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"He's here," I whispered to Jasper as I placed another quick kiss to his lips before standing up from the bed. By the time I had pulled my jeans back on, Jasper was fully dressed. Walking over to me he pulled the shirt over my shoulders, his fingers brushed over my abs and chest lightly as he buttoned the shirt. Resting his forehead on mine he let out a sigh.

"We'd better get Rosalie and Emmett." He whispered before grabbing my hand and heading for the door. Pulling me onto his back he ran up the mountain, heading East of the peak as he asked Rosalie to go. The further into the woods we got the faster he ran. I tightened my grip across his shoulders when I heard the faint gush of wings.

"Rosalie!" Jasper shouted as he kept running. There was nothing but silence as I heard the flap of wings again, this time they were closer.

"Well hurry up!" He shouted to Rosalie's silent reply.

"Where are they?" I asked Jasper nervously.

"They are close. Don't worry." He said while coming to a halt and placing me on my feet. I heard the last angry flutter of wings before a loud thud landed in front of us. Jasper was standing in front of me, blocking my view. A protective growl ripped through Jasper as the menace stepped forward, causing Jasper to lean back into a crouch, his arm keeping me behind him protectively.

"Jasper, I mean you nor Edward any harm. Please trust me." The soft voice spoke. My eyes widened as realization hit me. Gripping onto Jasper's arm I ducked out from behind him.

"James?" I whispered and his eyes locked on mine, full of hurt and love.

"Edward. You have to trust me, I have come here to help." James spoke calmly. A growl ripped out of Jasper's chest.

"Why should I trust you?" I asked him, the spite showing clearly in my voice.

"I have come here to help you. You don't really think three vampires and an Angel who can't even fly are going to defeat Leviathan do you?" He spoke with a slight laugh.

"We don't need your help!" I spat at him before turning and walking away.

"Edward, please. I'm so…" A fierce growl erupted from deep within Jasper's chest as James walked towards me. He halted and holding up his hands he backed away. It was then I saw the ring glint in the moonlight.

"How dare you!" I spat at him while marching towards him, Jasper close at my heels. I grabbed James' hand to look at the gold band that still lay on his finger.

"Edward, I cannot apologize enough for what I've done to you but please don…"

"Take it off!" I shouted at him.


"I said take off the fucking ring!" I shouted at him and he did as I said. Holding my hand out he placed the gold band in my hand and I launched it into the forest.

"You don't deserve that." I sneered at him before turning around.

"Edward, I'm here to help you, not to fight with you. I love y…"

"Don't even say it!" I warned him.

"Edward, I still love you." He said sincerely and I turned and launched myself at him then. Gripping him by the throat I threw him against the nearest tree.

"I hate you!" I spat at him and he shook his head.

"Edward, you are stronger than I remember." He whispered and I heard a low growl rip from Emmett as he came into view behind James.

"Emmett, it's alright." I reassured him. His red eyes bore into mine and I saw his nostrils flare slightly before he nodded. His eyes scanning the sky. Rosalie appeared behind him a few moments later and they both stayed put.

"Edward. Please." James begged with me. "I am here to help you. Leviathan let me make my own decision and I choose you."

"Well you choose wrongly." I spoke through my teeth. "What made you think I would allow you to just walk back into my life after all these years? Are you fucking stupid? I've never wanted to kill someone as much as I want to kill you right now."

"Edward, I thought long and hard about this situation. You'd never hurt me. You loved me as I still love you, I can't fight with you and I refuse to fight against you. What other choice have I got? If you don't kill me Leviathan will for going against him. You might as well get it over with." The hurt in his voice as he spoke these words almost made my heart break all over again.

"James, listen to me carefully when I say this because this will be your only chance. Leave. Now!" I spat at him before releasing my grip on his throat and walking towards Jasper. Holding my hand out Jasper stood up fully and placed his hand in mine. I felt James' heavy stare on us.

"You have approximately two minutes before he gets here. I suggest you all think of something strategic in that time." James whispered, "When a vampire's venom and an ange'ls venom mix it's a deadly concoction. Jasper for the love of God do not let Leviathan bite you." With that I heard the flapping of his strong wings pull him into the air and he left.

"Why did he tell us that? Why did he want to help? Edward, why did he say he still loves you?" Confusion was evident on Emmett's face as he asked his questions.

"He wants to help us Emmett. That's all you need to know for now." Edward spoke calmly.

"But w…"

"Emmett." Rosalie whispered and she shook her head as he looked at her. An annoyed look was on his face as he turned back to us.

"Fiinneee…" He complained and I heard Jasper snigger slightly beside me.

"God Emmett! What are you like?" He asked him jokingly and Emmett laughed lightly. Rosalie and I smiled at each other as we watched Emmett and Jasper laugh together.

"I heard and saw the way you tried to protect my brother. This doesn't mean I like you though" Emmett smiled as he gave Jasper a hard pat on the back, "But you are an alright guy for an asshole."

"Yeah, you too." We all smiled. I was glad this wasn't going to end on a bad note between us, no matter what the odds were. Our smiles soon faded as their heads shot towards the sky. Jasper gripped onto my hand tighter and I knew he was near.

"It's him." Rosalie whispered.

"How can you tell?" Emmett asked her. "How do you know it's not James we can hear?"

"Oh it's him alright!" Rosalie said out loud before coming to stand in front of me, Emmett close by her side.

"It sounds different." Emmett stated as Rosalie crouched down slightly. Jasper pulled me close to him.

"I love you." He whispered before his lips found mine in a heated kiss. My hands gripped into his hair, holding his head to mine as my lips moved against his.

"Guys, I would wrap it up if I were you!" Emmett spoke nervously. I could hear the angry fluttering of wings as he got nearer. Pulling away from Jasper I rested my forehead on his.

"I love you too." I whispered. Jasper nodded and he stood beside my brother, his arm holding me behind him and Emmett. All three of them crouched as the gust of wind blew overheard and a loud crash echoed around the forest. A growl erupted down the line in front of me. I saw Leviathan's dark shadowed body as he let out a laugh.

"Well, well, well. How could I be so lucky as to deserve a little family reunion?" I heard Leviathan's smug voice speak calmly. I watched as Rosalie's face faltered at the sound of his voice, her eyes bugging out in shock. Jasper growled loudly baring his teeth at Leviathan's dark figure.

"Jasper!" Rosalie snapped at him.

"That's right brother, listen to her." Leviathan spoke again, the amusement seeping in every word he spoke.

"Leighton?" Jasper hissed through his teeth.

"Jasper." Leviathan greeted him. "I prefer Leviathan now though. Fit's well does it not?"

"Yeah. Perfect." Jasper spat at him. Both Emmett and I looked between Jasper, Rosalie and Leviathan confused. What the hell were they talking about. Leighton? Leviathan? Brother?!

"You're his brother?" I directed the question to Leviathan as realization hit me.

"Edward! I didn't see you there behind these… things. Yes I am their brother, aren't I Jasper? Rosalie?" Leviathan said taking a step forward. A growl ripped along the row in front of me as they all crouched down once again. Leviathan stopped and laughed at them. Gritting my teeth I pushed Jasper's arm out of my way and walked to stand in front of them.

"Leviathan, or is it Leighton?" I sneered at him.

"You can call me whatever you like." He said smugly while taking a step toward me. Hearing Jasper growl I held my hand out to stop him.

"Edward, why don't you cut the crap and just come with me?" Leviathan stated bluntly.

"What makes you think I want to come with you?" I asked him. Tilting his head to the side, a cocky smirk spread over his face.

"Both you and I know it will turn out that way, if we fight or not. I give you the choice. Come with me and avoid fighting. Save the lives of the three people you clearly care about that are standing behind you. Or you can fight, you know they will all die and you will come with me anyway." He said smugly. I held my hand out to stop everyone from following me as I made my way over to Leviathan. I stopped inches from his face and a smile pulled at the corner of his lips.

"I knew you would make the right decision." He whispered to me. Rosalie, Emmet and Jasper were screaming at me in their heads for me to turn around and they would fight him. Leviathan's hand came up to rest on the side of my cheek. Turning my head, I placed a small kiss to the palm of his hand, as my own hands came up to grip lightly at his hair.

'Edward, what the fuck are you doing?' Rosalie screamed at me. Glancing over I gave her a knowing look and she nodded. I looked at Jasper apologetically as I saw the pain in his eyes at the gesture I gave Leviathan. I looked back into Leviathan's eyes and he smiled at me, his hands falling to rest at my hips. His face tilted as his lips met mine. My lips parted slightly as I kissed him back, with more force. I could hear Jasper's breathing falter as he watched me kiss his brother in front of him. I could feel the hurt that coursed through his body as it hit me full force.

Parting my lips more Leviathan's tongue slid into my mouth. I bit his bottom lip lightly as our mouths closed again. As our lips parted I knew this had to be done now. As Leviathan's lips closed I bit hard over his mouth, my hands gripping his hair tightly as I held his face to mine. Screaming out in pain, his fingers dugs harshly into my hips. Rosalie launched herself at Leviathan just as his hands lay one blow to my gut and another across my face, causing me to slide into the tree next to us. When I looked up I saw Rosalie laying on the ground to his other side, the blood and silver dripping out of the wounds I left around his lips. Breathing deeply he was staring at Jasper and Emmett who were in their crouches and moving slightly apart. Rosalie was back on her feet and I struggled to stand up. We had him surrounded.

I looked at Jasper with pleading eyes and he winked at me as he had caught up with the plan. Knowing all was forgiven I stood my ground as did they.

"Well, what a situation I have gotten myself into." Leviathan spoke sarcastically. "Good move, Edward. I will admit I was not expecting that." He said while wiping the blood on the back of his arm. It was no use, the blood seeped down his mouth and trickled down his body.

"Yes, it was a very good move, Edward." Rosalie spoke smugly.

"Amazing." Jasper agreed as a low growl started rising from Emmett's chest. Emmett and Leviathan stared at each other as Emmett's growl grew louder. We all knew he was trying to stop himself from attacking Leviathan but we didn't want him to. He had yet to figure that out. Emmett was the distraction, we needed him to pounce.

"You are hungry, young one?" Leviathan asked him as he looked down at the blood that dripped down his body. Raising a finger to his mouth he ran it over the blood seeping from the wounds before his tongue slid out and licked at the blood. "Mmmm, sweet!" Leviathan seethed at him and it was enough as Emmett started slowly toward Leviathan.

Emmett circled slowly as Leviathan's eyes followed him. I saw Rosalie and Jasper take a small step forward.

Come on Emmett. What are you waiting for?

Emmett's eyes flicked to Rosalie, who nodded, before returning his gaze to Leviathan. As the growl ripped through his chest, his body lurched forward graciously, Rosalie and Jasper followed behind him. I stood and watched as Leviathan kicked my brother in the ribs, sending him soaring back. One hand collided with Jasper's chest as he threw him to the ground by his feet, and the other grabbed Rosalie by the neck. Swinging her around, he threw her in the same direction Emmett landed. Her body hit a tree, causing the tree to snap and fall as her body lay limp on the ground behind it. A pained growl ripped through Jasper as Emmett watched Rosalie's body. Emmett's gaze returned to Leviathan, his face showing pure evil and his eyes narrowed, focused intently on Leviathan.

"Emmett, stay there! Please, make sure my sister is okay!" Jasper begged him from his place on the ground. Emmett nodded at Jasper before narrowing his eyes at Leviathan and turning on his heel picking Rosalie's unconscious body up in his arms and running in the direction of the cabin.

Leviathan walked the few paces to Jasper before picking him up by the throat.

"Now this, this is what I have been waiting for!" He sneered happily at Jasper. Before I knew what I was doing, my hands were raised and pointed towards Leviathan.

"No!" I yelled angrily at him. I watched in disbelief as Leviathan lost his grip on Jasper before being thrown twenty feet back into the forest. Jasper stared at me in incredulity.

"How..h…" Jasper started but Leviathan was back on his feet laughing.

"Well, well little Angel. Your powers seem to have come back." Leviathan laughed. "Pity you don't know how to use them properly." Leviathan lifted his hand to me. Something clamped tightly around my throat and lifted me into the air. Jasper jumped to grip onto me but I was too high. Turning he ran toward Leviathan, raising his leg at the right moment, Jasper was sent flying back. He hit off the rock and fell to the ground, unmoving.

"Edward, I suggest you stay out of this. This is between my brother and I. You will only get hurt." Leviathan spoke in a caring tone. I gasped for air as my fingers clawed at my neck and found nothing to grip onto. Raising my hand I wished with all my might that Leviathan would lose his strength. That the grip on my throat would fade. My prayers were answered as I fell to the ground gasping as the humid air filled my lungs. Glancing over at Jasper I saw his body laying limply onthe rock. I felt the anger boil over in my body, and the tears gathered in my eyes. I stood up, still panting, as Leviathan made his way over to Jasper. Raising my hand, I closed my eyes. Picturing the scene in front of me-only my hands gripping at Leviathan's hair, dragging him back. Opening my eyes I saw the image play out in front of me, Jasper's body still laying limp as Leviathan's was being dragged toward me. As soon as Leviathan's body reached me I gripped hard onto his hair, pulling him up to my level.

"I will stay out of this if you promise to leave Jasper alone." I sneered in at him. His face screwed up in pain as my grip on his hair tightened.

"Never." He spat at me.

"Well, no. I wont stay out of this." I spat back at him as my fist collided with his jaw, my other still holding tightly to his hair. "How does it feel?" I asked him, his eyes locking on mine, full of anger. I brought my fist back and smacked him hard in the face again. "I said how does it feel? This is what you've done to me before, before you sent me here. How does it feel to get punched around? To feel worthless as the love of your life fights on the side of the person they love?" Levaithan winced before my fist hit his face again. Standing abruptly he pinned me against the tree.

"Why? Why do you love him? Look at him! He's pathetic, so easily broken." I glanced over to where Jasper's body lay to find it was gone. I laughed as Leviathan looked hurt, his face now covered in blood. Seeing Jasper move slowly thirty feet behind Leviathan, hiding amongst the trees, my eyes returned to Leviathan's.

"Yes, but do I love him. And I don't love you. I used to, I will admit that, but after seeing you fuck my husband those feelings are long gone." Twenty feet.

"You say Jasper is pathetic, but really, you are the pathetic one. Most guys are happy when their brother falls in love. I think I can honestly say I don't know any that would literally kill them for it." Ten feet.

"What do you say Leviathan? Leave Jasper and I be? Last chance." I asked him. All the anger and hate reflecting from his eyes was enough to scare anyone, but it didn't scare me, not anymore.

"If I can't have you, he definitely wont." He sneered at me. I watched as Jasper launched at Leviathan's back. Leviathan turned around abruptly, gripping hard onto Jasper's throat. Leviathan's foot kicked hard off my gut and face as his wings spread, flying vertically into the air while I fell to the ground clutching my stomach. The pain was intense. I watched as the blood poured from my face to the ground below me.

My vision was blurred, I couldn't see straight. Looking up I tried to watch as the two bodies struggled roughly with one another, my stomach twisted in fear as I watched the man I love fall a few times. Please. I prayed slightly every time I watched Leviathan and made way to catch him. The twisting knot in the pit of my stomach only increased as I tried harder to focus on them fighting high in the air. Lifting my hand I tried to stare at Leviathan through blood filled eyes, panic raced through me as nothing happened. Wiping the blood and tears out of my eyes with my shirt sleeve I focused on them again as hard as I could.

"Jasper!" Rosalie shrieked from somewhere in the forest. The blood and tears continued to fall as I looked to see James' clouded figure flying in from out of nowhere and catching Jasper's limp body as it began to fall from the sky. My heart was beating loudly in my chest as I watched him kick Leviathan in the chest hard. A loud thud echoed around the forest as his body hit the forest floor hard. Relief washed over me, it was over. Leviathan was dead, Jasper had killed him, he had survived.

"Edward? Edward are you alright?" Rosalie asked as she got closer to me. Nodding my head my eyes stayed on James carrying Jasper's body back to the ground, back to me. Helping me stand, Rosalie placed her arms underneath me as James' feet touched the soft forest floor. Everything drained from me as I watched my ex husband place my loves body on the ground and step away from him. The air in my lungs rushed out of me as though I had been hit with a wrecking ball, everything stood still for a split second which seemed like a life time. Please baby, please get up. I begged in that second but then it dawned on me.

"No!" Nothing more then a whisper left me as I stared at the other half of me lying just a few feet away from me. "NO!" I screamed as I ran towards him. He can't be....No....No.

I dropped to my knees beside him, tears streaming down my face and landing on his beautiful face. My hand gently caressed his cold cheek as his eyes glazed over. His un-needed breath came out in short sharp rasps. His body shook as I held him close to me.

"Jasper, baby, you're going to be okay. I promise, I can fix you." Seeing the bite mark on my loves shoulder my stomach twisted in sickening fear as the silver of Leviathan's venom leaked out of the wound. The silver slowly making its way through his veins across his chest and up his neck. His body trembled as I laid him back down and covered the bite mark with my teeth. Sucking hard I pulled the venom out hearing Rosalie's sobs behind me. Spitting out the venom on the ground I grabbed hold of Jasper's hand tightly in mine. "Stay with me baby." I pleaded to him in a cry as the tears ran down my face.

Gripping his hand tightly, I covered his wound again. My loves grip in my hand loosened as I sucked more of the venom out of his body. "Edward....Edward it won't...work" Rosalie whispered through sobs as her hand gripped on to my shoulder tightly.

"It has to work!" I seethed through gritted teeth, as Jasper's eyes stared into mine. "It's coming out of him, look." I shouted. The venom was still slowly working its way through his body. Fear consumed me as I sucked harder on the wound in a desperate hope to get the venom out of his body. I wouldn't give up, I wouldn't let him die because of me. I couldn't.

"Edward stop please, the venom is already in his system." I heard James beg from beside me, but I couldn't stop, I wouldn't give up on my love.

Jasper's grip on me became weaker and weaker until his hand fell away from mine. His breathing shuddered and stopped as James placed a hand on my shoulder. "I'm so sorry Edward but Rosalie is right. Please stop."

Sitting back on my heels I looked at his lifeless body before me. A pained cry escaped me as everything crashed around me, he was dead. My love was no longer with me. Gripping onto to him, I held him close and cried harder then I ever had in my life. He was dead because of me, because I was selfish and chose to fight. Why did I do it? Why? The sobs ripped through me as I wished for him to come back here with me, wished for him to wrap his arms around me and tell me that he loved me. I wanted to see his eyes gaze into mine so full of love and devotion, it wasn't fair that he died because of me.

Kissing his cold lips I whispered to him. "I'm so sorry, my love. All this, all of it is my fault. I love you so much, I love you." Whispering my words of love to him I laid him back down and rested my head on his stoney chest.

Time slipped by in what seemed like a blink of an eye as I cried onto my loves chest, running my hand over his face and through his locks. Remembering him, the way he felt, the way he smelt. Every image was burned into my mind, every texture and feeling burned deeply through my hands.

Slowly I calmed down and my tears stopped. Sitting up from my love I noticed James was sitting beside me. I don't know how long he had been sitting there for. I didn't know how long I had cried for but the sun was now coming up through the trees cascading its warm rays down onto us. James' eyes were red and puffy from the tears he had shed.

"Edward I tried, I tried to get to him sooner but I was too late. I'm so sorry Edward. James' voice was raspy and harsh from his tears. I knew he had tried, it wasn't his fault, it was mine. All of this was my fault, no one elses but mine.

Looking at Rosalie, her head was resting on James' shoulder as her eyes stayed fixed on her bother's. "Rosalie I'm...I'm so sorry." The tears fell again as she launched herself at me and took me in her arms holding me close to her body.

"Don't apologize Edward." She soothed. How could I not? If I had never gone back into that alley he wouldn't be lying in front of us dead. Leviathan came after him because of me. He was dead because of me. All of this was all my fucking fault. "Don't blame yourself Edward. Jasper loved you and would protect you till the death. None of this is your fault." But is was, I knew it was. She had lost her brother because of me. How could she ever pretend it wasn't my fault.

"A...Ar...." I cleared my throat "Are you okay?" My voice shook as I tried to keep ahold of my emotions.

"Don't worry about me sweety. Let's get you back to the cabin and get you sorted out okay?" The sorrow laced through her every word as her eyes held the pain she was in. Slowly I nodded, but I did not want to leave my loves side.

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