illyria- what is going on?" Connor asked his voice weak.

"I have a theory- the matter of your conception is the work of Jasmine- she would have needed some genetic material to create life- Darla and Angel could not have been that material- there bodies were dead. Jasmine would have needed live material. Maybe she took some material from this Nathan Ford to create you," Illyria said as her own knowledge and that of Fred's whirled through her mind.

"So this guy is my Father…technically," Connor whispered.

"He may be- he may not be," Illyria answered.

"Do I have to meet him?" Connor whined as he reached for a clean top with Illyria brought for him.

"No- I can rip out his lungs if you like," Illyria said seriously making Connor smile.

"Hold off on that for a while," Connor replied.


Nate had just pulled into the hospital parking lot when his cell rang- the tune set to the Doctor Who theme which meant Hardison. He grabbed the phone from his pocket and quickly opened it.

"Hardison, what do you have for me,?" Nate asked immediately cutting to the chase.

"Everything checks up," Hardison's deep voice replied, "as far as I can tell- the kid is yours."

"Really…I have another son?" Nate asked- his voice weak and quiet.

"Yeah- his name is Connor Angel," Hardison told his boss.

"Thanks- let mw know what else there is about Connor when you find it out," Nate sighed and closed the phone and held it tightly in his large hand while pressing his lips to his hand. His brown furrowed in a thoughtful manner and Nate sat silent for a few moments.

Was he strong enough for this? Could he deal with been a Father again? Would Connor even want him in his life?

With a sigh Nate got out of his car and headed towards the doors.

It was time to meet his son.


And I leave you all on a horrible cliff-hanger! Muawhaha!

Next part should be up soon though- it will be titled 'First Meeting' so keep an eye out!